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Chapter 18

Peter started to feel nervous again. Bella was almost refusing to take this seriously. He could feel it. This wouldn't turn out well if Jasper didn't talk some sense into them.

Jasper caught his eye and Peter immediately knew that he had felt his worry. "Hey Pete. Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Peter knew what this was about. "Sure. Run?"

Jasper nodded, quickly coming to stand next to him before turning back to the girl. "You should pack a few things, not that you really need them, but fights can be a bit - well violent. And you are more durable than some of your – say accessories." Wow, this was not coming out how he wanted to at all, but he didn't want to have to think of his sister naked and he didn't want anyone else to think of Bella that way.

Emmett laughed. "Basically bring extra clothes. They might get torn right off you and he doesn't want you to have to run around naked."

Jasper rolled his eyes. The phrase out of the mouths of babes came to mind, but Emmett was neither a child nor did he have the mind of one. Still, his moments of insight tended to be jarring. It was easy to forget he had a brain.

Jasper didn't wait to hear any of the responses. It was sensible advice and the girls would follow it. They didn't want to run around without any clothes more than he wanted them to. Just out of hearing distance he slowed and turned to Peter. "What has you so worried?"

Peter closed his eyes and rocked back on his heels slightly. "Ya know an animal trapped 'n a corner. Bella's that."

"Desperate? Yeah I know that. She's also completely unprepared. She doesn't know how vampires fight. Hell, she hasn't even seen it! And I would say at least Rose will be going with her, but Rose's only killed humans. She's never been around this either, but we sure as hell can't demand to go with her. If I do that I know she'll never be mine."

"Hmmm." Peter knew that was true. Jasper and Bella were both stubborn, but he knew when push came to shove Jasper would let Bella do whatever she felt she needed to do. But this. This wasn't safe. They both knew that. Hell, Charlotte even knew that, but she was siding with the girls. "And th' newborns."

Jasper straightened up immediately. "Newborns?"

It was one of the moments where he couldn't explain it, but he didn't doubt it. "I've heard rumors. An' I know they're hers."

Jasper nodded tightly. He didn't doubt Peter. Not for a moment. "I guess she has her newborn strength, too. But she'll be fighting against God knows how many other newborns! And who knows how Victoria's been treating them. This is fucking impossible!"

"Not tha' many, Jas. Five maybe ten." For once in his life he wasn't going to doubt. His intuition led him to Bella that night. And now he'd hope it would save her.

Jasper's face scrunched momentarily in confusion. "Why so few?"

"Lil' protection more like fam'ly. But still too much for Bella an' Rose." Peter shook his head. They were in between a rock and a hard place. And he didn't like it. Life was supposed to be easy after escaping Maria, but no. How many evil bitches could there possibly be in the world? And did he really have to deal with each and every one of them?

Jasper nodded. "Yeah. Especially since they don't even know what they're doing. Practically bringing a knife to a gunfight."

The statement couldn't be truer. Peter racked his brain for an option. He was normally good at this. He could always make something out of nothing, but this time it was more complicated. If Jasper hadn't been worried about how Bella would react he would just demand that they go. But he wanted Jasper and Bella to work out. He liked the idea of them together. Anyone but Alice would be good, but Jasper and Bella…that was something he could really support. Something he knew would work. Plus, he liked to keep things in the family. Strictly in the non-perverted non-incestuous meaning.

They were both silent when they heard quick heavy steps approaching. Peter started to bend down slightly in a defensive manner, but Jasper raised his hand to stop him. "Just Emmett."

Emmett came skidding to a stop in front of them wide eyed and panicked. "They left."

"What do you mean they left? I told them they needed a plan and to just pack a bag. Packing a bag wasn't the fucking plan!" Jasper was completely out of his element.

"Charlotte was talking with them and they started talking about where they thought Victoria was. And then I don't know. There was laughter. Someone said something about sneak attack from the border and boom they were gone. All three of them." Emmett seemed lost. "I don't speak woman so I was tuning them out, but I think they came up with a plan."

"Shit." Peter mumbled to himself. Charlotte was the worst with act first think later. This would end up worse with her there.

Emmett just stared at the two of them. "What are we waiting for? We have to follow them?"

"We can't! Bella would kill us if she found out." Jasper huffed in frustration. He wanted to go after them. That was the very first thing he wanted to do.

"Then we don't let them find out unless they need us. And I think they will." Emmett was exasperated. How didn't they understand this? Rose always told him no when she wanted to be headstrong and do something herself, but he went anyway. Half the time she didn't find out. The other half of the time if she needed him she wasn't mad when he showed up. Win-win situation.

Peter's eyes snapped open. It would work. There was no way they could get in trouble. "Em, you'ra genius. Let's go."