Sensual Inamorata

By: Laura Lu





The Swan's are a family full of adrenaline racecar driving junkies. Bella Swan is a beautiful girl with a few skeletons in her closet and many responsibilities. The Cullen's are close nit carefree family. Edward Cullen is a tattooed businessman with a fucking potty mouth. Edward is perfectly happy with his bachelor-workaholic lifestyle, but then Bella captures his eye. Will it change things? Bella is living her life day by day trying to forget the past and get through the next day, but will an encounter with Edward Cullen change that? Or will it all be too much for Edward to deal with?


My world was crumpling around me, one horrible thing after another was ambushing me. My worst nightmares had come true; I didn't understand why I was being punished this way? Was it so horrible for me to fall in and love and be happy? Was this why these horrific things were happening to me? I didn't understand, I didn't know the reasons why, but one thing I knew was there was only one person I wanted to run to. One person who could save me, help me. His green eyes would be a bright light in my suddenly dark world. I had never needed anyone like I needed him now and it scared the hell out of me.

"Sensual Inamorata"

An inamorata is a lover.

This can be expressed in many ways.

Rated - R, for language, emotional dialogue, and sexual content

Chapter One

"Holidays and Hormones"

Edward's POV

I felt a slight jolt as the plane came to a stop on the runway, the excruciating plane ride was finally over. I grabbed my carry on and headed towards the exit; I casually strolled through the terminal trying to avoid making contact with any of the bodies. I hurried to the luggage claim wanting to beat the holiday crowd of passengers. I watched the belt tapping my size eleven foot impatiently waiting for my bags. The fucking belt passed by with everyone's luggage on it except for mine. After seeing the same bag, pink and white with a damn kitten on it, go by three times I was convinced my luggage wasn't on it. This is why I don't travel for the holidays, but my mother, Esme, insisted on her boys coming home for Thanksgiving this year. I was about to go find the asshole who misplaced my luggage when….

"Hey sexy, what is the rush?" I heard the voice that wasn't familiar to me, but had recently been moaning in my ear. A single finger trailed down my arm and then back up, her breath was on my neck, and I knew she was trying to get a reaction out of me. I was already irritated as fuck about my luggage and not really interested in her anymore; so, she got a different response then she was after.

"Jennifer," I said, even though I knew her name was Jessica, because I had an exquisite memory. However, the name mix up would cut any hope she might have of getting my number.

"When you have a quickie on a plane with a man you do not know it is kind of like a one night stand, when it is over, it is over," I said my words in a condescending-serious-asshole of a tone.

I wasn't naturally an ass, but sluts who didn't understand the game pissed me off. Just because I fuck you on a plane, doesn't mean I want to have your babies. I didn't give her a chance to speak I walked away swiftly, leaving the fake blonde mystified. I had to wait in line for about ten, mind numbing minutes before I was greeted by a bubbly blonde with fake boobs.

Wonder if the airline paid for those? I thought before I diverted my eyes from her round mounds that didn't move when the rest of her did and focused on the fact that my luggage was missing.

I was my usual polite sunny self until she told me that my luggage would be mailed to me when they found it, then she had to deal with pissed off Edward Cullen. He wasn't so nice or sunny, he was dark and foul mouthed. It took approximately four minutes for security to come over and escort me out of the airport. I was fuming and highly annoyed with the Seattle airport, and their incompetent asses.

Once outside I was welcomed with an unpleasant overcast and the smell of rain; I hated the ran, it made everything messy and wet. My muscular oversized brother, Emmett was leaned against my fathers Escalade waiting for me, grinning like the idiot he was. That was Emmett though always cheerful and not a care in the world.

"Hey little brother getting into trouble already?" he asked, laughing and nodding to the security guards. I just shook my head and walked past him to get into the sleek black SUV. He chuckled as he walked around to get into the driver side. He let out a heavy, relieved sigh as we strapped in.

"Where's your shit?" he asked looking around for my obviously missing luggage.

"Don't even fucking ask," I growled still highly disgruntle. He knew my tone was one he didn't want to mess with; so, he pulled out onto the highway without another word, but I could still see the 'shit eating grin' on his face. He loved it when I was irritated or in a bad mood; he seriously had some sort of sick complex.

Our parents had moved to Forks, Washington, about four years beforehand and this was my first trip home for the holidays. I lived all over the place, with a permeate location in Phoenix, which is were I grew up. I was currently located in LA, so I had no excuses of not being able to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. I was a very busy man and my family didn't seem to understand that. I currently owned two night clubs and four bars, so I am sorry if it takes a hella lot of time to run them. I was in LA working on opening up a Hollywood night club, but it seemed to be a long shot.

