Early Return

*****This should take place after he bought the bed, but before the night he proposes. *****

**Edward's POV**

I'm at my family's home, wanting to be at Bella's side. Her father, Charlie, should be asleep shortly. She's my life and the love of my existence. I decide to write in my journal for a few minutes. Emmett is thinking of hunting this weekend… Maybe I'll join him. Alice has a vision… She sees the grizzly he'll catch and the cave where my favorite prey waits for me. I like the mountain lions. I grin as the vision continues to show me Bella asleep in my bed. I'll definitely join the hunt, so my love can have a sleep over here with my sisters and Esme. I hear Alice's happy thoughts as she starts planning. Should I warn Bella about the 'truth or dare' game Alice will talk her into? *You'd better not!!* She yells in her mind. I decide not to. It's time for me to go to my Bella. I jump through my window and into the trees. As I approach her home, I notice her light go off. I leap into the tree as my Bella's face appears in the window.

She opens it for me. "Hi."

"Hi…" I whisper as I kiss her sweet lips. Since my return from the several torturous months of self exile, the call of her blood hasn't been as bad as it used to be. I wrap my arms around her and she lays her head on my shoulder. I wish we could stay like this forever. I sweep her into my arms. Her heartbeat picks up. I grin and place her on the bed. I cover her with her old quilt and cuddle her. Without the quilt, she would freeze into a Bella popsicle. We lay like that til she falls asleep. I sigh. I love this time of night. Soon she'll start to sleeptalk. It's the only time I get to hear her thoughts, so I treasure it.

She moans… and then I hear her sweet voice whisper. "Edward… love…"

I smile. I love that she dreams of me. I remember telling her once that if I could dream it would be only of her. How true that is.

Again, she whispers. "Edward, I love you. Please…"

Please? My ears perk up. Does she want something? I would love nothing more than to give her a gift… but she says nothing more for a while. Hours go by. Every once in a while she says my name but nothing about me giving her anything. I'll ask her in the morning… Maybe she'll blush… I watch through the window as the dawn breaks. Charlie is leaving for the day. I hear him getting into his police cruiser. Only minutes later, my beloved has a beautiful smile on her face as she opens her eyes to find me here beside her. My arms still hold her close. She playfully kisses my throat. I kiss her forehead. Her lips brush my jaw and continue nibbling their way to my earlobe.

"Is Charlie gone?" She whispers, just in case. I nod as I shiver from the warmth of her touch and tickling sensation of her breath.

My curiosity distracts me, though. I have to ask. "Bella, love? How was your night? What did you dream?" I was right, she's blushing. I stroke her cheek.

"Why, what did I say?" She asks.

I grin, "You said my name a few times." I kiss her deeply. "You said you love me." I kiss her again. "Once you said 'Edward, I love you… Please…' I wondered, what would make you say 'please'. You said it like you knew I wouldn't give it to you…like you had to beg for it. Please, tell me?"

Her blush deepens as she lies to me. "I don't remember what dream that was…"

I sigh. I'll pretend I believe her. Maybe Alice can get it out of her… "Oh, well. Let's get you breakfast, then we can do anything you want…til noon."

Her breath hitches. "Why til noon?"

I know it hurts her every time I have to leave. It hurts me too. I try to keep her calm as I say, "I'm going hunting with Jazz and Emmett. You're going to call your dad and ask to sleep over with Alice, at my house. Don't forget to tell him I won't be there. Otherwise he'll say no."

She takes a deep breath and buries her face into my neck. It's only been a little while since I came back to her and her nightmares come back when I leave her side for too long.

Despite her efforts to hide it I feel the moisture on my neck. I close my eyes. "Shhhhhhh… It's alright. You'll have Alice and Rose and Esme for company. I'll only be away for two nights. It won't be so bad. I promise." I kiss her hair and stroke her back. I decide to call Alice and ask Jasper to drop by, but I hear a tap on the window. I look up and he's there. I look down at her. His wince tells me he knows what to do. She calms a bit. She looks into my eyes. *If I could cry… oh my poor Bella… For you I would.*

Her voice trembles as she says, "Your eyes are almost black… I'll try to be stronger. I know you need to hunt. Just come back as soon as you can… please?" I try not to crush her as I comfort her. It's so hard for me to leave her. I feel a calm wash over me. I glance out the window and mouth thanks.

