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Three Years Later…

The Kazekage sat at his desk and sighed frustrated. He rubbed the back of his neck and continued signing papers. A knock at the door startled him from his thoughts and he looked up.

"Come in…" he said tiredly and Saya walked in smiling softly to him.

He returned the smile slightly. She noticed his tired eyes and bored expression.

"What's wrong Gaara?" she asked concerned.

He shook his head slowly.

"I have so much work to do. I don't know where to start," he mumbled.

Saya sighed.

"Well what do you have to do?" she asked kindly.

Gaara put his pen down and flexed his throbbing hand.

"I have to finish this paperwork by today and then be in the Waterfall Village by tomorrow morning. I'm not going to be able to do both," he said sighing.

Saya thought about it for a moment.

"Well, how about I go to the Waterfall Village for you?" she asked smiling.

Gaara's head snapped up, his eyes wide.

"You would do that?" he asked shocked.

Saya sighed loudly.

"Well I wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it. Its fine I'll be more then happy to go to the Waterfall Village for you. It's just to deliver some papers to the Mizukage right?" she asked softly.

Gaara nodded and smiled relieved.

"Thank you…" he said tiredly before their three year old son Ryuzaki ran in.

"I want to go too!" he yelled smiling.

Gaara smiled seeing his son in such a good mood. Saya grinned as Ryuzaki ran to his father and Gaara ruffled his hair some. Ryuzaki looked up at his father and smiled.

"I want to go to Waterfall Village too!" he yelled again really excited.

Gaara was about to protest but Saya spoke up first.

"It's alright; it is just hand delivering some papers. It'll give him a little thrill and give you some peace and quiet to finish your work," she said quickly.

Ryuzaki grinned at his mother and she returned it just as big. Gaara sighed and smirked at his wife.

"Alright...but you leave rather soon…so…" he trailed off as Ryuzaki started pulling his mother out of the office.

"Come on mother, we have to go pack for the mission!" he said happily.

Gaara chuckled softly. Saya rolled her eyes and ran out with Ryuzaki in the lead. When they were finished packing they loaded up the carriage and Saya helped Ryuzaki climbed in excitedly. Gaara met them before they left. He ruffled up Ryuzaki's crimson hair and the boy laughed and shook his head playfully. Gaara smirked and kissed his wife gently.

"It shouldn't be a long trip. I'll see you both soon," he said in a hushed whisper.

They were in public and they never really showed affection but he would never deny his son or wife if they asked for it. Saya kissed his cheek softly.

"See you soon dad!" Ryuzaki shouted from inside the carriage.

Gaara nodded and looked to Saya. She smiled and he helped her climb into the carriage sitting next to Ryuzaki. The carriage took off and Ryuzaki stuck his head out of the back waving to his father. Gaara waved back slightly and went to finish his paperwork.

Later That Night…The Waterfall Village…

Ryuzaki was asleep on his mother's shoulder and Saya was falling asleep as well. The carriage coming to a stop woke her up slightly. She climbed out of the carriage carrying Ryuzaki in her arms. They were in the Waterfall Village. She walked behind some of Suna's top bodyguards and into the Mizukage's tower.

It was dark and rainy in the Waterfall Village. Saya frowned slightly. It shouldn't be like this. The weather was supposed to be cool and calm. Instead it was raging weather and the rain fell heavier. Saya climbed out of the carriage, her hair getting soaked by the pouring rain. She grabbed her son holding him underneath her small jacket and ran inside the tower with him. They walked to the Mizukage's door and he opened it as they got there.

"Welcome to the Waterfall Village…" he trailed off seeing the pair soaked.

He chuckled slightly in embarrassment.

"I'm terribly sorry about the weather today…I don't know what's gotten into it," he said offering her a towel.

She thanked him and wiped herself dry. Ryuzaki was quite dry but he still tried to grab the towel. Saya pulled it away playfully and the Mizukage chuckled. Ryuzaki went with a Suna Shinobi to get some food and Saya sat down.