Emmett lived in Phoenix with his wife Rosalie and their six year old twins Ryan and Ross, Emmett was the manager and co owner of the first bar I ever opened, "Masen's". Which was named after our mothers maiden name.

My mother was a strong and consistent woman, she was currently badgering me to open a bar in Washington near her, so that Emmett could move, and bring her grandson's closer to her. I didn't really see any potential in a town called Forks, with a population in the hundreds, but I hadn't really ever been here either. My father, Carlisle, and mother seemed to rather enjoy the place. I was the only one of my siblings that hadn't visited yet. My other brother Jasper, the middle child, and his wife Alice came home for every holiday; except when Jasper didn't have permission to leave post. He was a doctor in the military, stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. He had followed in both our father's and our grandfather's footsteps. Grandpa Masen was in the military, served in Vietnam, got a purple heart, and our father was a doctor. So he was just all around the good boy. A military doctor.

Though our parents didn't care what we did, they were always proud of us, treated all three of us, well five with Rose and Alice, like we walked on water. Alice had lived with us since she was thirteen, our family took her in after her parents tried to commit her to a mental hospiatl, claiming she was crazy. Carlisle was her doctor and knew that they were just trying to get her off their hands and ended up brining his work home. My mother didn't mind she had always wanted a girl. Rose came a little later, but she was still a teen also, her parents had tried to push her into some pretty disturbing things. All in all we were one big family and had a pretty comfy life.

I watched the trees and grass pass by out the windowing noticing one thing in particular, everything was green. Now I didn't have anything against green, but this much was kind of sickening. It wasn't natural for there to be this much fucking green, I needed to get back to the sun and the sand, soon. Suddenly, there was a loud popping sound and the SUV swerved over the middle line as Emmett struggled to gain control. He pulled too sharp in his correction and we flew into the ditch with a jolt.

"What the hell happened?" I asked confused and pretty perturbed.

"I think we had a blow out," Emmett grumbled getting out of the car, I followed suit. Sure enough the back tire was completely shredded and to top it off the front tires were half deep in muddy snow. I was sure it would be impossible to get out with the blown tire, we would need a tow.

"Well fuck," I said, kicking the fucked up tire. I had only been on this trip for half a day and it was already turning out to be purgatory. I needed a drink, preferably something strong and slick.

Emmett, apparently, knew just who to call, for the tire not my drink because the only garage in town was owned by some friends of our parents. I didn't know these people, but Emmett said he had meet them last Christmas for a short period of time, the Swans.

It started raining on us, so, we climbed back into the currently useless vehicle. Emmett called home to tell them what happened, then about twenty, rainy minutes later a tow truck pulled up. It wasn't a new truck or even nice for that matter, it was an old utility truck with a faded white paint job. On the door in red newer paint it read Forks Garage, Swan Family Business. Emmett and I stepped out of the car to meet him. Mr. Swan stood at medium height, with brown hair, and brown eyes. He was wearing what I would describe as, a blue fire proof race suit, the name Charlie was embroidered into it. We were all standing out in the rain as he greeted us.

"Emmett, right?" he nodded to my brother extending a hand.

"Yep, and this is my little brother Edward," Emmett said, shaking Charlie's hand and nodding to me.

"Charlie Swan," he said reaching for my hand, I saw his eyes land on the little bit of ink peeking out from under my sleeve, he smiled up at me, but he didn't have the cautious/curious look that most people got. I got an easy going feeling from him and I liked it. His wrinkles around his eyes and the deep dark circles told me he had a hard life. The dirt under his nails and the callous on his hands told me he was a hard worker. I respected Charlie within minutes of meeting him.

We helped him back the truck up so, it was aligned with the SUV, even though he probably could of done it with out our help. He then took ten minutes to winch it up by hand, he really needed some new equipment; his was ancient and took forever.

We all piled into the truck cab and headed for the garage. Charlie didn't seem to be the type of person that had to fill the void of silence, which made me like him even more. As I watched the town go by from the window I realized just how tiny Forks was, it was an old town and the only grocery store that I could see was a tiny little family owned business. How could they live without a twenty-four hour store that held everything?

I didn't have high expectations for Charlie's garage considering the way his truck looked. We pulled up to a metal building shop, with a two car entrance way, it was pretty good size. The same name that was on the truck door was painted above the doors on the shop. He backed in smoothly and we all piled out of the truck into the shop.

