Juliet o'Hara looked up from her stack of paperwork as Buzz approached her desk with a package balance among another stack of reports .

"Hey Buzz."

"Hey, there's a package for you."

Lassiter looked over from his desk as Buzz handed the brown paper package over to his partner.


"Yes." Juliet knew he wanted to know right away if it was a potential threat especially if it was ticking.

"Are you going to open the package?"

Julie smiled and tossed it to him.

"Have a look for yourself."

Carlton Lassiter looked at the package and carefully looked it over. Two things were noticeable. A note attached below the address for the SBPD and Juliet's name.


The second thing was a pineapple stamp right after the note was finished.

Carlton groaned and tossed the package back at Juliet.

"Have fun guessing."

Juliet smiled and placed the package on her desk. For the rest of the day her reports went unnoticed.

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