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Spoilers for an An Evening with Mr. Yang

yeah its day 25!

Juliet looked at her watch and opened the door.

"Jules, Can I interest you in a necco wafer?" Shawn stood at her front door. He was wearing a Santa hat and a trim Santa suit. Shawn would never stuff a pillow up his shirt to be a fat Santa. He had to be the really skinny one. In one hand he held a sack that he pulled a sleeve of necco wafers out of. The only thing Juliet could focus on though, was his crooked little smile.

She leaned against the door, waving the handful of necco wafers she already had in her one hand. "Shawn, I thought Lassiter was Santa. This could be a potentially awkward situation if you think about it."

"I made a slight switch. I don't think he would mind and he hates children anyway." Shawn then changed his voice to his Juliet voice. "Santa I thought you arrived at my house through a chimney."

Juliet grinned as he reverted back to his own voice. "I heard Chimneys and him weren't getting along this year. " He smiled. "I knew you were going to open it early."

"And what If I didn't?"

"I knew you would, I'm a psychic and Santa and well he's always watching."

Jules was about to remark, but Shawn held up his free hand.

"Jules, can you just not talk for a few seconds?"

Juliet nodded though still trying to follow what Shawn would pull next.

"I am, uh, clearly not as good with words as you are… I'm more awesome with words you know." Juliet giggled a little bit. Shawn was saying her little speech, but adlibbing his own lines to it.

"And I know that things between us have been a little complicated, and that there have probably been some mixed signals, mostly from you, with regards to the time that we spend together outside of the line of duty. For me it's sweet, but look Jules…"

Shawn smiled again as he caught his breath. He seemed slightly nervous as Juliet took a look up and down the street. It was Midnight and officially Christmas. No one was out watching this, but he was still nervous. Shawn Spencer was never nervous. The nerves were all for Juliet O'Hara because he was telling her the god honest truth. "Let me finish stumbling through this. I'm almost done I promise."

Juliet nodded. She knew what part came next. The part she had trouble working the courage to get up. She, a detective had no trouble pulling a gun, but telling someone how she felt. Now that was a problem. "What I'm saying is that I think, maybe, the best things, the richest things, aren't supposed to come easily and that sometimes the moments that make the most sense happen when everything else doesn't, and, well…I think you deserve more than gingerbread tonight. So why don't you let me take you to dinner?"

Shawn moved closer to her and handed her the necco wafers. She took them from his hand and added them to her pile. "Shawn, It's Christmas Day? I didn't even have breakfast yet."

Shawn smiled and corrected his last remark, "Can I take you to breakfast then?"

"Shawn. Ssh." It was her turn to give him, his real Christmas gift. She took a deep breath and gave him a kiss. She had wanted to do that for so long and this Christmas just made it seem so right.

When she pulled away from him, he was smiling even bigger this time." I think my timing is much better than yours."

She smiled back at him. "It certainly was."

Well did you like? Did you go all warm and fuzzy? I hope you enjoyed it and put a nice conclusion to the winter holidays!