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Chapter 8

"What the fuck." That was all Peter's superior mind could come up with as he stared at his best friend or possibly from this moment forward his ex-best friend. This was the man that he had gone through hell and back with. Fuck, hell and back twice. If he thought he knew anyone in the world it would be Jasper. He had never thought that his best friend would do something like that. Something like try to kill his brother's girlfriend. Hell, kill Bella in general.

"I think that was everyone's sentiments at the time." Her voice jarred Peter from his thoughts as he looked over to the doorway. Her face was hard as she made her way into the room.

Jasper turned to look at her, snarling slightly, "You knew what you signed on for."

Bella laughed mirthfully, her hair cascading down her back as she threw her head back, "Signed on for? I signed on for love and happiness. I most certainly did not sign on for being eaten or thrown into a damn set of plates. I knew what I signed on for? I was seventeen for fucks sake! I had no idea! I thought I was in love and that was all that mattered to me. Lord, did I find out how small and insignificant that part of my life was. How absolutely stupid I was. How that little piece of so called happiness didn't even dent anything else that I had. Jasper, trust me when I say that I had no idea what I had signed up for and of all the things Edward told me what happened wasn't even close to the list. Couldn't even come close. Love and happiness wasn't worth a second of it."

Bella took a seat next to Charlotte and Peter, looking at neither of them. She had trained her gaze to the spot directly between Emmett and Jasper. It was like she couldn't decide who she was upset with more and Peter couldn't quite figure out why.

"What happened to you? I'm sorry about everything, Bells. I'll fix it. I promise." Peter could hear the quiver in Emmett's voice and could see the affection that his gaze held. He knew there was a reason he always liked Emmett. He cared. Cared about everything he did and said and never meant harm on anyone. It was rather amazing when you took into account his size, but as cheesy as it sounded the guy obviously had a heart to match. Peter shudder slightly; that was a disturbing thought to think about another guy. Maybe Charlotte was right, he was turning into Barney.

"Fix it? Do you know a vampire that can turn the time back to a time before I met you? If you don't then I don't think you can help me. I don't have anything left so there's nothing to fix. Or can't you understand that in your infinite vampire wisdom that I don't want or need your help. Or maybe you just can't understand that life isn't peachy keen and fixed with I'm sorry. You know someone once told me that if I'm sorry fixed anything then we wouldn't need the police. You know, just a few years ago I wouldn't have believed that to be true…naive isn't it?" Her gaze was fierce as she stared directly into Emmett's eyes. It was disconcerting to say the least.

"Bell-" Peter could tell his wife was going to try to calm down Bella and he wasn't sure if that was a good idea. Although, his ideas didn't seem to be that good to him lately. Yeah, bringing Jasper there was fucking smart. One for Murphy and his irony, zero for Peter.

"You still have us, Bells. You don't have nothing. Carlisle and Esme would take you in with open arms. I would take care of you. We could all be happy again. You just have to stop all this craziness." Emmett was simple at best and it exasperated Peter to no end. How the man functioned was beyond him. That must be why he was with Rosalie, at least she knew what was going on in the world around her.

"Oh? Just waltz back into a house full of vampires to get snacked on?"


Jasper's gaze was locked on Bella and it was starting to bother Peter. If he went to try and take a bite out of her his head would be off faster than lightening. Peter wasn't playing around when it came to family and Bella had moved right into that spot. And Jasper…well he got booted right out of it when he found out that his friend had tried to take a bite out of Bella.

"I'm not going to fucking eat her, Peter. Don't pull that crap with me. It was a fucking mistake." Jasper's voice was harsh as he turned his gaze on his friend.

"Mistake. Mistake? I'd say tha' was an understatement." Charlotte laughed hollowly narrowing her eyes at Jasper.

"I hadn't fed in three damn days, Char. It wasn't like I meant to. She was bleeding in front of me and I was hungry. And it hit me. Hit me harder than anything had hit me before in my life." He shook his head slightly as if he was at a complete loss about the entire situation.

Peter's intuition flared. Something didn't sit right, like there was more to that story than anyone was sharing or maybe even knew, "Alice didn't make sure you fed. Hell, you didn't make sure?"

Jasper shook his head, "Alice fucking said nothing would happen. And I was testing myself. I had been doing better. I had actually gone up to a week before. This was nowhere near as long as I've gone before."

Bella shook her head in disgust, "It doesn't matter. I want you to go. Both of you. Get out of my sight. Go! I don't want your fucking family!"

"We aren't leaving. And whatever the hell you're doing needs to stop. I can't feel you." Jasper's voice was firm and their eyes locked trying to fight for dominance.

Bella rolled her eyes to meet his and her face went blank, "You can't. Wow…how the mighty have fallen. If you won't leave I'm not going to do anything about it. It guess it doesn't matter in the long run anyway." She sat down heavily on the sofa as if the last five minutes exhausted her more than anything else.

And Peter wasn't surprised. Not getting the nutrients that she needed must have been exhausting. And it was really worrying him. She really didn't have much longer if they didn't do anything and changing her didn't seem like it was going to happen with Jasper and Emmett there. Although, the big guy might be easier to win over than Jasper. The man had been headstrong since birth.

"Bells. What happened? Why are you like this?" Emmett asked. He sounded as tired as Bella looked. He was beside himself with worry and Peter could almost feel it as if it pooled out of the man and filled the room.

"Nothing. Everything. Does it matter? I won't be like this for much longer. I promise you that." There wasn't a question in anyone's minds of what she meant by that. And Peter almost thought that she was right. With Jasper not being able to feel her and the two Cullens being there they couldn't convince her to eat and he and Charlotte couldn't just bite her and pretend they had fallen on her and their teeth just sunk in. No. They were screwed and not just screwed. They were royally screwed.