"...Why are we going up to your attic again?" SpongeBob asked Jimmy as he, Jimmy, Timmy and Danny climbed up to the attic of the Neutron household. "I told you; There's some boxes of science supplies I found up here and I need some help carrying it down to my lab," Jimmy reminded as they reached the attic. "So... you brought us here... for work?" Timmy questioned. "Yeah, that's correct," Jimmy replied. ".........I'm out..."

Timmy turned to leave, only to be grabbed by the shoulder and spun around. "Hey!" Jimmy argued, then sighed and cooled his voice, "You know, you never know what you'll find up here... there might even be something interesting up here." "What... dust bunnies and cobwebs? Yeah... that's thrilling..." Danny added sarcastically.

"Fine..." Jimmy muttered, "Can you at least help me get this stuff down, and then we can do whatever afterwards." The others shrugged, "Alright..." They got to work unstacking the boxes. "Ouch!" SpongeBob squeaked and drew his finger to his mouth and sucked on it. "Careful... there might be some broken glass... I don't know why my parents kept all this stuff anyway..." Jimmy said.

Timmy was on the far side of the room, attempting to unstack a few boxes that were high up. He sighed in annoyance and turned his head as he noticed a large chest. He blinked curiously and walked over to it. He tried to pull the cover of it up, only to find it locked. He grunted and stopped trying, then stared at it. He grabbed the thick lock that held it shut in his hand. "A key...hmm..." he thought. A few feet away lay a dusty old skeleton key upon the floor behind a few boxes. He picked it up and blew the dust from it.

As he stuck the key into the keyhole of the lock, he felt a sudden vibe through his body and he jumped back with a shriek, which caught the others attention. "Timmy? You alright?" Danny called, setting a box down. "Yeah... fine... You guys wanna come here?" he called back. The others made their way over to him and stared at the chest he discovered.

"Whoa! When did that get here?" Jimmy thought out loud. "I found the key for it... but when I put it in it made me jump back because this weird sensation filled me..." Timmy retold his story. Danny looked down at the key and grabbed it, bracing himself for a vibe. When nothing happened, he turned to the others and shrugged, then turned the key. Suddenly, the dusty old lock unlatched and fell to the floor with a loud clang. Danny jumped back a little so the large lock wouldn't land on his foot.

After an awkward silence, Danny stepped forward and began lifting the cover of the large chest. He grunted slightly as he slowly lifted it, and a faint glow began to appear from the crack of the chest that was opened. SpongeBob opened his mouth to warn Danny to close it, but it was too late. Danny had gotten the chest completely opened and the light blinded all four of them. Suddenly they were surrounded by the light and sucked into a portal to a strange new world.

Danny blinked his eyes open. He sat up and looked down at his clothes. Somehow, they had changed. He now wore dark navy pants, dark brown shoes, a brown leather belt, a green tank-top-like shirt, a red bandanna around his neck, and a tan coat. On top of that, he had changed into his ghost form, which he couldn't remember when he had.

The others lay beside him; Timmy, now wearing a turquoise tank-top-like shirt, light yellow arm warmers that went just above his elbows, gray fingerless gloves, a red belt that was tied on the side of his waist, tan shorts, and tall gray strap hiking boots that reached just below his knees, lay beside him, next to Jimmy, who wore a red shirt with a t-shirt length jacket over it, with brown pants and black-brown shoes, and SpongeBob, laying opposite of Danny, wore a red shirt, a green scarf, an olive green sleeveless jacket, deep green pants that were tucked into his dark brown boots, and on his left arm wore a gray wrist protector.

Puzzled, Danny shook the others awake. They groaned as they started to wake up. "Mmmgh... what happen?" Timmy grumbled as he sat up. "Yeah....where are we?" Jimmy asked as he and SpongeBob sat up. Danny stood up with a worried look on his face as he stared at something. The others turned to see a large, ghastly lighted temple, with the sound of faint drums beating from the inside. "I don't know guys..." Danny answered, "But it certainly doesn't look too good..."