My phone rings. I look at the ID. It's Alice, texting me. 'Bring her over… I'll help.'

I tell Bella to call her dad. She does and he says yes. By the time her call is over, I've already packed her a bag and thrown it into the car Jazz brought. I hold her hand as we walk out the door. "Jasper dropped by a few minutes ago…" I was unprepared for her answer.

She smirked up at me. "I know… I knew the calm I was feeling wasn't natural. I'm glad you dropped by Jasper. We really needed the help…And now we'd like a ride…if you don't mind."
He steps out of the woods. "No problem, Bella." *Man, I cannot believe this. She knew…Wow.*
I ride in the back seat with her. Alice is on the porch waiting for us. She sweeps my Bella away for some girl talk. Jasper puts a hand on my shoulder. I hear his thoughts, as always. "Its ok, Jazz. It's not all your fault. I should never have left her all alone… I'll make it up to her somehow." *Which reminds me…* I run at vampire speed to Alice's room.

*She's in the bathroom, you can come in, just be quiet.* My sister thinks to me. I open her door.

"Listen, Alice. During your little 'Truth or Dare' session later, could you do me a favor? Ask her some things for me? I can only assume she won't ask for a dare, but if she does go easy on her. She's still human…ok?"

She nods, thinking, *Just leave me a list of things to ask her.*

I cringe at the thought of what I have to do now. "Bella, my love, It's time for me to go." I say. She runs out of the bathroom and right into my arms.

**Alice's POV**

I watch my poor best friend as she says goodbye to Edward. Thank goodness this is only a two night excursion. I wonder though if the answers to the questions he wants me to ask will bring him home sooner… He meets my gaze and nods. He passes Bella over to me.

He goes to my desk and writes three little notes. On one, it says: give her this on the first night. On the next, it says: give her this on the second night if I'm not back. The third is his list of questions and a side note to me says: If she answers more than three of these call me immediately. I grin, as I read through the list… Naughty Edward wants the goods on my BFF. What will happen if she gives truthful answers to these?

He kisses Bella one last time then pecks my cheek, saying "Thanks for taking care of her for me, sis."

I wave from the window as the guys run into the woods. I turn to Bella. "Ok, Bells, time to start the fun!" I giggle as she looks at me funny. "Esme's making you a sandwich, so what do you say to a good old fashioned game of 'Tell Alice All of Your Secrets'?"

"I thought you were all knowing and all seeing, can't you see my secrets, psychic?" She smirks.

I guess I'll have to prompt her a little, "Come on… What fun is there in that? Now a bit of girl talk is just a reminder that Edward is coming back to you in just a few days. So... when you dream about him, what are you doing?"

She closes her eyes, "Alright… Sometimes we're in the meadow just lying in the grass, but other times it's… uhmmm more of an 'adult' outing…if you get my drift."

I raise my eyebrow at that one. *Bella has sexual fantasies about my brother? EEEWWW! No, if I think about it that way I'll never get through the list… Bella has sexual fantasies about her boyfriend. That's better…* "Really? I didn't know that you've gone that far."

She shakes her head, looking sad. "We haven't…"

*I see.* I wonder what would help her out with that… *Has she ever…?* "This may be going too personal but… When my man is away and I'm lonely, I …uhmmm, how to put this… pleasure myself… Have you ever…?"

She looks around and whispers, "Masturbated?" I nod and wait for the answer. "Uhmmm Hmm…"

*Well, that's something at least…on to his next question…* "Have you ever wanted anything, gift-wise? Maybe clothes or a piece of jewelry, a book even?" She just shakes her head. My questions get more feedback then his… "Ok, I'm just dying to know, when did the uhmmm masturbating start?" Her eyes roam the room but will not meet mine. "It was after we left; wasn't it?" I watch a tear roll down her face. She nods. "What has he said when you ask him to touch you? Anything to indicate his feelings on this? And does he know about the R rated fantasies?"

