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I can't really call this a companion story for the simple fact that the events do not parallel the events of Aftermath so this is more just a side story focusing on the one couple whose history might be a bit more… Uncertain perhaps? I also wanted an excuse to write some of these things that have been buzzing about in my head and will fit perfectly well in the Aftermath Universe(and if you haven't read Aftermath it might make the later parts of this side story difficult to understand). If any other story ends up being like this one (from the Aftermath Universe) it will just be marked Universe A.

There are, by the way, three parts to this (It might end up being around 4-5 chapters), the prologue to their friendship, what it used to be and where it is after the events of Aftermath.--shrugs-- anyway, on to the story.



November ninth, Berlin, Germany, 1989. The East was reunited with the West, family members, friends, lovers, mere acquaintances, all cheering to see one another. Alfred and Matthew stood side-by-side, watching the ecstatic Germans celebrate. To America it was a somewhat bittersweet thing, the humans were free from that red bastard, but Germany was well on his way to reunification. Matthew shoved aside the negatives and took this day to be a happy one.

The two caught sight of Germany suddenly. He seemed frantic as he tore through the crowds of humans, occasionally forgetting his strength when shoving them aside. Alfred and Matthew looked to one another then, confused as to his behavior.

Raising a hand and waving it Alfred shouted, "Hey! Ludwig! What's th'matter?!" The German stopped in his tracks, his head whipping around for the voice that had called him. Once his eyes locked with America's he frowned, what was his problem? Disappointed or not, the blonde shoved his way through the roiling crowd to the two brothers standing back to watch. There was still an air of panic around the man as he came to stand in front of them. Canada knew himself to be invisible again by now so he said nothing as the German addressed his brother, his voice wavering in what could have been fear.

"Hev you seen him?" He panted, he had been running and shoving for some time it seemed.

"Seen who?" Alfred fixed his glasses as they slipped down his nose.

"Who else voult I be looking for?!" Now the German was just irritated as he stood up to his full height and glared down at America.

"Uh, Italy?" The shorter of the two replied dumbly. Germany's glaring carried on, this time tinted with condescension, the glare conveying how much of an idiot he thought the man was. After a few moments of a returned dumb stare he rolled his eyes and growled when he meant only to sigh. "Nefer mint."

"Well, really, if you tell us, we can help!" Germany stopped as he was turning away, raising an eyebrow curiously. He saw no one beside the idiot, was England here with him somewhere in the crowd?

"Ve?" Alfred blinked and laughed, pounding Matthew on the back, causing the boy to seemingly pop into existence. Ludwig jumped, surprised as he really hadn't seen the man barely three feet away from him. One would think it difficult to overlook a man that carried a pigmy polar bear with him. Panic seemed to re-flare into Germany's eyes as he could not place the other nation's name. Canada frowned and said nothing.

"Who?" Kumajirou asked, looking up at the wavy-haired man. Germany jumped again, it talked!

"I'm Canada." Matthew sighed.

Canada? Germany thought for a moment, he knew the boy from somewhere, he was sure of it! Oh! He had participated in the airlift some years ago, that was why he looked familiar.

"So anyway, want some help looking for your missing… Ghost?" America offered, not totally sure what Germany was looking for, but really, if a ghost was involved he would withdraw his offer. In all honesty he had attempted to be helpful, but all he succeeded in doing was angering the German as he shot him an ungodly glare.

"Nefer rever to my bruder like dat again." Canada blinked as Germany snorted and about-faced, returning to his search.

"He's looking for his brother?" He asked America with interest tinting his tone.

"Guess so, I'm pretty sure he's dead though. He's been stuck with that bastard for about forty or so years." America replied solemnly. Canada nodded vaguely, not totally sure if he thought the same thing his brother nation did. He really didn't know Prussia, but he seemed a man with great amounts of energy (with an ego to match it in volume) he probably wasn't dead. But, after four decades with Ivan? Probably wounded and bleeding in a ditch somewhere.

"Hey, Al, I'm gonna go help him look, okay?" America gave his brother a skeptical look, during which he noticed dust had settled upon his lenses.

"Why?" Canada shrugged.

"It feels like the right thing to do." Alfred plucked off his glasses and cleaned them absently with a cloth.

"If you say so li'l bro." He slipped the frames back on his face. "I won't stop ya." The more petite of the two gave his brother a smile.