"It is going to take about half an hour," Charlie informed us, he gestured to some chairs for us to sit in and wait. They were lawn chairs and I couldn't help but think of many ways to better his business. I looked around the garage it wasn't dirty, but it wasn't spotless like my mechanics in Phoenix. The tools weren't organized and there didn't really seem to be a system to it all. Over in one corner of the shop there was a space that looked a little more orderly, the tools weren't laying around and everything was neatly separated. There was a race car in the middle of the neatness and a pair of thin legs sticking out form under it, with a pair of Chuck Taylor's covering really small feet. I was sure if it was a guy he had to be a really young teen, maybe even preteen. It was a 'Swan Family Business', so I guess it could be Charlie's son. Though most boys weren't organized, I was a rare exception though, so, he could be too. I diverted my attention taking in a long line of trophies along a wall inside a small glass office, they looked like race trophies. I let my eyes roam some more being the business man I was. The place could be nice, but then again I set high standards when it came to my business, so, I needed to not judge everyone else on my standards. Suddenly, there was a loud crashing sound over where the race car was, followed by banging, and then yelling.

"Fuck!" The voice wasn't that of a boy at all, but a woman. Then the small body pushed out from under the car, all I could see was a long chestnut pony tail flying. "Fucking piece of shit," she yelled again, as she kicked the shit out of the car. "Ouch, damn it," she then yelped, grabbing her foot; Emmett and I both chuckled at the amusing sight.

She turned quickly, noticing us for the first time, with a deer in the headlights look. Her heart shaped face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, blush colored her perfect cheeks, and my hand twitched wanting to stroke them. She had grease and dirt smudged on her face, but I could still see her beauty there. She was wearing the same suit as Charlie and I squinted to see her name, but her pony tail was over her shoulder and covering it.

"Sorry," she mumbled, the emotion clear in her beautiful brown eyes, then turned back to the car and stared at it. She just stood there and I was almost positive I could hear her cursing under her breath. She was shifting her weight from one foot to the other and her hands were on her hips. I could barely see her figure under that massive suit, but what curves I could see were enough to make my cock harden just a little. The way her hips and ass moved when she shifted was driving me wild; also, there was just something so sexy about a beautiful girl like that covered in grease and working on a car. A fantasy started up on its own accord…

I saw myself ripping that suit off so I could see and feel every curve of her body, then I would caress her long mane of hair, then wrap it around my large hand and give it a little tug. She would moan my name..

Just as the fantasy started to get to the good part and my erect cock was on the verge of throbbing, my fantasy stopped short there; because a large muscular guy with copper skin came in and started massaging her shoulders. Damn, she had a boyfriend, fantasy over. Boyfriend, not husband, the monster in me tried to argue, but I shut him up. There were three things that were a deal breaker for me: One, women in relationships, two, women that worked for me, and three women with kids. So, she was off limits, she was obviously taken. I could see him whispering into her ear and the curve of a smile on her profile. I stopped watching their exchange and realized that Charlie was back and working on the tire. I watched him, he was doing it all by hand and with ease, like he had been doing it for his whole life. I couldn't control my eyes as they looked around for the beautiful girl again. She wasn't anywhere to be seen and the big copper skinned boy-man, with long jet black hair was walking towards Charlie, he nodded to us. I wanted to punch him, I wasn't sure why I was having this reaction, did I feel….Jealous? Surly not.

"Bella's going to take her lunch break," his deep voice spoke to Charlie, though the only thing I could think of was how beautiful the girls name was Bella, it fit her perfectly. I was lost in my delusions, which is something that had never happened before. All I could see in front of my eyes was this Bella, she intrigued me, yet she hadn't even spoken to me. Well, technically she said sorry, but that didn't really count all that much. I was brought out of my pansy ravine by her beautiful voice and I realized she was standing in my line of view speaking to Charlie.

"Dad, do you want me to get you anything?" She was no longer in the fire suit and my eyes were glued on her. Her body was better than I had imagined, she had on a pair of tight fitting jeans, her Chuck Taylor's, a tight white tank top with a sports bra barely visible underneath, and her hair was now cascading down her narrow back in ringlets. I was very impressed by the ink that was peeking out from the back of her shoulder. I couldn't fully make out what it was of, but I wanted to find out. I wanted to know what other pieces of ink she could be hiding under those tight fitting cloths. Everything about her looked delicate and perfect, she had a width in her hips that you don't see on a lot of girls. It reminded me of the curve Rose had in her hips, but Bella was far more beautiful. She was like an…. Wow their was no word for it. Her face was clean now and she had her bottom lip sucked in between her teeth in the sexiest of ways. I could feel my cock twitch a little, okay a-fucking-lot.

