Day Ten

"Isn't it great, Hermione?" Ginny giggled, dancing up and down around the room she shared with the other girl. "I didn't think Harry would ever ask me out!"

Hermione beamed, genuinely thrilled for the younger girl. "It certainly took him long enough."

"I know, right? He even asked Ron and Luna to tag along so things don't get too awkward."

"You guys are going to have a blast," she agreed.

The red-head turned to face her, smile melting away. "I wish you would come along!"

Hermione shook her head. "I have way too much studying to do. Besides, I'd just be a fifth wheel and what fun is that?"

Ginny sighed. "We could ask Neville…"

"Oh, please don't!" she pleaded, desperately, and instantly feeling bad. "Neville is great, but…"

The other girl smiled. "Don't worry. I understand."

They continued to chatter for another five minutes before a soft knock instructed for Ginny to hurry up and meet them downstairs. They heard Ron stumble back downstairs.

"Well, here goes!" the red-head exclaimed, inhaling a lungful of air. "Wish me luck!"

Hermione grinned. "You won't need it, but good luck!"

Giggling, Ginny darted out the door, leaving Hermione alone in the bedroom. She wasted no time snatching up her textbook and returning to her reading. There was only another month before school began and Hermione would return to Hogwarts to continue her apprenticeship with the potions Master, Severus Snape, and she was determined not to give him a reason to find her lacking. It had taken her a great amount of pleading to get him to agree taking her on.

"Hermione, dear?" Molly Weasley called from the bottom of the stairs.

Closing her book, she hurried to the landing and peered down. "Yes, Mrs. Weasley?"

"We're just going to run out for a moment," Molly told her, gesturing to Arthur Weasley standing behind her. "We won't be gone long. Fred and George are still here somewhere, so if you need anything…"

"Right," she agreed, forcing a smile. "Ok, have fun!"

Waving, she departed back into the bedroom and closed the door.

"Fred and George are the last two people I ever want to see!" she mumbled, darkly to herself.

Their little trick had been completely over the top, even for them. To think they would stoop so low as to cheat, how horrible could they get? She absolutely abhorred cheaters. But she should have guessed it the minute they walked into the kitchen. Something had definitely been off; she'd just been unable to put her finger on it. She would never have assumed they would resort to changing their body makeup just to trick her. It was utterly ludicrous.

Well, it didn't matter any longer. She refused to forgive them, no matter what, until they learned their lesson. She doubted that would be for a while, but she was set on it.

Sighing, she returned to her book and stretched out across her sheets to read. In no time, she was asleep.


Day Ten (Later That Night)

She couldn't move. Hermione realized upon waking up. Her arms were tied above her head and her eyes were blindfolded. The room around her hummed in silence, making her wonder if maybe she was still dreaming. But then the right side of the mattress dipped, then the left.

"Hello, Hermione." She heard a familiar voice murmur.

"What's going on, George?"

A soft chuckle answered her. "I guess you win."

"She really can tell us apart, even with a blindfold on." Fred agreed.

The material enclosing her eyes was removed, and she blinked at the two on either side of her.

"What are you two up to?"

Fred tilted his head to the side. "What makes you think we're up to something?"

She glowered at him, dryly, wiggling her bounded arms for emphasis. "Are you kidding?"

He grinned. "Can't pull a fast one on you, can we?"

"Untie me." She insisted firmly.

"We will." George assured her. "But first we need you to listen to us."

"And if I don't want to?"

Fred's grin broadened. "Then you don't leave."

She gasped, horrified. "You can't keep me in here!"

"Oh yes, we can!" Fred cackled, eyes twinkling sinisterly.

"You see, no one will be here to help you until tomorrow." George explained, his own lips twitching.

Hermione stiffened with realization. "You put Harry up to asking Ginny to dinner, and you sent your mom and dad out!"

Fred looked at George. "She really is a clever witch."

George nodded, eyes never leaving Hermione. "Never doubted it."

Trembling with rage and something else, she hissed, "You two better move to China once I'm free! I swear I'll hex your dicks off!"

Neither so much as blinked at her threat, Fred even went so far as to reply, "I know for a fact that you won't."

"Oh?" She seethed, through clenched teeth.

He nodded. "What will we use to persuade you to forgive us if you do that?"

Her eyes bulged. "What do you mean persuade?"

He shifted closer, until he was practically touching her nose with his, and replied, "You didn't honestly think that we'd let you stay mad at us, did you?"