"I'll see you later, Al." America nodded absently, going back to observing the joyous humans.

Slipping effortlessly into East Berlin, (like anyone would have stopped him even if they could see him) Matthew began his search for the now ex-nation. He had, however, survived his initial dissolving, if only barely. The man must've been made of some sort of undiscovered element to have survived that, very few people ever survived dissolution. The images of the torn and beaten man were still fresh in his mind as his brother and the more prominent Allies tore the small state apart. If he survived that though, he most likely was still alive now.

"Hey! Prussia!" He yelled as loud as he could (which wasn't very) into a particularly dark alley. Not the least bit surprised that there was no answer, he carried on. Now that he thought of it, would Prussia even hear him if he was around? If he was invisible again he wouldn't. Pensive he looked around for something that might be able to rectify this problem. Oh! A police officer!

After the man didn't react as Canada approached him and even tried to wave to him he realized that he was indeed once again invisible. That meant he wouldn't be able to even touch him.

"Mmn, Kumanato, take that guy's hat please." The white bear looked up at him.


"Just do it, I'll give you extra fish tonight, eh." Now, as if a fire had been lit beneath the fuzz ball, the bear leaned out and snatched the warm hat off the officer's head.

"Ach! Was ist das?!" Canada chuckled, catching the man's attention.

"I'm sorry, he does that." The blonde worked the hat from the reluctant bear's mouth as the officer turned and gave him a skeptical look.

"Wait, you told me to-" The Canadian clamped the bear's mouth shut with an innocent smile.

"It ist okay." The officer took his hat back and slipped it beneath his arm. Now that the man could see him, Canada could ask his question.

"Actually, can you help me with something?" The man's eyebrow rose in question. "I'm looking for someone, he's a bit shorter than me, red eyes, white hair." The officer gave him a look that suggested Canada's head had become a giant wurst or something. "Uh… Okay, so you haven't, uhm, he is the brother of a… Co-worker of mine. I think his name is Gilbert."

"I'll vadch for him." Matthew smiled widely.

"Thank you!" The officer nodded curtly before walking off, today probably hadn't been good for him.

Matthew must've been looking for about an hour before he finally settled down for a rest. It was November after all and a bit chilly. He sat down on a garbage can, holding Kumajirou close to keep his hands warm.

"Do you think maybe Germany found him?" The bear blinked and looked back up at him.


"Ugh, I'm Canada. Can-A-Da." The blonde sighed when Kumajirou just seemed to ignore him and look away.

"Canada?" The small blonde jumped at the unfamiliar voice and nearly knocked over the can he had been perched upon. "A bid jumpy, ja?" The heavily accented voice wheezed from behind the can.

"You just surprised me is all." There was a grunt of affirmation and a slight groan as whoever he was speaking with shifted. From where he was standing, Canada saw the top of a head of matted, red-brown hair but the rest was obscured by the grey can, further away he saw the man's boots, the seemed old and ragged. There was an unpleasant smell rising off him, it was enough to make Matthew gag, he switched to breathing through his mouth.

"Vhere ist ef'ryboty?"

"Probably at the wall. Didn't you know that it's soon to be dismantled? All you guys over here can go to the West now." Matthew kindly informed the vagabond.

"Vesd?" The tone seemed far off, as if whoever they were were lost in a memory. The wind blew and the can shuddered with the body of the man, did he not have a coat?


"Vhat ahre you doing ofer hier den? Vhy voult you vant to come hier?" The voice still seemed far off and its breathing labored.

"I'm looking for my co-worker's brother, eh."


"I'm Canadian…"


"You've never heard the stereotype that all Canadian's say 'eh'?"

"I'fe nod known many Canatians."

"Oh… Okay, I guess that's understandable… Like most stereotypes though, it's not true, eh. I've been trying to break myself of the habit for a while now." There was a chuckle, more of a hack and a wheeze really. "Kachschschschsch"

"What's so funny?" They sounded as if they had been smoking for centuries.

"Ist dat vhy you ahre callt 'Canada'?" It probably wouldn't have been good to tell this bum he was a nation and that it was his title. But there was no harm in a name.

"Oh, yeah, I guess so, my real name's Matthew." There was that hacking laugh again as the conversationalist shifted again, slowly slipping down the can to lay on his back.

"Kachschschschsch. You're Francis's boy righd?"

