So, I am taking part in something called "WitFit" offered by the Fictionista workshop to try and urge me along against the writer's block I have been experiencing lately. And this was the little blurb I came out with today.

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In the meantime, I am still working on Don't Ever Forget and Late Night Encounters, along with outtakes and one-shots for my awesome bidders in the Fandom Gives Back auction, Milalencar, icrodriguez, tawelephant, shellsbells6661, Nikki. You all simply astounded me, and I promise to get your requests out as soon as possible. Hopefully this tool will help get me back on track. :)

So here it is, please remember that it is just a blurb, the first thing that flowed from my fingers with the word prompt. Would love to have done more with it, but there's always the future, right? ;)

Penname: kyla713

Prompt: Lucky Break

Rating: T (*gasp*)
Genre: Love/Angst
Creative Original or Derivative (Fanfiction): Derivative
Warning(s): None….. besides the incomplete nature of it :) Subject to change.
Disclaimer: All copyright, trademarked items, or recognizable characters, plots, etc. mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without their express written authorization.

Hurrying home from work tonight, I was excited to share my incredible news with my husband. Finally, I was breaking into the big leagues of a field reporter, getting my first location assignment. As I pulled into our driveway, I could not suppress the smile on my face.

"Honey?" I called out as I stepped inside the door, hanging my coat on the rack.

"In here," I heard his smooth, deep voice resonating down the hall.

Leaning against the door frame of our kitchen, I couldn't help but marvel at how perfect my life was at that very moment. I was happily married to the most amazing man in the world; the fact that he was a sight to behold was just the icing on the cake. I had a beautiful home, a job I loved…

And a husband who cooked me dinner every single night, since I was hopeless in the kitchen.

"Hey there, handsome," I whispered, walking up behind him and sliding my arms around his waist, my body pressing firmly against his back.

Only one thing was still missing from our perfect little equation. And now…

"Mmm. Happy Anniversary, baby," his soft voice crooned and my eyes shot open as he turned around, taking me into his arms.

Shit! Was that today?

Had I really been so caught up in everything that was going on at work that I had forgotten my own wedding anniversary? Glancing over his shoulder as he held me and kissed my neck, I spotted the calendar on the wall and then buried my face into his shirt in embarrassment.

Tuesday. January 13th.

I was probably the only woman in the world whose husband not only cooked and cleaned on top of working a full-time job, but also remembered their wedding anniversary when she didn't.

What a wife I'd turned out to be.

"Happy Anniversary," I replied, kissing his cheek and pulling away with an uneasy smile.

"Your present is on the mantle," he said, kissing my forehead and turning back to the stove.

I narrowed my eyes at him as I began to back away. "You're always insistent on breaking the rules. Every year."

He only responded by smirking at me devilishly and wiggling his eyebrows as he popped a carrot slice into his mouth.

Walking into the living room, I spotted a blue envelope propped up against our wedding picture on the mantle. I reached for it and pulled it down, sliding the card out from inside, and smiling at the picture of a snow covered cabin. Opening it, the tears began prickling my eyes as I read my husband's words.

The last five years that I have spent with the most amazing woman in the world have been the best five years of my life. Thank you for loving me through it all. I love you.

Happy Anniversary,


I bit my lip to stop the quivering and pulled the rest of the contents out of the envelop.

Two plane tickets and reservations for a weeks stay at Killington Ski Resort in Vermont, with a post-it note on the front that read, 'Let's go back to where it all began.'

I ran my hand through my hair, restraining myself from cursing aloud. What was supposed to be a lucky break in my career was going to break my husband's heart.

"Edward, how long until dinner?" I called out to him from the living room.

"About twenty minutes or so, why?" he replied curiously, entering the room and wiping his hands on a towel.

"I'll be back. I'm just gonna run out for some wine," I said quickly, kissing his cheek briskly and hurrying out the door, keys in hand.

Though he appeared confused, he never said a word or at least, I never heard him. My mind was racing.


Five years ago this past December, I had treated myself to a vacation to go skiing and relax after completing some of the most difficult final exams I had encountered in all my years in college. My brain was fried and on an impulse, I purchased a reservation at a condo at the Killington resort, clear on the other side of the country, far from home and all my worries.

Never had I expected my impulse to be fate working its hand.

Upon checking in, I spotted a devastatingly handsome man sitting in one of the lobby chairs, one leg propped on an ottoman with his head rested back. His arm draped over his eyes and his angular jaw appeared tight.

Well, someone isn't enjoying their vacation, I thought to myself, casting one last look at him before taking the key to my condo.

When I returned an hour later after unpacking, I saw the man in the same spot, in the same position, this time accompanied by a woman talking animatedly in the chair beside him.

I made my way past them, leaving to grab something to eat and when I returned… he was still there.

It was starting to get dark out and the lobby was nearly empty. Looking around briefly, I decided it was too late to hit the slopes and approached him instead.

"You know, all the fun stuff is out there, right?" I said, pointing out the window.

When I turned to face him again, I was met with a brilliant green gaze piercing mine with a furrowed brow.

"Excuse me?" he responded in a slightly curt tone.

I was taken aback slightly at the abruptness of his voice, the sternness of his eyes. "Sorry, you looked kinda bummed out. Not exactly the picture of enjoyment here. I mean, aren't you supposed to be on vacation?"

His eyes widened slightly in astonishment, and then a hint of a smile began to break through. "Yea well, wasn't my idea and," he paused, pointing down toward his ankle. "Twisting it on the slopes kinda puts a damper on things."

"Why isn't your girlfriend here keeping you company?" I asked, taking a bite out of a croissant from my bag.

"Who?" he asked, his eyes widening as he looked up at me.

"That woman who was here with you a little while ago. Just assumed she was your girlfriend."

Because what gorgeous man, who could only be described as sex on legs, would be sitting in a ski resort, alone and single.

"Oh, no uh… that was my… sister," he replied, licking his lips as he laughed softly. "You do know what they say about 'assuming'."

I rolled my eyes with a sigh. "Yea, very funny."

Turning to walk away, I heard his voice gently call out from behind me.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I was just kidding. Would you like to join me here? Finish your extremely healthy dinner," he said, gesturing toward the croissant in my hand. "It's kinda late, and I wouldn't mind a bit of company, if you're willing."

All it took was one more look at him, and I was hopelessly gone. We hardly left each other's sides that entire weekend, and we were married not even a month later.

Which brought me to standing here in the card aisle of Walmart, searching for an appropriate card for the man who had given me everything over the past five years. And yet, I felt I'd given him so little in return.

And this was just one more example of that.

He was still waiting in the kitchen when I walked back into the house, dinner sitting on the table already. Setting the bottle of wine on the table, I sighed as I handed him the card I'd signed in the driveway.

"I'm sorry, Edward. Something big happened at work today, and I completely forgot," I said mournfully as he pulled out the card, his eyes shooting back to mine as I voiced the words written inside. "I can't go."

*runs and ducks for cover* I do plan on finishing this, possibly as just a one-shot at some point. But that's the backbone. :) And that is me just rolling with the writing, no beta, not thought, nothing… Aren't we all grateful for betas???