Chapter one
The Secret

A small, frail blonde boy stood in front of a looming brick building also known as a high school. He licked at his dry lips nervously as he watched people laugh and walk towards the school, all in regular clothes as he stood there in a black cardigan, white button down shirt and black slacks. His hair was a messy array of blonde spikes, but not for lack of trying to flatten them, they just would not stay down.

He stared down at his leather shoes and gripped the handle of his messenger bag tightly, he had to go in now or else he'd be late on his first day of school. Taking a deep breath of the cool morning air, he walked towards the front doors and pushed one open slowly. The other students cast him glances but nothing more, it was simple curiosity because he was new here, and no one had ever seen him before so he brushed them off as best as he could and continued towards the office to get his schedule and locker number.

He stood at the front desk, peering over the edge and onto the papers scattered along the top. The secretary was not there, and the office was slowly filling with students. He wanted to leave, he felt afraid and just wanted to get to his first class and hide at the back of the room until the day was over.

The secretary finally appeared from behind a door, her blonde hair clipped up in a messy manner as she fixed her skirt after sitting. She glanced up at the boy and smiled happily, fingernails tapping on the keyboard as she booted up the computer.

"How can I help you today sweetheart?" she asked in a perky voice, moving stray blonde strands away from her face. Roxas dully noted that his father would hate her, even if she seemed nice.

"I need my schedule please" the boy asked softly, barely above a whisper and she appeared to have strained to be able to hear him.

"Name please?" she asked and clicked the mouse a few times; the boy watched and cleared his throat before telling her his name.

"Roxas Baine, ma'am" always one to remember his manners, he smiled politely. Just as she began to print the papers the office door shot open and a tall, frightening looking teenager waltzed into the small room.

The secretary clutched at her chest and smiled brightly at the boy who was now at the front desk, two large, leather gloved hands gripping its edge. Roxas noticed the spikes on the knuckles of the gloves, and his eyes began to trail up the long arms that were also covered in leather. He couldn't stop himself as he watched the tall boy, he seemed so intriguing. The air around him held a sense of superiority, but at the same time friendliness, his lazy gait seemed to say 'I don't care, I'm doing what I want' and Roxas watched in amazement, he wanted to be like that though if his father even caught wind of such thoughts...he couldn't dare think what would happen.

Instead he just looked at the boy silently; his eyes widened uncontrollably when he saw the thick hair on top of the other boy's head. It was red, quite possibly the brightest red Roxas had ever seen.

Come to think of it, Roxas had never seen anyone like this boy which added even more to his natural allure. He was lean, the leather jacket hugging his thin frame, the buckles on the jacket glinting in the morning sunlight that was pouring in through the open windows. He was dressed in black from head to toe, and leather seemed to take up a lot of his attire. He wore leather fingerless gloves, heavy, massive leather boots and that leather jacket with an array of buckles.

His jeans made Roxas blink repeatedly; they were female pants no doubt with how tight they were. They were so ripped there was no point in wearing them, but the other boy seemed to have no problem with the large tears going along his thighs, Roxas' father would have already condemned the boy to hell if he were to see him.

He was wearing at least 4 belts and Roxas was willing to bet that the other three held no purpose, the boy was talking excitedly to the secretary, his hips wiggling side to side as he explained something to her and Roxas caught himself entranced with the way the chains on his pants clinked and rattled together, never in all his years of living had he seen someone so…interesting to say the least. He tore his eyes away at the mention of his name and he looked up blushing, at the secretary who was holding a bundle of papers towards him, smiling softly.

"Here you go, that should be everything you need to get you through your first day, and Axel, here is your admit slip" she said handing the other boy a small slip of paper. He smiled brightly, sharp canines showing in his large grin.

"Thanks doll" the boy said with an easy drawl in his smooth voice, he shoved the paper in his pocket and waltzed out of the office just as dramatically as he had entered, whistling a tune to himself and playing the air drums enthusiastically.