"Well, the Kazekage asked me to hand deliver these papers to you," she said calmly.

The Mizukage smiled.

"Hai…thank you," he said taking them from her hand.

"Are you curious as to what are in these papers?" he asked softly.

Saya furrowed her eyebrows.

"No, not really," she murmured.

The Mizukage smiled.

"Would you like to know?" he asked smirking.

Saya shrugged.

"Whatever information you'd like to divulge to me is your choice Mizukage-sama," she said smoothly.

The Mizukage grinned.

"These papers are so your country and my country do not go to war," he said shocking Saya somewhat.

She remained calm though.

"Why would our countries be on the brink of war with each other?" she asked coolly.

The Mizukage grinned.

"Your husband's been keeping secrets from you Saya-san," he sad relaxed.

Saya stood up.

"If that's all you have to say, we should go…" she said as Ryuzaki entered the room again.

The two walked out followed by the Mizukage and he watched them get into the carriage and begin to pull away. The Mizukage smiled.

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her…" he thought calmly.

Ryuzaki leaned against his mother tiredly. Saya smiled. It had been a lot of traveling for the boy and he was tired. Saya laid her head back enjoying the rain hitting the pavement as they pulled away. She was dozing off when the carriage shook slightly. Her eyes opened and she looked to the driver. He was looking back at the carriage behind them holding the Suna Shinobi and some advisors she had to drag with her.

She turned around and pulled back the flap of the carriage, her eyes widening. The oxen were lying dead on the watery ground looking like they were half eaten and the carriage was destroyed. It looked like it was torn apart. She barely had time to think when her carriage rocked violently almost throwing Ryuzaki to the floor. She grabbed him and he woke up startled and looked around as another violent jolt rocked the carriage.

"Mom, what's happening?" he asked trying to stay calm and she held him close.

"I—I don't know…" she said trying to remain calm.

The oxen began to run and pick up speed. She leaned in to speak with the driver and as she went to touch him the wagon was ripped off the floor and flung into the air. She screamed as she felt the wagon fly off the floor. She reached for her son and felt the initial crash before her world faded to black.

In Suna…

Gaara flew up in bed grabbing his chest and gasping for air. He was trembling and sweat trickled down the side of his head. He focused on the dark room and let his hand fall from his chest. He threw off the blanket even though it was bitter in the room and walked to the kitchen quietly.

He sat down at the table and looked out the small window nearby. Suna was so cold at night and he liked watching the sand blow in the wind. It wasn't until he heard something behind him that he turned around to see his sister. Temari smiled seeing her brother and took a seat across from him.

"You couldn't sleep either?" she whispered quietly.

Gaara nodded slowly. Temari smirked.

"I know a cure for that. Care to try it?" she asked still smirking.

Gaara nodded.

"As long as I don't have to move," he whispered and Temari chuckled slightly.

She pulled out a gallon of milk and Gaara eyed her curiously. She poured two glasses of milk and boiled it. Gaara watched her intently as she pulled out the now steaming cups and put one in front of him. He stared at the hot milk and then at his sister. She smiled and drank some. He picked it up slowly and sipped it quickly. Temari watched him as he tested it and then smiled slightly in satisfaction. The two siblings sat there quietly, enjoying each other's company.

In Waterfall Village…

Saya's eyes opened painfully slow. She didn't move as feeling slowly came back to her body. She tried to focus her blurry eyes. She was lying on the cold wet floor and realization hit her. Her eyes scanned the area until they rested on a small figure lying on the muddy ground. Her eyes widened and fear crept into her body.

He wasn't moving. She quickly struggled to her feet but fell to the floor grabbing at her side. She definitely broke some ribs and her shoulder was dislocated. She was bleeding but she didn't know from where. She bit her lip harshly and struggled through the pain and crawled to her son.