"Yes, I am actu… Wait a second. Who are you?" Matthew leaned over the garbage can and peered down at the prostrate and barely human-looking form of a man with red eyes. That smell… It was the smell of decomposition and his hair… It was dried blood. "Oh my God! What happened to you!?" The nameless man hacked once, his windpipe nearly exposed through a slice in his neck.

"Russia." The creature hatefully hissed as he hacked again, spitting blood up. Matthew stared at this pitiful thing. It looked as if one of his eyes was out and skin on his face was burned to its puffy, red, foul-smelling state. The neck attaching this head to the rest of his mostly-naked body was a multitude of slashes and bruises, it was amazing he had not bled to death before they scabbed over. His chest looked like its natural color was a mottled purple-yellow color. It was even translucent in some places. Someone had obviously had fun with a knife across it too. He could barely tell who this creature was and wouldn't have known if not for the red (and very dead) eye buried deep in its gaunt socket.

"Prussia?" Matthew whimpered, his stomach heaving, but he found himself utterly unable to look away from the sickening sight.

"In de flesch." Another powerful convulsion gripped his body and Canada dropped Kumajirou to the ground, his stomach emptying itself into the now open trashcan. The man hadn't eaten much that day, but his stomach held firm to the belief that there was still more as he wretched loudly into the echoing can. "Dat's dischgusding." Canada took a deep breath and slammed the lid back down on the can, gasping for air.

"Have you seen yourself Prussia?!" The blonde's voice cracked, he was close to tears. "Your hair is brown!"

"Plendy of blut levd." Matthew wrenched himself around, away from the terrible sight and the nearly-dead man. Looking back at him would only make him throw up again. "Dat bat?"

"How are you still conscious?!"

"Russia hes dese schods…" Canada shivered, he made sure they stayed awake for their punishments… The blonde nation would have ran to find Germany then, but it seemed cruel to leave Prussia alone here. There was no garuntee he would still be alive once he found his brother nation anyway… Screwing his stomach to as firm a sticking place as he could, he turned around and strode to the man's side. "Vhat ahre you doing?"

"Taking you to Germany." That loud hacking laugh wheezed, his voice box bulging out a reopening slash. Matthew's stomach tried its best to empty itself again, but he held firm against it. "I'm not joking. I am taking you to Germany." The laughter died, there had never been any humor in it to begin with. "You don't have to live with Russia anymore." The young blonde felt he had to say, maybe it would make him understand he was being serious.

"R-Really?" The man sounded like a child, tears welling up in his good eye. His face didn't move and his eye stared ahead with a dead emptiness in it, but this thing was still alive. "Westen…" The tears fell, stinging the cold and dying skin of his face. "I vant to see my bruder again…"

"Then let me carry you." Prussia blinked, looking the blonde up and down speculatively.


"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"You're soh small…" Canada snorted, for a half-dead ex-nation he was so rude!

"I'm big enough to lift you though, eh." Carefully, Matthew leaned down and lifted Prussia onto his back. A sick squelching noise met Canada's ears as the skin on Prussia's arm slid back when he gripped his wrist. Hot vomit bubbled up in his throat as the Prussian only groaned at the pain, as if it was only a distraction from some greater pain. What had the large nation done to this poor man? Being careful of his paper-esque skin, Canada hoisted Prussia onto his back. A warm wetness bled instantly through Canada's clothes, sticking the fabric to his back, even if he was a nation, Prussia was going to need numerous skin grafts. It made him sick to see anyone in this condition, let alone a fellow nation.

Never did Prussia scream as Matthew began to walk for the boarder between East and West. The way the albino was tensed though, the way small noises occasionally escaped him, the entire way to his salvation must've been pure Hell.

"How are you still even alive?" Really it was a rhetorical question, Prussia obliged him with an answer anyway, though it was obviously painful.

"Vhat ist heppiness vord if you do nod know suvvering?" Canada wasn't sure if he got what the albino meant by that, but he wouldn't ask him to explain.

"Help! I need an ambulance!" Matthew yelled once the crowds came into view. "Please! He's dying!" Many in the crowd turned and watched as the Canadian carried the empty carcass of a former man into Western Berlin. Still many more turned away, covering their mouths and those in close proximity held their breaths. Some ran inside local establishments, demanding the phone and the rest took off their jackets to cover the ground for Matthew to put Prussia upon, some were used to cover Prussia himself.

"Vhat's going on hier!? Oud ov my vay!" Germany… Canada shot up to stand straight.