"Dude," Emmett said, elbowing me. I shook my head trying to clear my clouded mind and looked over at him. "Stop staring at Swan's daughter, he will shoot your ass." Emmett chuckled, finding my infatuation amusing. I rolled my eyes at him and mumbled something about not staring, but I wasn't fooling him.

I looked back in time to see Bella putting on a black leather jacket and brushing her beautiful hair back to placing a helmet on her delicate head. She then straddled a bright red motorcycle and I was jealous because I wanted her to straddle me. Seriously, your jealous of a fucking bike, what a pussy. She glanced at me once over her shoulder as she slammed her foot down on the pedal to start it up. She revved it up and just like that she was gone.

Somehow the next thing that was brought to my attention was Emmett declaring that we were here. Where was here? Oh, right my parents house; I had seen pictures of it, but it was far more incredible in person. My mom was on the porch almost jumping with joy and my father smiled happily by her side, with his arm around her waist. They were a perfect picture of love and devotion, always happy and at peace.

My mother embraced me tightly and I could feel the tears on my shirt and I automatically felt guilty about not making it home more often; after my mom finally pulled away my father hugged me tight patting me on the back.

"Great to see you, son." My fathers voice was like a sanctuary, it calmed and sooth me even in normal speaking tone. It was a part of what made him an amazing doctor.

"You too, dad."

Upon entering the house the smell of pies and cookies hit my senses, which was a welcoming scent. I wondered how my brothers and I hadn't been fat asses all our you lives, since our mother was always baking and putting food in our stomachs. Though our dad was right behind her pushing us to the gym, he said health and fitness were one in the same. Working out had stuck with me and it was something I did at least three to four times a week, sometimes more. Running was a good stress reliever, well, that and getting inked or getting my fuck on. I guess I had a few options in that area.

"Edward." My favorite sister in law, Alice gushed in her bubbly, bright voice. She pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my cheek. Her spiky black hair poking me in the cheek and her green eyes sparkling with joy.

"Alice," I said smiling and kissing her cheek in return. My brother Jasper was behind her and he welcomed me with a hug, we were a very affectionate family as you could probably tell. Though, I honestly hated germs and contact with others spread them around, but this was family. Rose smiled at me and gave me an awkward half hug, she still had issues with being in close contact with any male besides her sons and my brother. The twins came running in next, decked out in their sports attire. They were only six, but Emmett already had them in every sport possible.

"Uncle Eddy," they yelled giving me high five's, apparently they were already too old for hugs. I hated the nickname that Emmett had pushed on them, but I had to admit it was kind of cute coming from them.

"Hey, boys you ready for the game tomorrow?" I asked referring to the Thanksgiving day football game. They grinned excitedly and grunted like Emmett often did. I laughed at them and just like that they ran off to continue with their play. So simple, to be a child. My mom dragged me to the kitchen and made me sit on the stool while she cooked dinner. It smelled fucking delicious.

"How are things?" she asked, dicing up some potatoes, for my favorite potato salad.

"Busy," I sighed, looking into a pot to see what else she was making, seeing they were stakes marinating made my stomach grumble.

"Any chance your next location is, oh lets say in a thirty mile radius of us?" she asked, giving me a look only a mother could.

"Maw," I sighed running my hands through my hair.

"Esme, don't start in on the boy, he just got here," My father said, entering the room laughing at my mothers persistence.

"Thanks dad," I said smiling at him and then sticking my tongue out at my mom.

"Come over her and I will cut it off," she warned playfully.

"What are you cutting off?" Alice asked just as playfully and intrigued as her and Jasper waltzed into the room. I mean literally waltz, she had turned him into such a fucking pansy. How he didn't get his ass kicked everyday was beyond me.

We all caught up on our lives and my mother was disappointed to hear that I didn't have a special someone, as she put it, in my life. I knew she worried about me and it was like she had some kind of biological clock ticking for me to settle down. I was only twenty-seven I had plenty of time to settle down, but that didn't mean I would. The strangest thing happened as we discussed this topic, Bella's face came into my mind, with her beautiful brown eyes. I quickly cleared my head from thinking of a woman I barely knew, a taken woman at that. Though I was curious to know more about Bella and I wanted to ask my parents about her, but didn't want to sound obvious. Luckily they brought up a topic opener for me.

"Charlie, get you guys all fixed up?" My dad asked, Emmett and I at the dinner table.

"Sure did, nice guy. He gave us a discount too." Emmett smiled and shoved more food into his enormous mouth.

"He is a good man, good family too." My dad said, but I could see something in his eyes. Something familiar; worry. It made me even more curious.

"How do you know them?" I asked my father, cutting my steak and not really meeting his eyes.

