A/N: I've been sucked into the show Glee. Oh dear. In the midst of the madness, I realized... poor Other Asian. He doesn't have a fan base. In light of this, I've decided to write a short one-shot each day during the month of December, about Glee's resident pop and lock expert, Mike Chang. I've never written fanfiction for a TV show before... or posted regularly... or, now that I think about it, finished a story. Here goes. =) Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, Mike Chang would have a back-story by now.

300 by 31: day 1: December 1st, 2009 (319 words)

Prompt: empathy

"Thanks, Mike," Brittany sniffed. "You're a really, really good listener."

Mike nodded and gave Brittany a small smile. "Do you feel better now?" he asked, handing the girl a Kleenex from his bag.

"Yeah," she said, wiping away the last of her tears. "I have to get to practice. I'll see you later?" Mike nodded, and Brittany stood. She have him a hug and a peck on the cheek, then ran off to practice, her blond ponytail bouncing.

Mike smiled slightly and watched his girlfriend of two months leave.


"T-thanks, M-mike," Tina said. "U-ugh. I need to stop doing-g that. I guess habits are hard to break."

"Don't worry about it," Mike said.

"You're a really good listener, Mike," Tina said. "Thanks. I'll figure out this... whole thing later."

"Don't worry about it," Mike repeated. "You're a great girl, Tina. Artie will come around."

"I know," Tina said. She chewed on her lip for a moment. Finally, she gave Mike a hug, but pulled away quickly, blushing furiously. "B-bye," she said, turning a walking away down the hallway.

Mike watched his second cousin go, smiling slightly.


"She just can't get over him," Matt turned to the guy he considered his best friend.

"Santana will come around. This thing with Puck won't last," Mike explained. "Don't worry about it."

"Yeah, I know. Man, it's messing with my game... I'll see you around," Matt said. "Thanks Mike. You're good at this stuff."

Mike nodded and smiled slightly as his best friend turned and walked away.


"You know, Mike, you're a really good listener," Rachel said as she packed up her bag. "Glee is lucky to have you."

"Yeah, I kinda get that a lot," Mike said, doing the same.

"It's true. Thanks, Mike."

"No problem."

Mike watched as Rachel smiled, grabbed her bag, and left. He smiled his same small, slightly sad smile.

"Yeah," he whispered. "I get that a lot."