"Let him through! He's his brother!" The crowd parted as the angry blonde stormed through, stopping dead in his tracks at the sight of Prussia.

"B-Bruder?" This mutilated thing didn't even resemble the man he had said good-bye to forty years ago.

"Westen." It hissed, reaching a hand towards him, Germany dropped to his knees before the prostrate thing, taking it's hand gently into his strong grip. Matthew stood back and watched as tears flowed from the blonde German's face.

"Osten." Germany pressed his brother's hand to his forehead as sirens sounded in the background. "Who musd I dank for finting you?" He didn't have the courage to do much more than hold his hand, fearing any further touch would make Prussia disintegrate. Matthew frowned, Prussia had probably already forgotten his name.

"Canada, Matthew Villiams." Weakly, he pointed to the petite blonde standing a few feet from them. Germany looked up and directly at the blonde, through him.

"Dere ist noboty dere Osten."

"He's fife veed avay vrom you! How to you nod see him!?" Prussia's voice wheezed, sounding like a bleating donkey as it shook. The albino still saw him… Matthew took a few steps back, tripping backwards over Kumajirou into the crowd, no one seemed to notice besides Prussia.


February thirteenth, Ottawa, Canada 1990, Matthew remained quiet in his seat as the members of this meeting that was to take place in mere minutes filed in. He twiddled idly with his pen as he waited for the others to notice he was there, the moment the tall Prussian man strode into the room though, he dropped it. The albino was looking good for having been recovering for only three months.

Matthew jumped as the ex-nation looked over at him, directly at him. A smirk curled his lips as he strode over to him. His right eye had gauze taped over it, it must've been growing back, bandages wrapped his neck and his face looked as if nothing had ever marred its surface. Both his hands were still wrapped in gauze too, Matthew noticed in the space between his glove cuff and his uniform sleeve. The Prussian put both his hands down on the table and leaned forward into his face.

"Hi dere." His voice sounded well-recovered. Finally he would be able to remember how it should sound.

"Y-You can see me?" Matthew whimpered slightly, everyone else finally looking over to him. Prussia's eyebrow rose as he turned and looked out at the rest of the people now greeting the young blonde.

"Vhat's de big deal? Dey cahn too." Canada sighed and leaned back in his chair, Prussia leaned in with him, a grin strangely stretching over his face. The smile itself didn't appear strained, but it was as if the very muscles of his face were not used to such an activity.

"P-Prussia? W-What's with that face?" Matthew felt his own heating up and beginning to tint pink. The grin turned sly as something was slowly beginning to turn in the Prussian's head.

"You seem like somevon fun to mess vid."

"Uh…" Matthew honestly did not know how to respond to that as the albino leaned in closer, their noses touching. The way that single gleaming, ruby-red eye stared into his only served to make his heart speed up. "P-Please, back up!" Prussia was suddenly wrenched back simultaneously by France and Germany.

"What do you think you are doing to my sweet Mathieu?!" France shoved him away into his younger brother's hands before leaning over the table to Canada. "Did he do anything improper to you?!"

"Papa, sit down please. I'm fine…" His eyes drifted slowly over to the corner where Germany was chastising his brother. The way Prussia's eyes were cast downward as Germany firmly spoke to him made him look like a beaten child.

Matthew thought of one meeting where Germany and Prussia yelled at each other, Germany admonishing the man and Prussia sneering and insulting back. What had Russia done to this man to make him actually listen to his younger brother? Torture did things to a man, but Prussia didn't seem like the type to be so easily robbed of his spirit.

Germany seemed to notice this in his brother too and put his arms around the seemingly broken man. In truth, he missed his rebellious brother and it was only habit to put that side of his brother down. Many times though, this one included, he wished that he had encouraged his old personality in him. That vitality he saw in Prussia's eyes as he teased the Canadian mere moments ago was lost to him most days. In the early days of his recovery Prussia wouldn't say more than a few words to him, never did he joke. This was actually the first time he had seen so much of his older brother in this empty shell he had now.

"I'm nod ahsking you to be anyvon else oder dan yourselv, bruder, bud I jus' vant you to behafe for now."

"I unterschtant." Prussia said in a formal tone as his brother stepped back, taking his hands in his own and rubbing them comfortingly.

