Pokemon: Pikachu and Ash

Ash and Pikachu are starting their Journey and they caught Eevee in a forest.

They kept walking until night time then they set up their camp and ash makes a small tent for Eevee and a big tent for him and Pikachu then ash stripped down into his underwear and "good night Pikachu" Ash said falling asleep.

Night Love

Ash falls asleep and Pikachu Slowly slides ash's underwear and masturbates his big cock and he is staring at his master's 9 inch cock. Ash heard noises from his sleeping bag and saw Pikachu masturbating his 7 inch cock and he also saw his underwear slid down to his feet. "Pikachu I want you to have sex with me" Ash said rubbing his hard throbbing cock. "Pika Pi" ash's horny pokemon said. Pikachu his master's penis Pikachu started at the head then he sucked half of ash's cock then he deep-throated his cock. Pikachu showed ash that he wanted his master's cock inside him. Ash knew Pikachu wanted him to fuck him.


Eevee heard noises coming from ash's tent so she went to see what was going on until she saw them having sex and she started to get wet ash saw what was going on with Eevee "Eevee come over here" Ash said while getting fucked by Pikachu. Ash told Eevee to lay on her back and he took his two fingers to open Eevee's pussy and he started to lick and finger his female pokemon then he told Eevee to suck his cock and Pikachu stopped fucking ash to get ash to suck his cock.

To be continued…..

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