Hate to do this - I know it sucks.

Hello, everybody!

Remember me? ... the girl who posted once every other day, then once every other week, then once every other month then... well, you see where I'm going.

I am so sorry about the delay. I really, truly am.

Almost two months ago, I was informed that I'd been accepted at a university in England of all places, and also that I had to move within 2 weeks.

Tada! ... So here I am.

I upped and moved from Norway and started studying, among other subjects, Creative Writing in good old England.

I am a tad... well, VERY overwhelmed right now with school-work and trying to make friends, fit in and not get run over by their cars that stupidly drives on the wrong side of the road.

I promise you that this story is far from abandoned, and this also goes for my other stories. I just don't have the time to focus on it, no matter how much I would be delighted to.

I do hope you can all find the patience and bear with me while I try to catch up, and I will slowly but certainly plot out the rest of the story and write it down :)

My plan is, to finish the story completely before I start publishing new chapters - that way we can avoid this kind of situation re-occurring :)

I know the rules about posting chapters that aren't really chapters too, so I will delete this in three days and hope that is enough time for everyone to get the "update" :)

Once again - I am not abandoning anything, I am just very busy trying to make a name for myself :)

Love and hugs,