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Warning: Incest.

Soda was sitting on the couch in the living room with a worried expression on his face. It was 2 a.m. and Ponyboy was still not home yet.

Two-bit had dragged Ponyboy and Johnny along with him to a party. It started at 8 and ended at midnight, so Pony should be home by now.

Darry had gone straight to bed when he got home around 7:30. He had mumbled something about being tired as heck and went straight to his room, not even having dinner. He's been coming home more and more exhausted, because he's been working more hours lately to keep up with the bills.

Soda's glad he's sleeping, because he really doesn't want his brothers to fight.

All the sudden Two-bit and Johnny come through the front door; each had an arm around a drunken Pony, who was smiling goofily.

Soda stood immediately.

"Is he drunk?"

"Yeah, I think someone spiked the punch or somthin', cuz this kid doesn't touch alcohol and he only drank the punch they had there."

Two-bit laughed.

"God, I never thought in a million years that I would see Ponyboy Curtis drunk, but man is it funny. He might be shy and quiet, but give him alcohol and he goes around talkin' to everyone, ramblin' on and on about shit that doesn't even make sense … and he does some crazy ass things. He's the funniest drunk I ever met."

Johnny smiled, trying to stifle his own laughter.

"Yeah, it sure was funny. I got to see a whole different side to my best friend. It was just funny to see him actin' so … unPonylike."

Soda couldn't help but smile too. It was very rare for his baby brother to get drunk.

"Well, I'm glad ya guys had fun, but what took ya so long to bring him back home? The party ended at midnight, didn't it?"

Two-bit and Johnny looked at each other, then at Pony, then back at Soda, snickering.

"Yeah, it did, but we had a bit of a problem."

Soda cocked an eyebrow.

"What kind of problem?"

"Well, at the end of the party, I went to go look for the boys. I found Johnny, but Pony wasn't with him. He said that Pony went to the bathroom, so we went up there to get him, but all we found was his clothes in a pile on the floor and the window was open. We went outside and spent a little over an hour chasin' your naked baby brother down the street, so we could put his clothes back on."

Soda laughed.

"Wait, he was streakin'? My innocent baby brother was streakin'? Ya can definitely tell he's drunk cuz he would never do that if he was sober, he's too self-conscious, he can't even undress in front of me and I'm his brother."

"Well, like I said, he does some crazy ass things when he's drunk."

Two-bit laughed, but he turned serious all the sudden.

"Where's Superman? I was so sure that he was gonna attack me before I even made it to the door, when he saw Pony drunk."

"Well, today is your lucky day, cuz Darry is sleepin', been sleepin' since he came home."

Soda sighed.

"He's been workin' too much lately and it's been wearin' him out."

Two-bit's normal goofy smile came back on his face.

"Shoot, I'm just glad that I can live another day. Just do me a favor and make sure the big guy doesn't find out about this, cuz I wanna live to see my nineteenth birthday."

Soda laughed, nodding a little.

"Yeah, ok."

He didn't like lying or keeping things from Darry, but he didn't want to rat his baby brother out.

"Well, I hate to leave ya hanging," Two-bit started, as he handed the drunken Pony over to Soda.

Pony held onto his waist, leaning all his body weight on him. Soda wrapped his drunken baby brother in his arms.

"But, I have to get home and I'm bringin' Johnnycakes with me, cuz he it's not safe for him to go home at this time of night. He could wake up his dad and get in a lot of trouble and we don't want that."

He wrapped an arm around Johnny's shoulder.

"Now, do we, Johnnycake?"

Johnny slowly shook his head.

"See ya later, Curtis's." Two-bit said, dragging Johnny a long with him to the front door.

"Wait, you're just gonna leave me to take care of a drunken Pony by myself?" Soda asked in mock disbelief.

"Hey, me and Johnnycake took care of him all night, are shifts are finished for the day, it's your turn now, besides you're his brother, it's your job to take care of him." Two-bit joked.

Then, they left into the coldness of the night.

Soda got a good whiff of the boy in his arms and blanched.

"God, Pony, it smells like ya poured alcohol all over yourself, instead of drinkin' it."

Pony looked over at him with his goofy, drunken smile.

"Maybe, I did, Sodapop, ya never know."

Soda laughed and started walking Pony in the direction of the bathroom.

"Well, if ya want to keep this from our big, scary, strict brother, then we're gonna have to get ya cleaned up, cuz if we don't, he'll find out tomorrow mornin' just by smellin' ya."

Pony laughed a little too loudly, letting out a big snort.

Soda immediately covered his mouth with his hand to silent him.

"Shhh, don't be so loud, baby, ya'll end up wakin' Darry."

Pony nodded his head a little.

Soda took his hand off.

"Sorry," Pony slurred.

"It's ok." Soda said softly.

He led him into the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet seat. He closed and locked the door.

"Pony, baby, get undressed, so ya can take a shower." Soda told his baby brother as he started the shower.