The tempo of her heart increased until she was certain he'd be able to hear it. She swallowed hard. "What are you talking about?"

His grinning mouth dropped to her chin and nibbled its way along her jaw until it reached the sensitive spot just behind her ear. "We're prepared to make you forget just how insufferable we are, and prove to you just how much better two dicks are than one."

Her lungs seized. She was certain she'd heard wrong, but there was no mistaking the lazy strokes his tongue was making down the column of her throat. He dipped the tip into the hollow groove, and tore a reluctant moan from her.

"What makes you think I want you?" she gasped, squeezing her eyes closed and fighting not to arch her burning body closer to his.

She felt him smirk against her collarbone. His finger skimmed along the curve of her breast, just close enough to pleasure her, but far enough to torture.

"Don't you?" he purred, drawing back to peer into her eyes. "Go ahead, say you don't want us."

The words stung the tip of her tongue and were instantly forgotten when a second set of fingers raked up the inside of her bare thigh towards her hipbone. Unconsciously, she bucked into George's touch. Above her, Fred smirked, knowingly.

"Not fair…!" she sobbed, biting her bottom lip.

"No, we don't play fair." He agreed, with a fake pout. "It's a curse really, but we're so much more fun when we play--dirty."

The fingers toying with the elastic band of her panties slipped over the cotton fabric, dipping over the mound to the source of heat radiating from the center. She jolted, crying out at the torment.

"You're sure wet for someone who doesn't want us," George murmured, peering intently up at her from between red wisps. "Perhaps we should stop." This was emphasized by prodding fingers, pressing into her wetness through the fabric concealing her.

"George!" she cried, straining against her bounds, and parting her legs.

"I don't think she wants us to stop, George," Fred sighed, keeping his eyes on her face while drawing lethargic circles over the front of her dress, just inches from her budding nipples.

"I think you're right." George agreed, pressing his thumb over the heart of all her agony, and smirking when she squealed and bowed under his touch.

"Please…" she gasped, pushing her hips into his hand.

"Yes, Hermione? What do you want?"

She squeezed her eyes tight and turned her head away, refusing to put words to the desire building hot and unstoppable inside her.

"Now, now," Fred purred, against the side of her face. "There's no need to play shy. Tell us what you want. We want to make you feel really good."

George nodded in agreement, pressing the pad of his thumb over the swollen bud and rubbing in a circular motion. "If you don't, then we'll have to stop."

Hermione gasped, panting through clenched teeth, refusing to give in.

Next to her, Fred hummed softly, gingerly tracing his thumb over her nipple in time to his brother's entrancing motion. Electric currents coursed through her in uncontrollable ripples, making it impossible to resist, to remain dispassionate under their sweet cruelty.

"I think we had better go, George," he sighed, pinching and rolling the bud between his thumb and index finger, and drawing a squeak from her. "We wouldn't want to do something she doesn't want."

George heaved a burdened sigh, abruptly ceasing his caress. "You're right."

"No!" she cried before she could stop herself. "Please don't stop!"

His fingers returned but not in the place, she wanted them. They lazily circled the inside of her knee, traveling along her trembling thigh to trace the band of her panties, but making no move to ease the pressure building between her legs.

"In that case," Fred declared, reaching for his wand off the nightstand. "We need you to be a lot less dressed."

With a flourishing motion, her creamy-colored dress vanished and she was left bound and helpless before them in nothing, except her matching panties and bra. Although not plain, the pair was far from being sexy. The pale-blue cotton firmly cupped her breasts and discreetly concealed her crotch, but had she known she'd be seduced, she would have worn a different set.

"I think I like seeing you like this." George decided, his blue eyes raking over her, repeatedly. "Tied up and naked."

She could feel the blush creep up her body to flood her face. "But neither of you are naked…" she squeaked, heat rolling off her in waves.

Satisfied, pleased, smirks greeted her timid stare, and both boys rose to quickly rectify the situation by disrobing to their matching, red boxers.

"Oh!" she breathed; voice raspy as she took in their hard, chiseled bodies; long, pale limbs; and sinewy muscles.

"You seem surprised." Fred teased, returning to his place next to her.

"Did you think we were all rolls and pasty skin under those jumpers?" George joined in, mimicking his brother's gesture.

Hermione blushed harder and looked away. "Not surprised," she whispered, trying not to chicken out over what she was about to say. "I'd always pictured you'd look good. I just wasn't prepared."

Twin, russet brows quirked, amused. "Been picturing us naked often, love?"

"Who do you think buys all your daydreaming charms?"

