Okay, here is the first chapter of the expansion I promised forever ago. And this is how it's going to go:

This chapter is Eric's POV of the events when they were kids, up to a little further in (don't want to spoil it). This isn't so much a continuation of the events in the one-shot, but an expansion on the events in it. As many of you know, I had to cut 900 words out of the one-shot and there were a lot of other things I wanted to do to it and add in, so this will give me the chance to do that. In that respect, this story may seem like a rehash since, if you've read the one-shot, you know how it turns out. This should go through all the events in the one-shot, and just past the end of it so they get their lemon. But, I do have a couple things up my sleeve. In particular something involving what was going on with Eric. So please, stick with it. I really think you will like what I have planned.

Also, I wanted to tell you that the title comes from the quote: "Indecision is the graveyard of good intentions." Is that right, kris? LOL

And, after I wrote the one-shot I was listening to some classic rock, and believe it or not, there's a song that fits these two perfectly. It's "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon. Listen to that shit! REO makes me happy :)

Without further ado:

Chapter 1 – Thor and Tink

I was eight years old when I met my soul mate. I didn't know it then, of course, but that's what she was. She walked into our classroom, and I remember thinking that she'd just end up joining the others in ignoring me, but it turned out that she was joining me in being ignored. I knew why they pretended I didn't exist. I was taller than all of them, and I didn't have any parents. I was abnormal. Sookie, on the other hand, looked like the rest of them, and as far as I knew, she still had her family.

It was the Halloween that year that my life changed. Again, I didn't know it at the time… I was eight… but it did. My aunt and uncle forced me to dress up and go trick-or-treating even though I didn't want to. It wasn't any fun without friends. The only thing that made me do it was that I got to pick my costume. I went as Thor, God of Thunder. He was my favorite hero, and I refused to get a haircut because I wanted to look like him.

I was out by myself, because my guardians didn't seem to understand that an eight year old needs an adult to trick-or-treat. When I saw that none of the other kids my age had parents with them either, I figured it was a small-town thing. I had been all over town, and was about to walk home when I saw what was happening across the street.

Bill, John, and Alcide were stealing Sookie's candy. They were bullies, and they tried to pick on me during recess a lot. I didn't want them picking on Sookie too, and I asked myself, what would Thor do? Thor would protect the girl. So I crossed the street, and hit them all on the head with my hammer.

"Give her the candy back," I told them.

"No! We took it fair and square. No take backs," Bill said.

I hit him in the head with my hammer again, and when Alcide and John stepped forward I hit them too. They took off running, knocking Sookie over in the process, and they still had her candy. I helped her up, and asked if she was okay. She only nodded, and then said, "They broke your hammer."

"That's okay," I said as I looked down at my now-deflated hammer. I felt that Thor would've been proud. "They took your candy."

That's when she started to cry. I didn't know what to do, so I looked around while waiting for her to quit it. I spotted her little crown thing on the ground, and picked it up.

"Is this yours?" I asked.

"Yes, it goes on my head," she sniffed.

I put it back on her head, and then asked what she was dressed as. I couldn't tell.

"I'm Tinkerbell," she said, and smiled the first smile I had ever seen from her. "You know, Tinkerbell, the fairy from Peter Pan?"

"I don't watch many movies," I told her.

"Except Thor?" She asked. I didn't want to tell her that there wasn't a Thor movie, but I was glad that she knew who I was dressed as, so I expressed my love for my hero. A few porch lights went off on that street, and Sookie said she had to go home. I didn't want her to go home. I never talked to anyone, and never got to play with any other kids. I wondered where her parents were, because if they weren't watching her I figured we could trick-or-treat for a while together.

She surprised me when she hung her head and told me that her parents had died. I had no idea, and was sad for her because I knew what it was like not to have parents, and at the same time, I was relieved that I knew someone like me. I reached for her hand.

"Mine too," I told her, and then asked if I could walk home with her.

I held Sookie's hand all the way back to her road, and when we got there, she told me that she had to wait for her brother before going to the house so he wouldn't get into trouble. I waited with her and offered to share my candy. She reminded me that it needed to be checked first, so I dug through my sack until I found the two full size candy bars that came from my house. We were the only ones in town that handed them out. Her brother came running up right after, and Sookie was able to say a quick goodbye before he was dragging her down the road.

I walked home by myself, looking forward to the next time I'd get to see her. I decided to walk with her to school from then on, and I did. I always met her at the end of Hummingbird Road, and we went to school together. When it got too cold to walk, I would meet her in front of the school. We sat together at lunch, and were always partners in gym, regardless of the looks we got from other classmates. We became friends, best friends.

We were inseparable after that. I started going to her house every day after school where we did our homework together, and played. Her grandmother took to me instantly, and I was told to call her Gran, and was always welcome for supper. My aunt and uncle didn't mind, of course. It was less time they had to spend being responsible.