Her face gets an annoyed look on it. "He just says he won't take the risk of hurting me…but his constant rejection is hurting me more than he ever would."
*Ok, this is probably the info he's looking for. I notice she ignored my last question. I'll get back to that…I wonder if she'll tell me…* I hesitantly ask, "Bella, uhmmm I'm not going to pound the info out of you, but can you tell me if you dreamed the PG or R rated version last night?"

"R…" I see it dawn on her and she demands, "Oh, God! Edward asked you to ask me this stuff didn't he? He wants to know about my dreams… No. He wants to know what I was begging him for in my dream last night…"

I place my hands on her arms, "Bella, this is important, does Edward know about the fantasies? Does he know about the… self-exploration you did while he was away?" She just grabs a pillow and hides her face. "I'll take that as a 'no'. He tells me a lot lately that his lust for your blood has lessened… and that his feelings for and attraction to you have intensified. I have a plan. We'll let him hunt tonight, but I'll call him to come home early. And we let him walk in on you. You'll be in bed…"

**Edward's POV**

I've just drained my second mountain lion… We've been out hunting for almost a full day and a half… my phone rings. I pick it up. "Alice? Did she talk to you? Did she answer my…err…our questions?"

I hear her say, "Yes, brother dear, I have some answers for you… come home soon. Listen, we stayed up all night talking and stuff so she'll be asleep when you get here, but that'll give us time to talk… See you soon."

I breathe a sigh of relief. I just knew Alice would be able to help me in this instance. I'll just text the guys that I want to get back to Bella and I'm going now. I hit 'send' and take off running. In just under 2 hours, I'm standing in front of my family's house. Alice is waiting by the door… I listen for my sister's thoughts and my Bella's heartbeat. Alice is hiding something. Bella's heart sounds wonderful. It's beating … slightly faster than when I left. "Is she upset? Why's her heartrate up?"

She thinks about when she left Bella to go to bed… about half an hour ago… Hmmm, I'll go check on her in a minute… First, my answers… "So, my answers…?"

She let's me see Bella answer the first question. "… bit of girl talk is just a reminder that Edward is coming back to you in just a few days. So when you dream about him, what are you doing?"

Her eyes close, "Alright… Sometimes we're in the meadow just lying in the grass, but other times it's… uhmmm more of an 'adult' outing…if you get my drift."

*Adult?* I smile. *My Bella fantasizes about… me…us…* Oh. My body is feeling strange. I'm getting aroused. "Ok, next…"

She let's me see. "Have you ever wanted anything, gift-wise? Maybe clothes or a piece of jewelry, a book even?" She just shakes her head.

Alice meets my gaze. "Edward, she needs you… your love and not just your emotional and physical support. I think she needs… never mind. Just go to her… She's really missed you." I nod and take the stairs at vampire speed.

I open the door to my room as I hear Esme Alice and Rose; all saying they want to meet up with their men. Whatever, I'm here for Bella now. I step into the room and hear her heart start to speed up a bit more. Her eyes are closed. I look for her hand. Maybe I'll just hold her hand while she sleeps. Hmmm… both hands are hidden. I hear a moan. It's too early for the sleeptalking. She tosses a little. The sheet moves, revealing one lush breast. I stop breathing as my eyes take in the sight of Bella's left hand rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She moans again. I've never seen her do this. She's… pleasuring herselfHoly Cow… She's pleasuring herself in my bed! I step backwards through the door and close it. I pull my phone from my pocket and speed-dial Alice.

She doesn't say hello, just gets straight to the point. "Yes, I sent you up there knowing she wasn't sleeping. I'm at the edge of your awareness. I'll step back in and you can hear the whole conversation… but only if you promise to take my recommendation to heart."

"I will." I say calmly.

She continues. "Ok, I'm back in so listen up." I take in the remainder of their 'girl talk' session.

I breathe. "Wow… Your advice?"