Having not anticipated her confession, both started, eyes widening. "That was you?"

Nibbling anxiously on her bottom lip, she nodded, too mortified by her declaration to respond verbally.

"Okay, since we're being honest with each other." George started, wiggling into a more comfortable position. "How is it you're the only one who can tell us apart? How do you do it?"

Despite herself, she giggled slightly, nervously. "I think if everyone watched you two half as much as I do…"

"You watch us?"

She looked down. "Sometimes…"

"Why do I feel like it's Christmas morning?" George beamed, widely.

"I second that." Fred agreed, grinning like a giant goofball. "So, what do you think when you watch us?"

She fidgeted, apprehensively. "I guess how handsome you both are when you think no one is watching. There's a side of you that no one gets to see, because you're both always goofing off, but when you think no one is watching you're more open and easier to read, like how you tap your chin a lot when you're thinking, Fred. And how you pucker your bottom lip when you're miffed, George. Fred, I know your lip twitches when you're up to something. George, your eyes narrow, almost challengingly, when you're trying to pretend to be Fred. To most people it might not seem like much, but I think it makes each of you different."

All humor was gone from their faces when she stopped to take a deep breath, and she wondered if she'd said too much.

"You noticed all that just from watching us?" George murmured, softly.

She shrugged, nodding.

"That's incredible," Fred whispered, watching her as if she'd just tumbled from heaven. "I don't think anyone has ever noticed us as anything more than troublemakers."

"You're still that," she chuckled, teasingly.

Their tense faces relaxed a fraction, and even curved into small smiles. But Fred's didn't last, and melted into a stern frown.

"We're doing all this wrong, George," he declared, "We have an extremely beautiful woman tied to her bed and we're talking. It's… rude."

George nodded, mischievous twinkle returning to his eyes. "Right you are, Fred."

Both their heads dropped to press hot, wet kisses across her chest and down her abdomen. Fire licked its way across her flesh, heating her body until she could scarcely breathe. Every flick of their tongues seared her, leaving her gasping, and shuddering under the contact.

George drove his talent downwards, tracing the line of her panties before dropping his head, and prodding the visible bump with the tip of his tongue. Hermione gasped, loudly, and twitched under the assault.

"You smell delicious," he groaned against her mound, bathing her covered flesh with his hot breath.

Fred gave her no chance to respond when he tugged her bra cup down and greedily took her nipple into his mouth, tearing a hiss from her.

George maneuvered over her, nudging her thigh briefly with his hard erection before pressing his face down between her legs. His long fingers tugged away her panties, leaving her bare and exposed to his hungry eyes.

"Merlin, you've got the sexiest pussy I've ever seen," he breathed, trailing a finger over her outer lips. "It's absolutely perfect."

Still suckling on her breasts, Fred trailed a hand down her trembling stomach to smooth a hand over her crotch. He made a rumbling sound in his throat as he slipped a finger between the lips to the damp warmth nestled inside.

"She's soaked, George." He informed his brother, using his fingers to part her for the other man's eyes.

She should have been mortified, being exposed so thoroughly. Instead, she felt her body give another rush of heat, sending liquid pulsing between her legs were George was stroking, slicking his long fingers with her juices.

"Is this your first time, baby?" he asked softly, easing a finger inside her.

Moaning and arching her hips, she shook her head. "No."

Satisfied, he eased a second finger into her waiting heat and pumped it rhythmically with the bucking of her hips. She could feel herself drawing closer to that point she was dying to reach. It was just inches from her finger tips.

"Please…!" she sobbed, grinding her hips, earnestly.

"Let me." Fred moved down her body until his head tucked between her sprawled thighs. She wasn't sure what to expect until she felt his lips close over her burning clit and suck.

"Oh, dear God!" she cried, through clenched teeth as euphoria rushed her like an exploding firecracker. Hot liquid cream rushed over George's hand as she clenched around his fingers.

Fred drew back, giving George room to maneuver up her body and position himself at her entrance.

"Is this what you want, Hermione?" he asked, nudging her opening with the thick, purple mushroom cap.

"Yes! Yes! Please!" she pleaded, arching her hips.

With a guttural growl, he sunk inside her, drawing her knees up higher around his ribcage to bury himself in all the way. "Fuck, baby, you're tight!" he groaned, closing his eyes.

Eyes misty with the overpowering sensation he was invoking in her, Hermione could only whimper her response. "Untie me, please! I need to touch you!"