Every Halloween, Sookie and I went trick-or-treating together. She came up with the idea that our costumes should always go together. The next year we went as Beauty and The Beast, her choice. I got to choose our costumes the next year. Sookie and Gran made the costumes every year, and then Sookie and I went door-to-door together until we didn't have any doors left. I'm proud to say that she went home with a sack bulging with candy every year, not a bully around to snatch it from her.

Unfortunately, as we got older, we got less and less candy in our bags, and by the time we hit High School, we started a new tradition. We went to the graveyard next to Sookie's house, which was my way of getting her alone. You see, I was very much in love with Sookie at that point. I know it's completely ridiculous to believe that a fifteen year old could be in love, but I was. The other students all thought we were a couple because we were always together, and even though we denied it, in my own mind I hoped she felt the same about me.

Physically, I had changed a lot. I sort of grew out of my Thor-worship, and as such, I began getting haircuts. I grew into my looks as well, and was perfectly aware that all the girls considered me "hot." Sookie started to develop quite nicely too, and I found it harder and harder to be so close to her when we did our homework together after school without… reacting, if you know what I mean.

Football became my next obsession. I had to play in it Gym during my freshman year, and the coach recruited me for the team. I became quarterback on the JV team, and was a starter at every game. Sookie was excited for me, and got into the habit of staying after school to wait for me to finish with practice. We'd walk back to her house afterward, and continue our routine of supper with Gran, and then homework in Sookie's room.

Halloween stayed my favorite holiday, and Sookie and I still dressed up and met in the graveyard. I would bring candy bars and Sookie would bring some soda, and we'd talk all night. It was always my favorite night of the year.

The Halloween of our junior year everything changed. We were in the graveyard like normal, and Sookie looked gorgeous. I picked the costumes, and I always managed to pick something that I knew she would look amazing in. It took a lot of convincing, but after she was sure nobody but me would see her, Sookie agreed to be Princess Leia in her slave outfit. I was a Jedi. I know we didn't grow up when those movies came out, but I was a huge Star Wars fan, and just imagining Sookie in that outfit… well… you know. She definitely had the body to fill it out perfectly by then. I had hit another growth spurt too, and was getting pretty tall. Being in football required me to weight lift, so I was toned as well.

Sookie met me at our usual spot in a trench coat. I laughed at her, and asked her why she was wearing it.

"Because Gran would kill me if she saw me wearing this," she said as she blushed a light shade of pink.

"Gran's not around anymore, so you can take it off now," I told her with a laugh, hoping to disguise the real reason I wanted her to take off the coat.

She set down the little cooler that held our sodas, and then she slowly unbuttoned the coat. I truly hoped she wasn't intentionally doing that, because if she was, I didn't think I'd be able to stop myself from attacking her. One look at her face told me she wasn't though, she was extremely nervous. I wondered why she would be so nervous, it was just me… and then I realized that I was staring at her. Maybe I was making her uncomfortable? I turned around to rummage around in the bag of candy bars I'd brought to make it seem like it wasn't a big deal, and when I turned back around, she dropped the coat. I almost gasped. Her still-sun-kissed skin practically glowed in the outfit. She filled out the top perfectly, and her long legs peeked out from the leather straps of the skirt. I felt myself harden, and quickly started talking, hoping she wouldn't look in that area.

"See, it's not so bad. You look great," I said as I walked over to her.

"Sure, I look great to you, you're a guy, but I feel naked," she complained. "Can I please put the coat back on?"

We walked over to the tree we always sat under where a blanket was already laid out.

"Where's your Halloween spirit? I'm wearing my costume without a coat," I said as I sat down.

She joined me, and said, "Yes, but you're not dressed like a stripper."

"Would you like me to take some of it off? Because if that's what it takes to make you comfortable, then I will," I told her, and she slapped my arm and laughed. I loved her laugh. It was so genuine and warm.

"I love your laugh," I said before I could stop myself, and then I leaned closer to her, fully intending to kiss her. She inhaled a bit, and I closed my eyes, but before I could do what I so desperately wanted, we heard some kids coming into the graveyard. As we got up to scare them, I silently thanked them. Because as much as I wanted to kiss Sookie, and do so much more with her, I didn't want something like that to screw with our friendship. I spent the rest of the night acting like nothing had happened, and resolved to keep doing it unless she indicated she wanted something different.

She didn't.

The next day when I picked her up for school, I continued to act as though nothing had happened. She did the same, so I made up my mind to forget about it. That decision bothered me for some reason, and as the day wore on I replayed the almost-kiss in my head. She had closed her eyes, and leaned into me slightly. She wanted me to kiss her, I was sure of it. By the end of the day I convinced myself to tell her how I felt. I wasn't sure how I was going to go about it, but I thought I could bring up the almost-kiss as a start and tell her that I really wanted to kiss her.

