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Matthew yawned and put down a card to the table. Gilbert did the same and took the pair, taking another card off his stack and plopping it down in the center of the table again. Following suit, Matthew did the same and took the pair this time. These card games were quite rare as it was not every day that neither of the two of them felt like having sex. It was unclear as to why Gilbert had comings and goings of his sex drive (Canada always stood by it was just that Prussia was old), but for Matthew, it was sometimes pleasant. It meant he didn't have to replace his lube so often, his muscles could have a rest and the house was actually cleaned.

"Hm, Maddhew?" Gilbert asked from the blue. The blonde looked up from the cards and took the pair he'd won.

"Yeah, Gil?" He pushed his glasses up his nose to focus on him better.

"You definidly veren'd a firgin vhen ve med… Ja, I know dat pard." Prussia paused to sip off his beer he had at hand and throw down another card. Matthew threw one down too and quirked an eyebrow at him. Was it just him or did Gilbert not know how to ask a question? "How dit you reacd to finting oud?" Matthew blinked and tipped his head to the side.

"React to finding out what?"

"Dat fucking humans kills dem." Gilbert took another swig off his beer and put his cards down to focus on his little lover. The Canadian meanwhile thought it weird that Gilbert cared about how he reacted at all. It wasn't normal for him to care so much, but then again, he never really acted normal on days he didn't want to have sex anyway. C'mon, Gilbert not wanting to fuck?

"I did sincerely love the girl. You can probably guess where it went from there." Sometimes these awkward conversations would pop up… What is he trying to get at here? Canada wondered, putting down his cards and standing.

"Vhere you going?" Prussia asked, feeling awkward.

"Kumayuki is hungry."

"How cahn you tell?" Matthew looked down at the bear that was gnawing on his leg.

"Who?" His little voice squeaked.

"Let's just say I can tell." Tiredly plodding over to the fridge, he considered what the bear would like. He wasn't going to ask because all he would get was the usual answer. "Why did you want to know anyway? Are you growing sentimental?"

"Kese!" Gilbert snorted. "Nefer! I jus' vandet to know vhy you vent gey fur me. I mean, I know I'm jus' de zexiesd ding in de vorlt bud… You zeemet compledly okay vid efryding from de schtard… Und… Dere vas de lupe in your drawer…" Matthew blinked and threw his head back in merry laughter. Gilbert on the other hand was left in the dark as to why this was exactly funny. "Vhat? Ist id really dat ott of a qvestion?"

"Gil--" Matthew couldn't help laughing again. "You don't really seem to get it… I never expected you to, or even ask but… Well… You… You are like you are just because you love me right?" The albino tipped his head to the side, his brow furrowing.

"Ja… Und?"

"Well… You… You just find…" Matthew dropped a fillet of salmon onto a plate and put it to the floor, his face turning red. "Me… Attractive right? Not my brother… Not Germany, not Italy… Not some… Random human walking down the street right?"

"Vell de whores--"

"Men! Men, Gilbert. I know you find women interesting to violate and leer at, but I'm talking about men." Prussia was taken aback by his nervous love's terminology. It was rare to find Matthew saying stuff like that, much less when he was as beet red as he was. "Do you find men attractive at all?"

"Fuck noh. Prezend company exclutet." Prussia purred, running a hand through his hair.

"Flattered." The blonde looked away again, taking to washing the dishes in a nervous fidget. "But uhm… Well… I thought you were attractive from the moment I saw you at the Open Skies conference…"

"You ditn'd know me den. I knew I vas sexy bud--"

"You're not listening." Prussia watched as Canada twisted and untwisted his dishtowel in a nervous fidget.

He has no idea of what you are trying to say! Matthew loved Gilbert, really he did, but the man was just so damn thick sometimes. After everything one would figure that by now he would understand Matthew just a tiny bit more, but just the opposite seemed to have happened. They had had a wonderful understanding of one another pre-relationship and now it seemed like they had to learn everything over again.

"Gilbert, you think I'm attractive because you love me… You can't have a decent relationship with a woman because there are how many women like us?"

Prussia's brow furrowed and he thought, he thought hard enough that it made his head hurt, "Den? Elefen? Maype twelf?" Canada nodded slightly. "Vhere ahre you going vid dis?"

"Gil, I was… By no means a virgin of any kind before I fell in love with you."

"You mean…"

"You're gay by circumstance, I've always been…"

The Prussian's eyes went wide, they reminded Matthew of grapefruits actually. First he could only sputter out a few non-sensical German words but slowly he built to sputtering non-sensical English. Once that was over came what Matthew feared, "I vas freunds vid a faggot?!"

The words stung though he knew Gilbert didn't mean them. Nonetheless, the small Canadian couldn't resist the reflex to cringe away from the albino. Quickly, he looked for a way to staunch the feelings of rejection as Prussia just continued to stare.

"I-I thought you said you w-were fine with your bro--"

"Because he's like me! Novhere else to goh!" he yelled, almost mad-sounding. Matthew almost seriously considered that something was wrong when the Prussian averted his eyes to his beer bottle. "Zo, vhen ve schlept togeder… You coult'f--"

"Does that sound like me?"


"Then will you look at me?" Prussia tossed his hair from his eyes and looked back up to Matthew, smiling when he saw that the boy had torn his dishrag in half.

"I schtill… You know… It's jus' veirt…" Canada sighed, relieved that Gilbert was no longer acting as if it were some kind of big deal. "Vhat dit your bruder dink of id?"

Matthew laughed and started to inch towards Gilbert, "Well… He doesn't know. He still thinks I'm just… Well, another case like himself or you. I don't have the heart to tell him I'm like Sweden."

"Gay ist gay… Gah! Dis ist zo veirt!"

The giddiness passed and Matthew stood before Gilbert, his arms crossed over his chest. "Oh, such a novel thing, a man who classifies himself as homosexual having sex with another of his gender--"

"Noh, you ditn'd ged id… You know more aboud zomeding sexual den me…" The two stared at each other for a few seconds before both laughing.

"I wouldn't say I know more, Gil…" The blonde situated himself on his lover's lap, striding him. "You're a plenty quick study." They shared a kiss, Matthew largely dominating it.

"Woah! Nod cool!" Gilbert adequately pushed back until he knocked the smaller man over onto his back upon the table. A jump in his groin occurred as a cute little giggle escaped his lover. A playful growl slid from his lips and he bit down hard on the flesh of Matthew's neck. He relished the pleasured sound that jumped from his throat. "Guess vhat I vant…" Matthew gasped at Gilbert's harsher syllables.

"Gladly given." He grinned to the dominating man. "Lube's still in the silverware drawer."

Ah, too long I have gone without writing this couple, it's like a sweet return. Sorry if Canada seems a little OOC, its been awhile.