"I know dat you… De you I lof ist schtill dere. Und I don'd vant him to go avay, soh maybe ve cahn goh drinking avder dis?" Prussia only vaguely nodded, not responding in any way else. "Bruder, vhat dit he do to you? You schtill heven'd tolt me… I know he hurd you, it's obfious, bud…" Something just wasn't right.

The man kept his eyes on the ground as he slipped his hands from Germany's grasp. Those eyes, oh, those eyes he desperately wished would look up at him seemed far off. What were they seeing? There were times that he would slip off into a waking nightmare, screaming for some unseen specter to stop. It was worse at night, Russia tormented him night and day still. Never had Germany ever seen his brother beg before and every night it was the same thing, begging for mercy, begging this tormentor to stop. His daytime screams that this torment was not real did little to help the man, he even cried now, his waking terrors had gotten progressively worse and more frequent. Desperately the blonde hoped today was not going to be one of those days.

"I'll behafe vhile ve're hier." Prussia returned to the table where everyone was sitting now, taking one of the chairs at the end of the table, the chair next to his was empty for Germany.

Canada looked over the table to Prussia as the meeting commenced. For a second those dead and distant eyes flicked up to his violet ones. A spark lit up those beautiful rubies, Matthew smiled awkwardly at him which caused a half-smirk on the albino's face.

"Yo." Prussia said as he caught up with Matthew, the two walking down the hall. Matthew jumped and looked behind him at the silverette.

"Hi… Uh… You didn't look so hot during the meeting, was something wrong?" It took Prussia a second for his long-unused brain to come up with the proper "him" answer.

"I vas unter de impresschion I alvays lookt hod, bud vhatefer. I'm fine, I guess." The Prussian moved so the two were walking next to each other, Matthew shuffled through papers.

"Ah, how have you been? You didn't look… Well, yourself last time." Prussia snorted.

"I'fe been gedding bedder I suppose. Westen is being… I don'd know how to descripe it."

"It's okay, you don't have to." The two walked to the end of the hallway together, Canada stopping and looking up at him, he had a bird sitting on his head now… "Uhm… You have a…" Canada tapped his forehead lightly. "A bird…" A fire flared in the single, viewable red eye.

"Ahre you calling me crazy?!" Canada shrunk back from him, dropping his papers to the floor. The threatening and slightly insane aura that had settled over the man genuinely terrified him.

"N-N-No! Of course not! Y-You really do have a bird on your head!" Prussia growled and groped the crown of his skull, his fingers settling on the soft yellow bird seated in his hair. He stopped his hand and a pleasant smile graced his face.

"Oh, soh you're back…" With a finger he gently caressed the soft down of the bird's back. "Dis ist de newly dubbt, very awesome, 'Gilbird'." Canada blinked, staring at him like his head was on fire. He had to have been mentally unsound or very bipolar for his mood to do a complete 360 like that. The name of the bird also was a point of sarcasm with the boy. "Vhat's vid de look?"

"You're not narcissistic at all…" The Prussian grinned and rubbed his gloved nails over his field-blouse.

"Dank you for saying soh." A small smile came to Matthew's face then, he was a very charismatic man it appeared, to Hell with the fact he was conceited and a little bit unsound in the head.

"You're welcome." Gilbird cheeped, nestling deeper into Prussia's hair. There was silence then. "Oh, Prussia, uhm, was there something you wanted?"

Prussia blinked, his eyes staring at something far off even though all there was in front of him was the small Canadian and a solid wall. Why had he pursued the Canadian down the hall, he knew he had a clear reason…

"Call me Gilbert, please." He said offhandedly as his eyes continued to search the very molecules that made up the walls of the building for his actual answer.

"Uhm… Okay… Gilbert…" Matthew stared at him, slightly worried about that distant look in them.

"Oh… I rememper…" A smirk stretched his face again. "I vas obdimisdic." Canada blinked at the man.

"What?" Gilbert chuckled "kesesesesese".

"De answer to de qvestion you ahskt a vew monds ago. You ditn'd seem to unterschtant it, soh hier is my explanation. I vas obdimisdic." Matthew almost flinched away as Gilbert lightly tousled his wavy-blonde hair.

"Bruder! Vhere ahre you?!" Suddenly Prussia's eyes went dark and he leaned against the wall over Canada, staring at nothing again.

"G-Gilbert? Are you okay?!" Canada extricated himself from the awkward situation and stared at the suddenly limp man. "Germany! He's down here!" There was the sound of someone skidding to a stop and slamming into a wall with a with a resounding thud. "Gil-" Matthew put a hand on the Prussia's shoulder. "-Bert?"

