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The Blood Saga: Red Silver

Sure enough…when we got back Alice slapped me…hard. She'd grabbed my chin between her forefinger and thumb, forcing my face to meet her own. "Don't you ever scare me like that again." She then kissed the reddening mark on my cheek and dragged me inside.

I sat on the bed as Alice stood between my legs, checking me over. Adrian, Karcsi, Jacob, and Gen got the worst of the attacks. Jacob's left arm was broken in two places and Gen had a few cracked ribs and a fracture in his pelvis from being thrown into a tree.

"Don't tell Joshie-boo to tell me stuff like that. It scares me…we're getting married…you seem to keep forgetting that." I smiled up at her and her eyes softened.

"I don't forget." I brushed her shirt up and kissed her flat cold belly. "How could I? I'm very much looking forward to it. As long as it's not to extravagant." I placed a kiss directly over her belly button and she giggled, her fingers tracing over my shoulders. "Oh another tickle spot."

"Don't Bella." I could hear the smile on her face.

"Mmm, don't what?" I grinned.

She giggled and moved away from me, falling onto the bed. I straddled her hips and she rolled us so she was on top. "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"

"Well you're a vampire so…" I laughed when she pouted. "You think we could become hybrids like Kris?"

She looked thoughtful. "I dunno. Why do you want to?"

"Well you're gunna live forever…so is he because he's half vampire. But if I stop phasing I'll get older…and eventually," Alice shook her head and fell onto the bed beside me, covering her ears.


"Alice you know it could happen." I pulled her hands away from her ears.

"Stop it. Don't…" She looked at me pleadingly. "Just don't. Let's just worry about getting everything ready for the big day. Okay?" She tried to smile.

I stared at her for a moment before nodding. "Okay…alright." She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me to lay beside her, my head in the crook of her shoulder. She didn't want to talk about it. I could understand that, I didn't really want to talk about it either.

Esme and Carlisle were talking about getting bigger house, or having some of the pack stay at the Gorgeous home or the Leon's. They only had so many rooms after all.

Kristoffer would be staying with Gregoreo and Delilah. Ollie and Adam would stay here. Adrian, Karcsi, and Paloma would be staying with the Leon's. Josh would be staying here. All in all the house was really just used as a meeting place. But quite often many pack members stayed for the night.

It would be filled during the time for the wedding. Of course we could always have it in the woods.

Paloma was really trying to get my attention. I felt a little bad for her. She was pretty, no doubt about that. But there was nobody more beautiful to me than Alice. I finally had to put a stop to it when she continued to follow me around. 'Paloma…you've gotta stop this.'

She looked at me curiously. 'What?'

'I know you like me, but stop this.'

'You don't like me…'

'I do. As a friend…sure. But not…like that.'

She frowned. 'It's that little girl isn't it.'


'What's so great about her?'

Okay now I was getting annoyed. 'She's funny, beautiful, smart, friendly, amazing…I love her.'

'She's only beautiful because she's a vampire.'

'She's beautiful because she's beautiful. Vampire or not.'

Paloma seemed more upset. 'What's she got that I don't?'

I scoffed. 'Everything. Even a real personality. Look…I don't have those feelings for you. And I'm flattered you like me…but I don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry.' I really wasn't but…ya know.

She huffed and walked away. Gen said a while ago that when one angry woman walks out of a room another angry woman walks in. And another angry woman did walk in.


She must have seen Paloma walk out. I think Paloma was trying to get Alice and I pulled apart.

Alice pushed me into the wall behind me, hard. "What the hell was that?"

"Uh…what was what?"

"Paloma," She said the name as if it was venom. "Just walked by me with what I would describe as a satisfied expression." …Oh that bitch.

"Alice come on…you really think I would cheat on you?" I stepped closer to her. "Come on Ali, you know me better than that. We're getting married remember? If I wanted anybody else I think I would let you know…or…something. But I don't." I cupped her face gently in my hands. "Alice…I love you. You and nobody else. I want you. You and nobody else."

She looked slightly guilty. "I don't want her around here."

"Here, or in the pack?"


"Alice…come on. I'm trying to change the world here! I'm giving stray's a home…how would I look if I cast one away for having a silly crush?"

She nodded. "I know…I'm sorry."

"I didn't know you could be this possessive."

"I'm sorry."

I grinned. "Don't be, it's sexy." She looked surprised.


"It's sexy. Your eyes turn a deeper shade of gold and you get all hands-on." She looked bashful.


I looked around. "You know what I think?"


I grinned and looked back at her, my arms sliding around her waist. "I think we should get outta here before somebody sees us." She giggled and wrapped her arms around my shoulders as I lifted her easily into my arms.

I nuzzled Alice's throat, growling softly. Alice's cold hands slipped from my wrist upward.


"Shh." I kissed her throat.

Her hands settled on my shoulders, gripping the bare flesh she found there. I grinned when her legs slipped around my waist.

"You're so sensitive." I mumbled.

"Shut up and go faster." She breathed.

I chuckled and complied.

Alice wanted to have the wedding in spring or fall. I voted for fall, saying the colors matched her perfectly. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and we chose fall colors.

I really wish mom and Charlie could be here…but oh well. As long as they were happily living their lives that was all that mattered right?

Jacob and Josh would be my 'best man'. Or…men. And Rosalie would be Alice's maid of honor. Jasper said he could do a better job and got a small bouquet of flowers thrown at him by Rose herself.

Edward decided that he and Jazz would be next to have a wedding.

As for the others….well they were just fine. Paloma was gunna have to get over her problems with Alice though. I told her straight up the day after our little chat that I would have none of it.

The wedding would be in a clearing in the woods. The date was set and more plans were being made. Alice was overly giddy, giggling like a teenage school girl and skipping around.

She'd hug my tight and plant kisses all over my face mumbling "We're getting married." Over and over. And I would stare at her when she pulled away, grinning and nodded my agreement.

"Yeah we are." I smiled and ran my hands across her legs to settle on her hips.

Everything was going back to normal quickly. Or normal for us anyways. I mean…how normal can you be with vampires, lions, and tigers?

The End