When she reached him she hovered over him and smacked his cheek softly. His lip was bleeding slightly and he had a small cut on his head but when she hit his cheek he woke up groggily.

"R-Ryuzaki, hey are you okay? Are you hurt?" she asked quickly.

Ryuzaki shook his head slowly and got up carefully with his mother's help. She checked him over just to be sure and he was alright. He only had a few cuts and bruises. He was shaking slightly but wasn't crying.

"Ryuzaki, turn away for a moment will you?" she asked kindly.

Ryuzaki turned around and covered his ears, knowing what she was about to do. She quickly popped her shoulder back into place and cried out trying to muffle it somewhat. She still saw him flinch some. She turned him around and hugged him as tight as she could with broken ribs.

Her eyes caught sight of a black blur and she pulled Ryuzaki closer to her. The blur moved quickly and was about to strike when another person dropped in front of them. Saya looked up to see the Mizukage standing in front of them blocking the blow with his water techniques. She shuddered holding her side tightly.

"Mizukage-sama, what's happening?!" she gasped out.

The Mizukage shoved the attacker, who was dressed in a black cloak, off and whirled around grabbing Saya and bringing her up to his level causing her to suck in a sharp breath.

"You need to get out of here! Take your son and run far away and don't stop running!" he screamed fear evident in his eyes.

Saya's eyes widened.

"Mizukage-sama, there's more than one! What about you?" she yelled as Ryuzaki gripped her leg tighter.

Normally she would have stayed and fought with him bravely with no fear but now she had her son with her and she was scared for his safety. The Mizukage pushed her away roughly.

"Run damn it! I'm not coming with you! Protect your son!" he yelled handing her a piece of paper.

"Make sure this gets to the Kages! Every last one of them! It tells of what happened here and how I died!" he yelled making Saya's eyes widened in surprise.

"How you died?!" she yelled.

The Mizukage nodded.

"I'm not living past today! And neither will you or your son if you don't get out of here now! Start running and don't look back!" he screamed.

Saya scooped up Ryuzaki and took off into the wilderness not looking back. Ryuzaki buried his head into his mother's chest tightly. Saya ran through the pain and fear leaping from tree branch to tree branch. The last thing she heard was the Mizukage's screams slice through the thick air.

Early Morning the Next Day…

She ran as far and as fast as she could. Hundreds of unanswered questions ran through her head.

What the hell lifted an ox driven carriage in the air? Who the hell attacked them and killed the Mizukage?

Saya shook her head and kept running even though her entire body burned with pain. She ran until her legs began to stiffen. Finally she stopped, huffing and puffing in pain. Ryuzaki moved his head away from her body and looked up at her. She didn't look good. Her face was drained of any color and she looked exhausted.

"Mom…are we going to die?" he asked, his voice shaky but he still did not shed a tear.

Saya stared down at her son.

"No we are not going to die!" she yelled at him really not meaning to.

He flinched slightly but didn't break the eye contact. Saya's eyes softened.

"I'm sorry Ryuzaki. I didn't mean to yell…" she said trying to sound calm.

She took as deep a breath as she could and jumped back onto a tree.

"We'll be home in a few hours…just keep hanging on until then…" she murmured softly.

Ryuzaki nodded slowly and leaned against his mother again. He didn't feel very well but he kept his mouth shut. His mom was dealing with way to much right now. Saya put more chakra into her running. She was running out of it and breathing heavily. She kept telling herself a little more until Suna and then they'd be safe. She slammed her foot into another tree branch when she felt the other presence.

Her body tensed and she went to turn around when she was taken off her feet and shoved roughly to the floor below. Ryuzaki fell on top of her and then rolled off a little away. Saya let her head fall to the side groggily. She was so exhausted and in pain but her son wasn't by her and that wasn't cool with her. She slowly got up and saw her son lying a few feet away.