Fred did the task, unhooking the ropes binding her and gently lowering her arms. She wasted no time grabbing fistfuls of George's taut backside and urging him deeper. Her head fell back as he hit that special spot inside her with every repeated thrust.

Not one to be left out, Fred wiggled his way between their bodies and took control of her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

Releasing her death grip on George's bum cheeks, Hermione twisted her hand under Fred's body and grasped his straining, and purple erection, prompting a hiss from him when she jerked her wrist.

"Come up here, Fred," she whispered, tugging him up onto his knees beside her.

It took some maneuvering, but she twisted her torso and drew his cock between her wet and eager lips.

"Oh fuck…!" he hissed, knotting his fingers into her hair and dragging her closer. "That's my good, little cocksucker."

Spurred on by the rumbling purr of satisfaction pouring from his gapping mouth, Hermione fancied up her motion, twisting her tongue around the thick shaft and bobbing her head while keeping a rhythmic grind against George's hips.

"Merlin, baby, you're fucking incredible!" George rasped, digging his long fingers into her hips.

"Is this what you fantasized when you watched us?" Fred prompted, pumping harder into her mouth. "Being fucked by both of us?"

Refusing to release him to speak, she nodded.

George groaned, reaching between their bodies to pinch and stroke her clit. The sweet torment had her body shuddering responsively, and a whimper escaped her throat, vibrating around the straining cock clasped between her greedy lips. Above her, Fred hissed. His fingers tightened almost painfully in her hair. But she could only think of the exploding release beckoning her just a few strokes away.

"Harder, George!" she pulled away long enough to pant.

"I think our girl needs something a bit more, don't you, George?" Fred growled, pulling away from Hermione's swollen and wet mouth.

George pulled away to grin at his brother. "I think you're right, Fred."

"What… what…?" her stammering was ignored as both boys pulled away.

They wasted no time pulling her upright onto her knees. Fred lounged back against the headboard, plumped comfortably with a mound of pillows. George took her arms and gently guided her back until she sat straddling his brother with her back to his chest and her hips up.

"This will only hurt for a second," Fred murmured, gently from behind her. His large, warm hands cradled her waist and held her steady as George reached under the bed for his pants and removing his wand from the pocket. He murmured a quick lubricating charm to his brother's erection before reaching between her legs and grasping the other man's hard, wet cock.

Hermione gasped at the unexpected sight. Neither seemed uncomfortable or apprehensive at the contact. Fred took this as cue to draw her downwards, while George held his cock steady. Together, they eased him into her anus. The uncomfortable stretching burned, but only for a moment before George made her forget by leaving his brother to continue the descent while he dropped his face to her parted thighs and flicked her clit with his tongue. The torn sensation of pleasure and pain had her crying out and thrashing all at once as ribbons of pure wonder enfolded throughout her.

"Merlin, you feel good," Fred growled into her ear, bringing her to realize she sat completely speared on his cock with her legs sprawled open wide in front of her and George lapping at her pussy eagerly. "Your turn, George."

With a final twist of his tongue around her clit, George rose to his knees moved towards her with his cock in hand. "You'll like this," he promised, pressing his erection into her soppy pussy and sinking deep inside her with a single thrust.

Hermione howled, head falling back as they stretched her and filled her to the point of madness. Behind her, Fred grasped her breasts in each hand and tweaked her nipples as George pistoned inside her in an uncontrolled rhythm left her torn and desperate. Fred took up the pace and joined the age-old dance.

"Harder?" George panted into her ear.

She nodded, digging her nails into his hips.

He grabbed the headboard on either side of his brother's head and pumped with everything he had in him until she was screaming and soaking them both with her release. Her clenching muscles dragged both boys under with her until they were cursing and joining her in the blissful after shock.

"Are you still angry with us?" Fred asked, once they'd let their bodies cool slightly and their heart rates dropped back to normal.

Cozy and comfortable between both men, Hermione sighed, contentedly and shook her head. "I think I can find it in my heart to forgive you both, this time."

"Such a thoughtful witch we have," George yawned, loudly, drawing her closer into his side.

"That is if she wants to be our witch," Fred said, nuzzling the back of her neck with his lips. "What do you say, love? Will you be ours?"

She nodded, sleepily. "I don't think I could ask for anything better."

"Not even if we told you we loved you?" George whispered, hesitantly.

A smile curved her lips. "I love you both, too."

The boys glanced over her head at each other, and smirked. They may not have won the challenge, but they'd won the girl, and that was what counted the most.

The end