Arms wrapped around Soda's waist and he felt hot breath on the back of his neck, making him shiver.

"Are ya gonna join?"

Soda's eyes widened a bit as he got out of Pony's hold and turned to him.

"No, Pony, I don't smell like alcohol like ya do, I don't need a shower."

"So?" Pony pouted, crossing his arms stubbornly.

"I ain't getting' in that shower without ya,"

Soda's eyes went wider.

"Why do I need to go in? Like I said before, I don't need a shower … and-and besides … d-don't ya think it would be … kind of awkward?"

Sure, they were brothers, but it would still be awkward. I mean, brothers or not, they were still two teenage boys and two teenage boys should not do things, such as taking a shower together … though two teenage boys should not share a bed either … but that was different.

"Please, Soda, I don't wanna be in there alone." Pony begged, grabbing Soda's hand.

"I need ya."

Soda raised an eyebrow questioningly.

He wanted to ask him why he needed him to go in the shower with him, but decided against it and shook his head, looking down.

Sure, Pony depended on him a lot even when he was sober, but not like this. God, he was clingier when he was drunk. And, sure, Soda, liked how dependent his baby brother was to him, because it made him feel special, important, like he had a purpose. It was one of the many reasons why they were so close.

But, this was awkward … What Pony wanted him to do made him uncomfortable.

Soda sighed, deciding to try again. He looked up to his brother.

"Pony, get in the shower."

"No, not with ya," Pony argued.

Two-bit was so wrong, drunken Ponyboy was not fun, not fun at all.

"Fine," Soda snapped.

He didn't mean to. He never yelled at Pony ever, but he was making him feel weird and he didn't like it.

He just wanted this shit to stop and go to bed.

"Don't take a shower, stay smelling like a drunken hobo and see if I care if Darry finds out ya been drinking and got drunk."

Before, he could even grab the door knob; Pony stopped him by grabbing his arm.

"Pl-please, Soda, don't leave."

Soda looked at him slowly.

His misty green eyes were filled with tears.

Soda softened, sighing softly.

That was one of his weaknesses. He hated it when his baby brother cried.

"Fine, ok … just get undressed and get in."

Pony smiled and got undressed as fast as his drunken state would let him and jumped in the shower.

Soda heard Pony yelp a few seconds later.

"Pony, what's wrong?"

"C-c-c-cold," Pony stammered, like he was out of breath.

Soda blinked.

Surely it hadn't been that long.

Soda sighed again, slowly undressing himself.

As soon as he went into the shower, Pony pulled him into a tight embrace, so every part of their naked bodies were touching each other, and laid his head on his shoulder.

It felt amazing. Soda got this warm feeling at the pit of his stomach and his skin felt like it was on fire, he could barely feel the freezing droplets of water hit his skin.

Soda felt disgusted at himself for feeling like that. Pony was his brother, his baby brother, his drunk baby brother.

He could NOT feel that way about him.

"Pony, w-what are ya doin'?"

Pony took his head off of Soda's shoulder to look up at him.

"I love ya, Sodapop."

Then, he kissed him.

God, his lips were so soft and tasted so sweet. His heart pounded against his chest. He got this lightheaded feeling.

No one has made him feel like that since Sandy.

He found himself kissing back, as Pony runs his fingers through his wet golden strands. Soda caressed Pony's back.

His skin was so soft, so flawless, it made him just want to – That's when he realized what he was doing.

THIS WAS HIS BROTHER! Never before had he hated that word. Soda was always glad Pony was his brother, but now he wishes he wasn't.

This was so wrong, it was disgusting.

Soda broke away, pushing Pony gently off of him.

"Pony, you're drunk, ya don't know what you're doin' or sayin'. Ya don't love me like that. We're brothers, brothers don't do stuff like that …It's wrong. This is wrong, Ponyboy."

"I ain't just sayin' that, cuz I'm drunk. I love ya, not like a brother, I really love ya." Pony started to tear up again.

Soda softened again and pulled his baby brother into a hug.

It broke his heart to see his baby brother cry. He hated it.

Soda stroked his wet hair as he hugged him close.

"Shh, baby, I'm sorry, it's just … well, you're drunk, no, totally wasted and ya don't know what ya are doin'. That's what being drunk does to ya; it takes away your common sense. I sure as hell know that ya wouldn't be actin' this way if ya were sober … and I don't wanna take advantage of ya … Plus, shoot, kid you're my baby brother, my own flesh in blood, get the picture? We can't do things like this, Pony, its wrong, so fuckin' wrong."

He normally wouldn't swear, he rarely ever did, because unlike the rest of the gang, the Curtis's parents raised them better than that, but man was he stressing out.

He's never … never ever never in his life felt this way toward his baby brother before, so why in the hell was he now? … Was it just because he was making moves on him?


What was Soda's excuse?


When Pony wasn't saying anything, he looked down at him to see that he was passed out in his arms.

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