"I hope our people haven't scared you too much, we're not all as crazy as Axel" he heard a soft voice off to his right and turned to spot a smaller-then him blonde. What he noticed about her first was that she was white all over, almost appearing to be an angel. She wore a bohemian style skirt that was pure white with sky blue swirls stitched into the material, a short white denim jacket and a white tank top underneath. Her hair was platinum, nearing white and her blue eyes were filled with friendliness.

"No, I'm just…I've never seen anyone like that" he said shyly, gripping the handle of his bag again causing the papers in his hands to crinkle a bit.

"Oh, well don't worry they are harmless" and the laugh she had was beautiful and allowed Roxas to know she was joking. He laughed tensely and the girl looked at him, reaching for his papers casting a look at him to see if it was alright for her to see them. He passed them over and she skimmed over his schedule before smiling widely.

"Most of your classes are with me, except for your last one. I have art in that slot, but you have…World History" she said and handed them back to him.

"I could help you around today if you'd like" she said as they walked out of the office together. Roxas was a bit nervous to meet any other people in this school. They were all so different from his old schools. He knew his father would disapprove greatly of all of them."Oh, how rude. I'm Naminé by the way, how about you?" the girl-Naminé said and looked at Roxas as he looked around the large school, blue eyes filled with amazement.

"I'm Roxas" he mumbled softly as they walked together to their first classroom that was on the third floor. The halls were filling with people and just as they reached what Roxas assumed were their lockers Naminé was swept off the ground and spun around by Axel. Roxas watched unsure of what to do as Naminé smacked at Axel's shoulder, a large smile on her face, Axel mirroring the expression. Roxas couldn't stop the twist in his stomach at the sight of Axel.

Axel put the girl down and she swayed a bit, before laughing happily and turning to Roxas.

"This is Axel, you saw him in the office earlier, Axel this is Roxas, and he's a new student" Naminé said softly and Roxas stuck his hand out, his father always made sure he was polite and respectful. Axel stared at his hand before standing very straight and putting on a very serious face. Roxas noticed that the boy seemed to get taller.

"Good to meet you Sir" Axel said before cracking into a large grin and tugging Roxas towards him. The boy was unsuspecting of it, so he tumbled right into Axel's chest as the boy hugged him and laughed crazily.

"What was that hand shaking crap? We're not 30 dude" Axel said as he released a blushing Roxas. Roxas bit his lip, his father would be furious if he would find out that he had just hugged another man. He told himself that as soon as he got home, he'd have to ask for God's forgiveness.

"Sorry" was all he said before looking towards Naminé to see her opening her locker. She turned to look at him and smiled

"Your locker is right beside mine, go on and put your stuff away. We have some time before our class" she said and turned back to her locker, getting some text books and putting them away in her bag. Roxas hadn't even noticed it; it was beige though there was something painted on it and seemed to be made of a canvas like material. Roxas got closer as he walked to his locker and noticed it was of nothing in particular, just patterns and designs in vibrant colours and he thought it was beautiful.

"So Nams, how are you and Marly?" Axel asked suddenly and smiled brightly as Naminé blushed brighter then his fiery hair. The girl closed her locker and turned towards him, he was leaning against the lockers, snickering.

Roxas watched this all quietly, he had already placed some things in his locker and seeing as he didn't have any textbooks there was really nothing for him to grab. Naminé mumbled something and turned to Roxas, grabbing his arm gently and tugging him away from a laughing Axel.

"He's so dumb" she said seemingly to herself and Roxas just followed her. He didn't know whether he minded or if he wanted to be alone. His father would not approve of Naminé and that's what made Roxas want to be alone. She seemed to be a good person to Roxas, which was why he didn't mind her tugging him to class and talking to him almost as friends.

Roxas decided then that he wouldn't pay attention to his overbearing father this once, and would befriend Naminé; he was seventeen and could decide who his friends were after all. It was a fresh start in a completely new environment and he was going to do with it what he wanted, of course he wouldn't tell his father this.

It would be his secret.

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