"Stopp! L-Lassen Sie mich los!" The Canadian withdrew his hand and jumped back just as Germany rounded the corner, a look of angry determination on his face.

"Vhat dit you do to him?!" Germany slammed Canada against the wall.

"Nothing! I-It happened when you yelled! H-He just… Just…" Matthew looked away, not knowing what happened. Germany left him and was now leaning next to his brother, a hand on his back and whispering to him.

"Halten sie ihn auf!" Prussia gripped at Germany, looking to him with tears rolling from his eye down his face.

"Mein Bruder, es ist in Ordnung. Er ist nicht hier." Germany consoled him in a light voice much like the one an adult uses with a child.

"Er… Wird mir böse Dinge antun... Er wird mich…" The blonde put his arms around his older brother as he seemed to bury his face in his shoulder. "Lassen Sie ihn nicht! Lassen Sie ihn…" Prussia's hand fisted in Germany's uniform. "Bruder… Hilf mir."

"Wie kann ich?" Germany laced his hand into Gilbert's hair, rubbing his head softly.

"Ich weiß nicht." The silverette replied mournfully as Matthew was powerless to help the two obviously in pain brothers. "Matthew… I'm sorry." Gilbert kept his face buried in his brother's shoulder. The small blonde looked away as he responded, "It's okay, you don't have to apologize."

"Who ahre you schpeaking to?" A bitter laugh escaped the chapped lips and tired throat.

"Ein kanadischer Retter."



Nov. 9 1989--"Fall" of the Berlin Wall ("Fall" because it wasn't officially taken apart for a long time after)

Was is das--What is that?!


Kachschschschsch-- Originally "Kesesesese" Prussia's throat isn't in too good a shape and this is more to address the ch part within it. This denotes that it is pronounced the way it would be in a German word. This is pronounced vaguely like a soft hacking noise in the back of your throat.

Westen--West (Prussia's pet-name for his little brother)



Feb. 13 1990--Rather hilarious in my opinion that Canada is the birthplace of the Germany Reunification talks (also known as the Two Plus Four Talks). It was on February 13, 1990 during the "Open Skies" Conference in Ottawa that an agreement was reached between the foreign ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany, the then German Democratic Republic, France, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States on the start of the historic "Two-Plus-Four" talks, which led to the fulfilment of Germany's dream to have the country reunited after more than 40 years of division.

To express his gratitude to the Canadian People, who had supported the German people in these difficult years, an original piece of the Berlin Wall with the plaque commemorating the Ottawa agreement was unveiled on September 27, 1991 by the former Deputy Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Foreign Minister, Mr. Hans Dietrich Genscher.

"Ahre you calling me crazy?!"--In Germany, to tap your forehead at someone (in the mildly offensive matter of course) means "to have a bird" it can be to call someone stupid or crazy. XD I still sort of think Hidekaz had this in mind when he placed the chick on Gilbert's head.

Stopp! L-Lassen Sie mich los--Stop! L-Let go of me! (formal I assume)

Halten sie ihn auf--Make him stop!

Mein Bruder, es ist in Ordnung. Er ist nicht hier--My brother, it's okay. He is not here.

Er… Wird mir böse Dinge antun... Er wird mich--He… Will do bad things to me… He will…

Lassen Sie ihn nicht! Lassen Sie ihn--Don't let him! Don't let… (considering sentence structure, it makes it look like he is actually saying "let him…" but he's stopping mid-sentence sooo….)

Bruder… Hilf mir--Brother… Help me.

Wie kann Ich?--How can I?

Ich weiß nicht--I don't know.

Ein kanadischer Retter--A Canadian savior.

Uh, ahahahahahaha, yeah, don't worry Pru-Pru gets better. I actually really do like how this turned out O.o It makes me want to put more effort into this whole thing, I hope I don't end up expanding this too much, it's good the way it is in my opinion. I also felt like writing the more depressing side of Prussia. The side of him that Ivan veritably fucked into a wall.

Hm, I need more than just PruCan goin' on in my list of stories EFFFFFFFFF, but I kinda don't feel like writing anything else at the moment (don't worry, red, white and black will be written WITHOUT PruCan… Well, it will be hinted at but it won't become a major part of the story as it somehow and rather unplanned ended up a major part of aftermath.)

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