Alice decisively says, "Touch her! She has a need and a want… but they add up to YOU…and your love both emotional and physical… I know you want her to stay pure til the wedding but if you handle this detail properly… SHE WILL. Now get into that room, dummy!" She hangs up on me.
What did Alice mean by that…? Wait...! I think I came across my answer in one of Emmett's old porn tapes… I open the door and slip into my room. By now, her body is only covered halfway. She's touching both of her succulent breasts. If this is the only thing she really wants from me… I will give her as much as I can without compromising my beliefs… I don't want to disturb her so I undress, down to my boxer-briefs, in silence. Finally, confirmation of Alice's claim. Bella moans my name and starts to move her right hand lower. The sight of my beautiful Bella pleasuring herself in MY bed is turning my brain to mush. Her eyes are closed so I know she's still pretending I'm here… *Its time to tell her she doesn't have to pretend anymore.* I step forward as she moans again this time begging me to touch her. I place my fingers on the abandoned breast. Her eyes fly open. A deep blush spreads across her face and then her whole body. "I'm so sorry… I didn't realize you needed this kind of reassurance from me. I love you. I want to fulfill your needs and wants. Will you allow me to?"

She stops moving. "But, I thought you were afraid of hurting me? I don't understand."

"Bella, love…I can, uhmmm, pleasure you… without hurting you…but only if we don't go all the way." I start to show her… My fingers imitate her earlier motions.

She moans. "Oh… Edward!" I lay next to her, my hands take over for hers. I feel the urge to kiss her breast. My lips touch her soft skin. She arches her back, thrusting her pebbled nipple into my mouth. Unthinking I lick it… Her voice cries out. I repeat my actions for the other breast and get a similar reaction. I want her to get the full service treatment tonight. I have only just begun. I stroke her to calm her and ask if she's alright. She has a lovely light in her eyes.

"Don't be mad at Alice. She's a good friend to you and a good sister. She loves us both so much; she just wants us happy. From now on, I'm going to participate in some of your fantasies. Let's take care of this one first though …" My lips touch hers and I see fireworks. I let my tongue slip into her mouth and she answers with passion. Her hands stroke my chest as I deepen the kiss. She takes the lead, and seeing as I wasn't the one with experience in what pleases her, I follow her. She asks me to put my mouth on her breast again. As I do, she brings my free hand to her other breast. I lick and suckle at her heaving breasts until she leads my hand to the patch of brown curls at her pelvis.

She meets my loving stare and whispers, just as she did in her sleeptalking last night, "Edward, I love you… Please…" but this time she continues her thought… "Touch me, Edward?" I don't answer. I just keep her chocolate eyes locked on mine and slip a finger into her. I feel her tightness around my finger…her warmth… I start to move my finger a bit. She sucks in a breath …I think I found something… I touch the little nub again…She groans… I bring my mouth to meet hers and continue to finger her wet folds of skin. She's panting. "Oh… my… Edward! More please, Edward." I have wonder in my eyes as I slip another finger into her tight opening. I move them in and out a few times. She moans for me again. I have another urge…

Should I ask or should I just… I whisper in her ear. "I want to see what I'm touching, love." Her eyes widen, but she just nods. I lick her earlobe before moving to the foot of the bed. I spread her legs. I watch her face as my fingers enter her. Her eyes roll back but then they focus on me again. I lift her hips and bring her almost to the edge of the bed. "Wow, Bella… you're so wet." She bites her lip. I kiss her tummy… My tongue swirls into and around her bellybutton. I kiss just above my still moving fingers. "Bella, may I…taste you?" Her eyes widen more than I thought possible. Her breathing gets even choppier. I echo her earlier plea. "Bella, I love you. Please…" She stares at my face as she nods silently. I slowly get closer to the apex of her legs. I lick the wet lips first. She whimpers. I get a little deeper with my next lick.

Her voice cries out. "Oh god, Edward!"

"Are you ok, love? Do you want me to stop?" I have a feeling the answer to that is no, but I still should ask.

She looks into my eyes. "Please, no, Edward! Please don't stop! I couldn't handle it if you stopped now.

