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It was the jingle bells he found tied to his shoe laces. The way his shampoo and shaving cream suddenly smelled like peppermint.

After almost skewering his behind on a pair of distinctly sharp plastic reindeer antlers, Sam swiped the toy off the passenger seat and glared at his brother.

"Dude, you can cut it out. I get it-It's December. So what?"

"Sounds like somebody woke up on the Scrooge-ish side this morning."

"You made me smell like a candy cane. Spill already." Dean grinned despite his brother's grumpy attitude, and gave a casual shrug.

"I dunno. It's just, this could be the best Christmas we've had in a while. I'm not headed downstairs, you're not sneaking off to drink blood- sounds like reasons to celebrate to me."

"You want to make merry with the world falling down around our ears?"

"Why not? We've even got our own angel-though he's not exactly tree topper material."

"Bobby's in a wheelchair."

"Big jolly guy with a beard! Ok…maybe not so jolly…don't tell him I said that…"

Sam huffed, and rolled his eyes.

"There was a 8.2 earthquake yesterday in Indonesia. Five floods, two tornadoes and a forest fire and that's just the west coast this week." He listed morosely. "And lets not forget, the most powerful of all fallen angels and creator of demons wants to take me over and walk around in my skin. The Apocalypse takes precedence over festivities don't you think? We've had a lot of crappy holidays - why should this one be any different?"

The frustration in his brother's voice made Dean blink, idly tapping the steering wheel and looking down at his lap.

"Because maybe I want it to be," Dean murmured under his breath, though not quietly enough for Sam to miss what he was saying. Sam turned in his seat, detecting the atmosphere in the car shift as Dean's tone became more defensive.

"Maybe I just want a holiday that doesn't suck, ok? I mean, its not like we do Easter, your birthday's shot to hell and November's been screwed up forever..." He swallowed hard, trailing off.

'And it just got worse' Sam mentally finished for him, wincing at the fresh, bitter memory. The 11th month of the year was deadly for women they cared about.

"I know we can't forget about the Big Bad out there and that it's our fault for unleashing it or pretend everything's peachy keen. I just needed to lighten things up. Just for a little bit. Can you let me do that?" The younger Winchester bit his lip, embarrassed to have taken the wind out of his brother's sails. Taking their minds off of Doomsday might not be such a bad thing.

"We can do that." He answered softly.

It was in the Bing Crosby tape Dean found shoved in the player after a gas station pit stop a hundred miles farther down the road. In the way Dean allowed it to play both sides before the tape met its end on highway 53.

In how they both mangled the words to White Christmas, but laughed anyway.

In all these little ways, it was clear: Christmas had come to the Winchesters