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*There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother. ~Astrid Alauda*

July 3, 3018, Night

My Dearest Brother,

I cannot describe how grieved I am to be leaving you. I cannot hope for your forgiveness, I can only explain my reasons for this act.

You recall the dream that has been plaguing me (indeed, the same dream has even haunted you). As of late, another – one that is far grimmer in its meaning – has accompanied the dream. In my dream, I see a forest littered with the bodies of Orcs and Goblins. In the midst of the field, I see you my dear brother, you, ridden with arrows, the horn of Gondor broken at your feet.

I know this ghastly dream to be a vision of your future, your future should you leave for Rivendell. This is why I have left you my beloved brother, so that you may live. I know that if I go to Rivendell in your stead that you shall not receive this horrid fate. I go for nothing less than the sake of your life, a life I hold far dearer than my own. Stay in Gondor Boromir, stay and guard the White City from all foes. My foresight tells me that we should not let our defences grow weak. Sauron has a plan for us far darker than any we can yet imagine.

Forgive me my dearly loved brother,


PS. Do not tell Father of my dream, he shall only call it folly and send you anyway. Instead, tell him that you had the dream. He will believe you my brother, he always does. Please do me this small task, for I cannot bear the thought of you meeting such a terrible fate.

I held the hastily written letter in my clenched fist as I quietly made my way into my brother's room. I was certain that he would not awaken from any noise I might make, however caution is the better part of valour. I hated to leave my brother with so meagre an explanation but the terror of my dream gave me little choice. I would not leave my brother to such a fate – not while I yet draw breath. I sighed, forcing myself to realize what I am doing. Perhaps I will not survive this, but my love for my brother is stronger than my life. Surely, Father will not take it calmly if Boromir does meet his fate, such as my dream.

I gazed down at my brother's face when I entered the room. He always looked so peaceful in repose – this was the only time he truly looked at ease. Taking a breath, I forced my eyes away from him and cautiously walked up to the table next to his bed and with my hands shaking; I tried gently placing the letter down. With one last gaze at my sleeping brother, I left the room.

I head out for Rivendell tonight.