As the four treaded steadilly through the forest, SpongeBob's mind began to wander. "...I wonder if anybody at home notices I'm gone," he thought. He looked up at the sky through the trees to see the clouds clearing out, leaving a normal looking blue sky. He smiled and flapped his hand at the others to grab their attention while continuing to look up. "Guys! Look!" he squealed with joy as he pointed up to the sky. The others followed his gaze and looked up at the sky. They smiled.

"...Wow...I never knew I'd be so happy to see something so normal," Danny chuckled. Their happy thoughts abruptly came to a stop when they heard something in the bushes 10 yards from them. They froze in place, quickly turning their heads to the bushes. They stood as still as statues, their eyes glancing around the bush trying to make out what was hiding...or hunting...

Once they heard a deep, low growl from the bushes, they pulled out their weapons, bracing for a fight. A moment passed of the deep growling, then suddenly, a flash of dark green jolted out of the bushes and pounced at Jimmy, grabbing his ankle and dragging him back through the bushes. Jimmy felt the creatures sharp teeth sink into his ankle and let out a shriek in pain. He heard the others in the distance behind him, calling his name in distress. He tried swinging his axe at the creature, but he knew it was hopeless. His mind scrambled but then he swung his awe backwards, causing the blade to dig into the ground. He grasped it tightly as he dragged it in the ground, trying to get the beast to stop and to leave a path for the others to find him.

"Jimmy!" Timmy called as he raced through the forest, chasing after the creature that took his best friend. The other two were following close behind. They ran as fast as they could through the thick forest, until Timmy tripped in the rut Jimmy had created with his axe. Timmy scrambled up quickly, panting heavilly. He turned to the others. "Come on! Jimmy must've done this so we'll find him!" Timmy stated quickly then turned as began running again, following the path. Danny and SpongeBob raced after him once more.

They finally came to a clearing. The rut Jimmy had made had stopped, causing Timmy to get worried. "Jimmy!" he called desperately, "Jimmy! Where are you?!" The boys' panting was the only sound they heard. Minutes passed and Timmy could feel himself trying to hold back tears. "He...he's not dead..." he thought in pure dispare, "...he...he CAN'T be dead...not like this..." He flumped down onto the hard ground, staring into the forests with quivering eyes. Danny was staring at the ground, gripping his machette tightly in anger and sadness. SpongeBob stood with glazed over eyes, having a hard time believing what had happened.

But as a single tear trickled down Timmy's cheek, he heard a faint call from the east. He turned his head left a little and stood up quickly as he heard it again, only slightly louder. His eyes widened as he recognized his best friend's voice and gasped. "Jimmy!" he called and ran into the forest once again. Danny and SpongeBob exchanged quick glances before racing after Timmy. Timmy began to hear Jimmy clearer, "Guys! Timmy! Someone! Over here!" Timmy raced around a large tree and found Jimmy leaning against a smaller one, dragging his axe behind him.

"Jimmy!" Timmy exclaimed as he ran up to his best friend and hugged him tightly, "I thought that thing killed you!" Jimmy flinched, "Ow... Timmy... ankle... hurting..." Timmy jumped back, "Oh...oh sorry..." He bent over and looked at Jimmy's bleeding ankle. "I'm surprised it didn't bite it off..." Jimmy stated, "I sliced at it and it let go of me after realizing I had the dominance, then ran away. Fortunately I had held onto my axe and used it to help me stand up." Timmy stood up and switched positions to Jimmy's side to help him walk. "Here, lean on me... We gotta find a place to stay..."

Just as he said that, a peculiar looking bird swooped down clumsilly onto Jimmy's head and started pecking at his hair. "Ow! What the-?" Jimmy grunted in confusion. "Hey! Get off him!" Timmy glared at the bird and swatted at it. The bird froze. "Who said that?!" the bird suddenly asked. The two boys blinked at each other, then looked back up at the bird. "...I did," Timmy stated and waved slightly. "Well keep away from my fudge, whoever you are..." the bird replied and began pecking at Jimmy's head again.

"Ow! Cut it out you stupid bird!" Jimmy swatted at the bird and shook his head. The bird squacked and flapped his wings, trying to keep balance, "I KNEW something tasted weird about this fudge!" The bird then looked at Timmy, "I suppose you're not a cherry then, are you?" Timmy glanced up at his pink hat and blinked, "...No......." The bird flapped his wings in anguish, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I've forgotten my glasses and now-" "Who exactly are you?" Danny asked as he walked up to them followed by SpongeBob. The bird, once again, got excited. "An Oreo and cheese?!" he exclaimed, "Oh, lucky day!"

"Wait... Oreo?...Wha-" Danny had no time to finish before he was mauled by the bird. "GACKPPPPFT!! Get off me!!!" he screeched as he grabbed the bird's throat. "Gwaaack!" the bird choked, "And apparently you are no food either!" "...No," Danny stated, "Nor is he cheese... Now if you would be SO kind as to telling us who the heck you are-" "Of course!" the bird declared as he flapped his wings. Danny let go him go and he flew up to the nearest branch. The bird coughed to clear his already scratchy voice (which really didn't help), and stated, "I am Feddlebeak...and I do appologies for mistaking you for delicious foods... I seem to have forgotten my...oh wait!" Feddlebeak suddenly took out a rediculously large pair of glasses from no where and put them on. "Alas! That is much better!"

The four stared up at him with expressions of disbelief. "Ah! There are your faces! Now I see that you...are nothing I have seen before..." Feddlebeak's wings drooped down a little, "...You're all boys, right?" Danny gave a sigh of annoyance, "Yes..." Feddlebeak smiled, "Good! Now, to show you I am sorry for what I've done, is there anything I can do for you boys?"