"It is a small town, so I saw them around and a lot of people in this town respect the Swan's. Charlie is the only mechanic in town and his wife Renee was the Principle at the elementary school. I formally meet them in my office though, Renee is a patient of mine." His eyes looked grim and I knew then what the worry was for; my father was an Oncologist, he treated cancer patients. By the look on his face I would assume that Charlie's wife wasn't in the best shape. Though, it wasn't him I felt bad for, well I did a little, but mostly I was sad for Bella. A girl I barely knew and would probably never see again. That thought rubbed me the wrong way.

"Then, I met Renee," my mother started speaking to change the mood. "At the grocery store one day and we sort of hit it off, she is the closest thing to a best friend that I have had in years. Always so cheerful and young at heart, she is a remarkable woman. Oh, and her daughter such a beautiful young woman," Mom gushed about the Swan family almost in the same fashion that she usually gushed about her children. I was now aware that my family was closer to the family than I originally thought.

"Yeah, Edward noticed," Emmett chuckled, and suddenly all eyes were on me.

"Really," my mother said, getting a little to excited. I shot Emmett a dirty look and mouthed a 'fuck you' to him; he chuckled brushing it off and shoveling more food into his vacuum like mouth.

"She is a very beautiful woman," I mumbled in agreement, not sure what to say.

"Did you talk to her?" my mother asked, pushing for information.

"No, maw, I just saw her at the garage and noticed she was pretty. That is it, can we just drop it?" I asked annoyed with the attention. Emmett was going to pay later, fucking asshole.

"Awe, you think she is pretty you want to marry her," Alice teased, twirling her fork at me and batting her eye lashes.

"Fuck off," I said, started to feel annoyed and cornered.

"Language," Rose warned, nodding at the twins next to us at the kid table, the two of them giggled.

"Sorry," I apologized, though I wasn't really sorry, I was fucking pissed off.

"We can drop it, plus you will have a chance to speak to her again." My mother smiled in a plotting way and the rest of the family laughed at my perplexed face.

"What makes you think that?" I asked, trying not to sound hopeful because I did want to speak to Bella again, but I didn't want them knowing that shit.

"We are dropping it remember," my mom said slyly, and just like that I didn't get any more information. After dinner I joined my father in his study for a drink, which I was in desperate need for. My father only drank on special occasions and having all his boys together seemed to be one. Jasper, Emmett, and I all filed into his study and took a seat in the comfy ass chairs. My parents had the comfiest furniture that ever existed, it was heavenly.

"What you boys drinking these days?" my father asked us, going over to the liquor cart.

"I already have a beer, dad," Emmett said, holding up his bottle, he never could handle his liquor.

"I will have a Macallan, neat," Jasper said, picking up a book off the coffee table.

"Tequila," I answered praying he still bought Patron because I needed the good shit.

My father handed us our tiny ass cups, with our liquor in them, and I tipped that shit back; sure enough it was fucking Patron, thank you very fucking much, I went and got seconds.

"Slow it down, bro," Emmett said, teasingly after my fourth glass.

"Please, these are like fucking midget glasses, plus I can drink without pissing on myself," I retorted, and it wiped that smile right off his face. I chuckled remembering how every time Emmett drank liquor straight, he ended up pissing his pants; it was fucking hilarious.

I saw Jasper and my father eyeing me suspiciously, of course the doctors would read to much into a guy having a couple drinks. Now, I was sure to get a lecture on alcohol poising or alcoholism. We talked for hours about everything, they talked about their wives, Emmett talked about the boys, and all I had to talk about was work. They called me a workaholic a few times and teased me about taking a vacation, but I shrugged it off. I had always enjoyed working and staying busy, it was my thing. Emmett and Jasper fell in love before they graduated High School, so, relationships came first for them. I fell in love with work, so, that was the biggest part of my life. I had three constant things in my life: work, sex, and tequila; not always in that order. Sex was more limited than the other two.

I wasn't all that surprised that my mom had a room set up for me and thankful that her and Alice loved to shop because the closet was full of clothes. The bathroom was stocked, so I didn't even miss my lost luggage. I pulled out my blackberry to check my emails and messages, just because I was away didn't mean that the work was over. I was a little annoyed that I had to walk around the room to try and get signal, but couldn't keep it long enough to do anything on my phone. I was out in been-fucked-Egypt, without the full use of my fucking phone; this was going to be a long ass four days.

That night, I dreamed of fucking, Bella Swan. I had her thrown over on the hood of the car and was fucking her from behind. Her chestnut hair flowing across her back, and soft against my chest. The dream ended all too soon though and I woke up to a ragging, morning wood; oh and fucking pamphlets on alcoholism.

Fucking beautiful brunettes and doctors.