Even thought the weather had turned chilly, I smiled through the entirety of football practice. I couldn't stop thinking about all the possible reactions I could get from Sookie, and all the ones that were running through my brain ended in the two of us making out in my car. When the coach wanted a group of the starters to stay for a bit I got ticked. I didn't want to wait any longer to start my new relationship with Sookie.

I went up to where she was sitting on the bleachers and told her it would be another thirty minutes, and just as she was about to say something in return Alcide Herveaux came running up to us.

"If it's alright with you Sookie, I can take you home now," he offered.

I wanted to kill him. I was planning on bringing up the almost-kiss on the ride to Sookie's house. I couldn't do that if she got a ride with Alcide. More importantly, I knew Alcide had a thing for her. When the guys talked dirty about the girls in our school, he always told them to shut up if Sookie got brought up. He did it even before I could. Alcide was a good guy, and that scared me.

"Eric?" Sookie said tentatively. "Would you mind if Alcide took me home?"

I focused on Sookie, feeling a little rejected. She always got a ride home from me, and I honestly thought she would just wait for me to get done. Then I remembered the weather and figured that she simply wanted to get somewhere warm.

"It is chilly out, and I don't want you getting sick," I said.

"Alright, I'll go hit the showers, and come get you in a few, okay?" Alcide said to Sookie.

She nodded at him and after he took off for the locker room she looked at me. "Are you still coming over?" she asked.

"Of course," I said, smiling. She still wanted to see me, and there was no reason I couldn't bring up the almost-kiss at her house. "I'll see you in a bit."

I jogged back to the coach and the other starters for our meeting, but kept my eye on Sookie. About ten minutes later Alcide went up to her, took her backpack for her, and walked with her to his truck. I was overcome with jealousy. Sookie liked a guy with manners, and Alcide definitely had them. The only thing that reassured me was that she had still waved goodbye to me.

As soon as our meeting was over I showered quickly and drove as fast as I could to Sookie's house. Since I arrived a bit later than usual Gran already had supper on the table, so I didn't get the chance to talk to her before we ate. We were about halfway through the meal when Gran spoke, crushing my hopes in the process.

"So Eric, do you know the young man who's taking Sookie out on Saturday?"

I immediately looked at Sookie. Her face flushed, and she wouldn't look at me. I must have looked confused because Gran apologized.

"No, Gran. It's okay. I just hadn't seen him to tell him yet," Sookie explained, and then turned to me, finally looking me in the eyes. "Alcide asked me to go on a date with him Saturday, and I said yes."

Even though I had already put it together, I was still shocked. I was finally about to tell her how I felt, and fucking Fate intervened, causing Sookie to slip right through my fingers. I tried to mask my true emotions of sadness and hurt, as I was unwilling to show how much her news had upset me.

"Alcide is a good person. He's on the football team with me, and I've never heard or seen him be disrespectful towards a woman. Sookie will be fine, Gran," I told Gran with a smile.

Sookie looked surprised, and I wondered why. I would never lie to Gran, and Alcide was actually a good guy. If he weren't, there was no way I'd let Gran think any different. Sookie either.

After dinner, Sookie and I went to her room so I could do my homework. We were stretched out on her bed together, and for once my body wasn't reacting in an inappropriate way. I couldn't stop thinking about how my hopes and plans had gone to shit.

As soon as I finished up I got off the bed and closed her bedroom door. Gran had an open-door rule, mostly for when Jason still lived at home, but we always kept Sookie's open out of respect for her. We only closed it when we had something important to talk about. Sookie sat up on the bed, and I joined her.

"Do you like him?" I asked without looking at her.

"He's never been anything but a gentleman with me, and he made sure to ask if you and I were together before he asked me out."

"And you told him we weren't," I mused to myself.

"Eric, are you afraid I'll stop being your friend?" She asked, and took my hand. "You'll always be my best friend. It's just one date. We might find that we hate each other, you never know," she said.

I didn't believe it for a second. Alcide was a decent southern gentleman with manners, and I was sure the girls found him attractive. The truth was, there was nothing to keep her from being with him. Suddenly, she punched me hard on the arm. While it didn't really hurt, I am a strong man after all; Sookie could throw a hard punch.

"Ow," I said, "What was that for?"

"You're cutting me off, and it's pissing me off. Don't do that. I couldn't stand it if you stopped being my friend."

She looked really close to crying, and if there was one thing I couldn't take, it was a crying Sookie. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and rocked her back and forth.

"I won't stop being your friend, I promise. You can't get rid of me that easily," I told her, and I meant it. There was no way I could ever stop being her friend. She was all I had, and I really wanted it to stay that way. We worked best like that.

"I don't ever want to get rid of you," she whispered quietly, and I'm not sure if she intended for me to hear it, but I did.

I held her until everything felt normal again, and then I went home, promising to pick her up the next day. I was determined for things to stay the same, but I was smart enough to know they were about to change.

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