Now that I know she's enjoying this, I get the urge to tease her a bit. "Ok, so what should I keep doing?" I lick her breast again.

She moans, then she whines, "Lower, Edward, please?" I kiss her tummy again, just to hear her say, "Please, Edward, lower…?" I move my fingers in her again.

I whisper to her. "Say it… out loud… Tell me what you need. Tell me what you want?"

"Oh, god… Edward… Please I need to… I want your mouth on me. Bring me to heaven… Edward!" My Bella's hormones are in overdrive. I slowly touch my tongue to her lower lips. They're dripping wet. My fingers stop moving in her. I use them to hold her open. I lick her glistening lips one at a time. I see the nub I touched before… Just a brush of my finger had her crying out in pleasure… I wonder what my tongue would do. I lick it, and then look up at her. She looks like a blissful angel. I thrust my tongue into her. Her hips rise to meet me. Her aroma is intoxicating! The taste of her arousal is driving me mad. I concentrate on her nub. I lick and lick… finally I use my lips to hold it and I suckle it. Her cry is music to my ears. I close my teeth and rub them against the nub. She grinds her hips to get closer to me. I lick her again. I want her in my arms when she hits the highest note. I kiss her mouth and slip my fingers back into her. In and out a few more times and she grips me tightly to her, pulling my lips to her mouth, I feel the walls of her tighten as well. I had pleasured my love… my Bella. She wraps my arm around her as I take my fingers out of her body. I look for a tissue or something to clean them. She meets my eyes and takes my wrist and licks my fingers clean… one by one. "Thank you, Edward, thank you so much. I… How much did Alice show you of that conversation, Edward?"

I cover us with the blanket before I answer. "She showed me everything. I know about the fantasies and when this… self exploration began. I'm sorry you felt the need to hide it. I'm sorry I wouldn't let you explain. I promise you I will love you like this more often. Just ask. I'll get the family to give me the house for a night and I'll pleasure you. How long is Charlie going to be fishing next weekend?"

Bella starts to shake her head. "I don't want this to be all about me… What about you? You're… I mean… I guess from the pictures I found on the internet that this…" She runs her fingers over the evidence of my arousal, making me moan. "means that you're pretty uncomfortable… Can't I pleasure you too? Please Edward?"

My phone vibrates on my nightstand. It's a text from Alice. 'Say yes, idiot.'

"Yes, Bella, of course you can." I whisper as I lay back. She runs her hands over my chest…down past my bellybutton and she slips her finger into the waistband of my boxer-briefs. She tries to pull them off…I have to lift my hips to help her. She stares for a moment. I watch her lick her lips as she lowers herself to my manhood. I feel her breath on me… Her lips kiss the base of it, and then continue up the length of me. Her hand lifts my shaft so that her mouth can engulf me. It's almost enough to undo me. From her reaction before, I know she wants to pleasure me. If I finish now, she probably won't feel like that happened. I stroke her hair as I feel her feast on my body. Already, I can't wait to fondle her beautiful breasts again. She starts to lick me… and then, all at once her tongue wraps around the very tip of her own personal lollipop. My eyes roll back into my head and I groan for her to hear.

I'm paralyzed as I watch her lift from her position to whisper in my ear. "Edward, I love you. Please…" I wait to hear what she wants… "Cum for me?"

My eyes bug out of my head; I stare at her as she lowers her mouth over me again. Where did that word come from? Is this what my Bella has become? If it was possible, my manhood just got harder. I will do as she asked… I have no choice. Her wish is now my command. She suckles me for a moment longer and I groan to warn her, "Bella… Love! Oh, god. I can't stop it. I can't resist… you. I'm …Ahhh…!" I release into her waiting mouth. She deliberately looks at me as she swallows one last time before she brings her lips to mine. I hold her body tightly to my own. The emotions and thoughts rolling through my head would give Jasper a… Well, I'll just tell Alice to keep him out of the house. I look at my love's face. She looks so sleepy… I whisper to her. "Sleep, my sweet Bella. I'll hold you all night. And we will share the pleasurable exploration of each other again soon…