It's been three days since Soda's threat toward Johnny, and because of it he hasn't went anywhere near the Curtis' house, unless Soda wasn't there and he hasn't been visiting him at the DX anymore.

Soda had really scared him, but not enough to stop from seeing Pony.

Pony didn't know anything about it, because Johnny didn't want him to know, it would only cause more trouble.

But, Pony had asked about his strange behavior when they met at the lot one day, but Johnny just shrugged and said it was nothing.

Pony could always see right through him though. That's how close they were, they couldn't keep things from one another.

"Johnny, cut it out. It's not nothing. You've been acting strange since we've left the DX a few days ago. Please, Johnnycake, tell me what's going on with you." He paused a second, sighing. "Everybody seems to be losing their mind, first Sodapop, now you … and I think I'm on my way there since my two favorite people seem to be out of it."

Johnny didn't know what to do, if he told him about Soda's threat, that'd hurt him, and tear a bigger hole in between the once close brothers, but he couldn't stand to see his Pony like this, he looked so miserable, so helpless.

"Soda knows about us, Ponyboy … and he ain't too happy about it." Johnny finally answered quietly.

Pony's eyes widened.

"What did he do to you, Johnny?"

Johnny shook his head slightly, letting his bangs fall over his eyes.

"He just told me to stay away from you." He said barely above a whisper.

First, Pony was mad, mad at Soda for threatening his Johnnycake, but then misery and panic took over his him.

"Oh my god, that explains it! That explains why he's been acting so strange! That's why he's been pushing me away! He's too disgusted by me to even be anywhere near me!" He cried out, tears slipping out.

"Maybe, all ya have to do is talk to him about it; make him at least somewhat understand." Johnny suggested as he wiped away Pony's tears.

Pony was unsure about that, but he slowly nodded anyway.

"Ok, I'll try."

Pony stood in front of Soda's old room, hesitating to knock or not. He was afraid of what would happen.

Soda's been sleeping in his old room for the past couple of days and now Pony finally knew why, he was just too uncomfortable too sleep with his faggot brother.

Pony finally knocked lightly on the old wooden door.

There was silence then a,

"Who is it?"

"I-It's me, Pony. C-can I come in? I need to talk to you … It's important." Pony stuttered out nervously.

There was a pause, then a sigh.

"Come in."

Pony slowly opened the door and then quietly shut it behind him. Soda was sitting on his bed, staring down at his sheets, so he just sat a couple feet from the bed, on the floor.

Awkward, uncomfortable silence filled the room, until Soda coughed, breaking the silence.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Y-you've been pushing me away lately … t-there's been a space between us … a-and I didn't know why. I thought you were mad at me, but I didn't know what I did. But, I found out the real reason today from Johnny … y-you know about us … a-and you're too disgusted by your faggot of a brother too be anywhere near him."

Pony couldn't help himself, he started sobbing uncontrollably.

Soda's head instantly snapped up to look at his sobbing baby brother on the floor. His heart shattered into a million pieces at the scene. That wasn't the reason at all. He didn't care that he was gay. He might be really jealous of Johnny, but he didn't care if he was gay. Soda would never be disgusted by Pony; he would love him no matter what. He is not one too judge. And it hurt Soda to know that Pony had even thought that.

Soda had been pushing Pony away, because of his confusion and he was scared as shit, and didn't know what else to do.

But, now, he regrets pushing him away.

Soda crawls out of his bed and over to the sobbing boy, embracing him in a loving, comforting hug.

"No, no, baby, that's not it at all. I don't care if you're gay. I don't think you're disgusting, I could never think that about you. I'll always love you no matter what … I-It's just - I've been deeply confused about something … a-and it's been messing me up."

Pony pulled back a little to look up at Soda with teary eyes.

"What are you confused about?"

He had to tell him. He couldn't let Pony think that.

"Well, ya came home drunk one night … and ya did somethin' that was so mind fucking it messed me up … Ya wanted me to come in the shower with ya and wouldn't go in without me and when I finally did ya embraced me with your naked, wet body and kissed me and told me ya loved me."

Pony's eyes widened in disbelief and horror, his cheeks flushed.

"Oh my god, Sodapop, I'm sorry. No wonder you were avoiding me. I bet you hate my guts. I - I didn't - It was a mistake ... a stupid, drunken mistake."

"I wish that was what was botherin' me … but it's not. I'm not disgusted and I don't hate ya."

Soda admitted ashamedly.

Pony gave Soda a weird look.

"What are you saying?"

Soda sighed, grabbed Pony's shoulders and pulled him into a kiss.

"I love ya, Pony. I love ya so much, baby. That night ya came home drunk changed how I felt about ya, it twisted my love for ya in a messed up way. I couldn't stop thinking about ya. Ya drive me crazy."

Pony stared at Soda blankly. His expression was unreadable and that scared Soda the most, because Pony was always an open book, easy to read.

"I'm sorry, Soda, but I met what I said, it was a stupid drunken mistake and nothing more. I love you, Soda, but not in that way." He finally said.

Then without another word Pony stood up and left the room, taking Soda's shattered heart with him.

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