The figure covered in a black cloak raised a long sword above him. Her eyes widened. Ryuzaki got to his feet and the cloaked figure swung. It all happened in five seconds. The cloaked figure looked down and saw no one there. It growled lowly and raised its sword seeing the glossy crimson blood dripping off of it. It put the sword under its cloak and as quick as the blood was there it was gone.

Saya flew through the trees forgetting how tired she was and held her son tighter.

"Ryuzaki are you hurt?!" she said quickly and out of breath.

Ryuzaki looked up, his hands covered in blood. Saya stopped then as fear flew into her body. She jumped down behind a tree and put her son against the tree looking him over quickly. Ryuzaki's eyes shook.

"M-Mom, it's not me…" he said, his voice cracking.

Saya furrowed her eyebrows and Ryuzaki touched her side causing her to flinch. She grabbed her side trying to cover her pain and smiled slightly to comfort her son.

"I'm fine. Don't worry I'm fine…" she said ripping off a piece of her jacket and tying it around her side tightly.

She reached out for him and he hesitated.

"We're not going to make it," he said his eyes frozen and still.

He was in shock. Saya grabbed his cheeks.

"Don't think like that…no matter what happens…you are going to make it…do you understand me?" she said firmly.

Ryuzaki didn't answer nor did he move. Saya hugged him tightly and scooped him up getting ready to run again. Her chakra was already close to being depleted. She was running on a sliver of what she had left. She was about to take off when something knocked her feet out from under her.

She fell to the floor and Ryuzaki went tumbling. Saya stumbled to her feet and the cloaked figure tackled her to the ground roughly. They tumbled and when they came to a stop the hood of the figure came off. Saya wanted to scream but didn't have enough energy. Her eyes widened. What the fuck was this thing?

Its face was contorted and its teeth were sharp and bloody. She slammed it in the face as it tried to bite her. She struggled to get up but the thing attacked again. It bit into her arm causing her to yelp in pain and she slammed a fist full of chakra into its chest. The thing let out a blood curdling scream and fell to the floor.

Saya got up and grabbed her son running. She had no more chakra. She didn't even bother with Ren. If she used Ren she would be dead for sure and right now her son needed her. Ryuzaki looked behind her and whimpered.

"The bad man is back!" he yelled and then screamed as Saya felt herself being pulled off the branch.

This time though she threw non existent chakra into her feet and kicked the attacker into a tree. She held onto Ryuzaki and ran through thick underbrush before doing a face plant into a familiar texture. She lifted her head up. It was sand. They were in the desert of Suna. She grabbed Ryuzaki and decided to have a small chat with Ren.

"Ren what the hell is that thing? I hit it with chakra that could kill a Sannin…and it's not dead…how do I kill it?!" she screamed mentally.

Ren hesitated before replying.

"I have never seen anything like this before…it killed the Mizukage in minutes after you took off…I'm sorry I don't know."

Saya gasped.

"Then what fucking good are you?!" she yelled angrily.

She was about to run when she felt a searing pain cut through her leg. She gasped and cried out dropping to the floor. Ryuzaki backed away from the thing that licked its lips when he saw the boy. Saya pulled the blade from her leg seeing the thing walk towards her son.

The demon drew its sword and held it mid waist ready to just drive it into Ryuzaki's chest. Saya's eyes widened. Ryuzaki's eyes widened as the sword came towards him. He closed his eyes tightly. The blow never came. Ryuzaki's eyes were wide and he was trembling like crazy.

"Mom…" he mumbled almost inaudibly.

In the Kazekage Tower…

Gaara had just finished the meeting and stood up when a sharp pain pierced through him. He grabbed his chest and sat down quickly gasping for breath. His siblings ran towards him and an advisor opened the window to give him some air. Sweat trickled down his face and Kankuro got him some water. Temari leaned down to him.

"That's the second time this has happened Temari…" he said calmly.

Temari looked out the window her eyes wide.

"Gaara, the wind tells of disaster…" she murmured as a soft breeze blew through the window.

Then they all smelt it…the blood.

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