[AN: My re-write!]

The Blood Saga: Red Silver

I groaned at the sound of the stereo blaring downstairs. It was one of four people. Edward, jasper, Josh, or Emmett. My bet was on Josh or Emmett. But Emmett didn't listen to Train. Neither did Josh for that matter. So it was either Ed or Jazz.

"Both." A voice behind me mumbled. I rolled over and the cold body behind me shifted. I stared at the pale woman across from me.

Short black hair, golden glazed eyes, diamond spotted skin. Alice was truly a beautiful creature. "Afternoon Bella." She kissed my nose and giggled.

'Hey, soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do…' I actually liked this song so it wasn't all bad.

"Mm what time is it for you?" I mumbled.

"Same time for you Bella. We don't have different clocks." She giggled again and I chuckled, pulling her closer and covering her face with small, light kisses. She giggled more and I grinned. She was to adorable sometimes.

"Where is everybody?" I asked quietly after a moment of snuggling close to her cold body.

"Downstairs. Oh…happy birthday." She kissed me softly, but somehow she still manage to throw in all the passion I seemed to lack.

"Mm thank you. Do I get my present now?"

"You do get one. But it's an after hours kind of gift."

"Oh, that sounds nice." I chuckled when she gently poked me in my side. We slid out of bed. I always had a pair of clothes right beside the bed in case I needed to jump up and go in this form.

I pulled on the pair of black cargos and grey t-shirt that were laying there. I wasn't picky about my clothes like Alice. And she got annoyed with that. I heard her grumble behind me. I glanced at her over my shoulder. "What?"

"Why don't you wear anything colorful?" She pouted. I chuckled and leaned over giving her a quick kiss.

"You really wanna know why?"

She nodded, I grinned.

"If I was as dressy and colorful as you I would distract people away from your gorgeous face. And I know how you like attention…so I dress in dark clothes so you'll pop." I poked her belly at the last word. She giggled and took my hand in her own.

"You're to flattering Bella." She kissed my fingers.

"Maybe only a little, but most of it's the truth. You do like attention."

I smiled when she sighed and dropped her shoulders a little. "Yeah." She breathed. I covered her face with small kisses again and she had a giggle fit. Whoever thought I was deserving of this woman was a very gracious entity.

We finally made it downstairs about thirty minutes later. Alice in her favorite colors of the year…or month…or maybe week (I'd have to ask), blue and black. My dull colors did indeed make her outfits and cuteness pop.

"Good afternoon ladies." I looked over towards the kitchen. There was Esme, smiling as usual. I still wish my mom would have smiled at me like that. "Happy Birthday Bella."

"Thanks." I smiled bashfully and nodded as I felt Alice's arms wrap around my waist and she nuzzled my neck, I could feel the smile on her face.

"Party tonight. Go out with Alice until later." Esme nodded to the front door.

I sighed and looked down at Alice. "Do you wanna go for a walk?"

"I think I'd be a bad owner if I didn't take you for walks." Oh she did not just go there. I poked her in the back and she giggled, running to the front door, me following along like the puppy I was.

I looked up at the sky as I stepped out onto the cold dirt in front of the house. The clouds rippled across the afternoon sun. I wondered if the ocean was above us for a moment, until I felt cool arms wrap around my waist. "We're right where we belong. The clouds and sun are in the sky and your feet are in the dirt." Alice mumbled against my shoulder.

She can read me very easily now. "We're spending to much time together." I chuckled. She released me and headed towards the woods.

"Then let's play hide and seek."

"Alice that doesn't make any sense." I grinned at her.

"Doesn't have to." She giggled and darted into the woods, forcing me to follow.

She was fast. But I hadn't been training for nothing. I used the full speed of my human shape. My arms slipped around her waist and we vaulted to the ground, me turning to take the impact as a proper gentleman would…or…whatever.

I huffed as I hit the ground. She looked up at me. "You okay?" I wheezed and she slid onto my side. "Bella…are you okay?"

"Yeah." I took a deep breath. I was forgetting how hard her body was sometimes.

"Silly Bella…you know I'm heavy." She giggled and I smiled hen she playfully poked her tongue out at me.

"Only when you fall." I mumbled. She giggled again and snuggled into my side on the dirt floor of the woods. I could feel Ai, Huan, Cheng, and Gen getting closer. The pack had been made official, and the tingles when the others were close became obvious. It made my bones feel as if they were rattling lightly.

They would be decorating the second, smaller living room. I didn't want a party, but they insisted. I had a very bad feeling about it but…maybe it was something that was past my birthday.

Alice and I lay there on the ground, not talking, just there. I wasn't sure for how long but the sun turned red and the clouds when from white to a dusty grey. "We should get back." I mumbled. I felt Alice nodded against my chest. I stood and helped her stand, not that she needed it but still.

"We have to get you changed." Alice led me back to the house and when we entered nobody was there. Or in that room. She tugged me up to her room and all but dressed me for me. "You should look dashing on your entry to adulthood." She giggled as she pulled my oversized shirt over my head and pulled a white collard short sleeved shirt over my arms and onto my shoulders.

"Dashing eh?"

"Oh yes." She buttoned the front of the shirt. "Maybe make you wear a tie."

I hummed as I let her dress me. "Who's clothes are these?"

"Jasper's. Your about the same size."

"I dunno if I should be offended or thank him." I really didn't. I was basically just called a man.

"Mm…both. But the jeans are new!" She pushed me back on the bed, tugging off my comfy cargos and slipping new itchy black jeans onto me. I stood and zipped and buttoned them. "And I know you're not into anything other than sneakers and bare feet so I got you these." She held out a rectangle box. "Happy birthday." She grinned.

I took it and pulled open the paper. "Wow, converse…awesome." I gave her a quick kiss before pulling the box open. They were black with skulls as decoration. Oh, awesome-er! I slipped them on and tied them. They fit perfectly. And they were high tops. Low tops bugged my ankles. "Alice these are great!" I pulled her into a hug. "You're the best."

"Oh I know." She responded smartly. I pulled back and poked her sides. She giggled and took my arm. "Ready?" She straightened her black dress. It was very pretty, it made her skin appear slightly more pale but all the more beautiful. At least to me.

"Sure thing." She rolled her eyes and pulled me out of the room. Leading me to my small party.

There was a chorus of "Happy birthday Bella" when we reached the top of the stairs. They were all smiling up at me. I shook my head but smiled. The theme of the party was Jack Skellington. I've been a huge fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas since I was a kid. So it was all black and white. And on the wall there was a large painted picture of an evil grinning Jack. I loved it.

There was a low song playing over the speakers of the radio in a corner of the room.

'Spread the word! Happiness is gravity and the heart is just a battery. La-da la-da-da da. It's easy. The mind is not the problem…'

"Thanks for this you guys." I mumbled.

"It was no problem Bella. We all helped. And the wall can easily be painted over." Carlisle smiled warmly from his place beside Esme.

Alice tugged me down the stairs. And it was all hugs, presents, and food from there. Or…at least food for the ones who could eat it. It was pictures, friends, and a cake eating contest between Jacob and Gen. It was family and love and I really couldn't have asked for more.

'Happiness is only real when shared.'