Chapter 1 Time travel

The Millennium Falcon just escaped the clutches of the Death Star and now Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca and two droids were flying to the rebel base. They just destroyed the four Tie fighters and were ready to jump into hyperspace. Luke was very unhappy because his mentor was killed by Darth Vader.

"We are ready to jump into hyperspace, kid". Han Solo pressed a couple of buttons and the ship flew in the hyperspace. The trip did not take long; however, then the ship exited the hyperspace, the crew saw that they were approaching different planet and to Leia's horror it was Coruscant. To make everything worse, the engine broke and the Falcon was now crashing.

"Hold on people, this will be a rough landing" Han Solo and Chewbacca actually managed to pilot the ship and the landing was not as bad as it could get. The ship hit the ground which made everyone fly out from their seats and then slided at a fast speed for a while, soon coming to an end.

People opened the door and looked upon Coruscant. They did not see any stormtroopers, which by itself was strange; but the strangest thing was that Luke saw the Jedi Temple. He remembered the picture Obi Wan showed to him of the building. Also, Luke saw as a young girl run to him to check who he was. Her appearance suggested that she was around fourteen, she was a Togruta and Luke also noticed that she had a lightsaber on her belt.

"Hello and welcome to Coruscant. My name is Ahsoka Tano; I am a padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker." The girl looked at the four arrivals and saw that they got somewhat wounded."Let me help you, I will you to our Temple to heal"

"Thanks, that is very nice. So Ahsoka, what is going on in here? I mean, I never been on Coruscant and I heard bad stories about this place. Is it true that a Sith lord rules this place?"

"A sith lord? Aww, you so silly! There is no Sith lord in here. I mean Count Dooku was once here but he is the leader of the Separatists and not Republic. Now, let me show the healing chambers, where you will be treated"

Ahsoka showed the way to the Med block and then she left her new friends and returned to continue her training. She went in her quarters and saw that Anakin was not very happy. It almost seemed that someone took a tomato, took the juice from it and painted Anakin's face with the resultant mixture.

"So, I think your Master deserves an explanation of why it took you so long to come here"

"Master, I found new friends and they had a crash landing. I helped to get them to the Temple's healing ward. The most surprising thing was that one of them had a lightsaber with him. His force signature was quite light although I might be wrong since I am not yet very proficient in sensing real people's intensions and signatures"

"This is interesting; I think I need to pay them a visit too. What about after a short meditation and a sparring lesson?"

In the evening Anakin and Ahsoka went to check the patients. They heard how one of people was shouting from the ward "Get me out of here! I am not sick! I do not want to spend time in a bed." The Jedi arrived in the room and saw that the older man was not very happy that Temple's healers' made them be in beds. Anakin looked at the group and decided to rather talk with two younger people.

"Hello, my name is Anakin Skywalker and I am a Jedi Knight. Welcome to Coruscant and to Jedi Temple. What are your names?"

Luke almost threw up. Then he looked at the Jedi Knight and studied him. Anakin was confused as he was not expecting that. He looked back at Luke with confusion, not really understanding the situation.

"So what is your name, young man?"

"My name is Luke. Luke Lars. I am Jedi, well sort off; I trained on Tattoine for a while under Ben Kenobi. Unfortunately he was killed by a sith called Darth Vader"

"Vader? Never heard of this one. I know Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress but Ventress is not really a sith. I wonder who this sith is. Please continue"

"I went to save this young lady from Empire and Vader; we arrived and saved the Princess but at a cost of Ben's life. Then, we pulled into hyperspace and got here"

"Interesting. I never heard that there was another Kenobi Jedi. I have to ask Obi Wan if he knows anyone who is Ben Kenobi. How old was he?"

"Ben Kenobi was an old man. Why do you ask?"

"Maybe it is his older brother or uncle or something. Wait, you also said that there was Empire. Which Empire?"

"Empire, you know? Its ruler, the Emperor rules from Coruscant. He is a sith lord and his right hand man Vader destroyed the Jedi Order"

"What in the Force are you talking about? You are inside the Jedi Temple, there are many Jedi, no Empire and there is no Sit lord who rules the galaxy! Wow kid, your imagination is very impressive. What is your name, Princess?" Anakin looked at Leia, asking who she was. She reminded him of someone, someone very close to him.

"My name is Leia Organa, I am, I mean I was the Alderanian Princess"

"Great. Why was? Don't say Alderaan was blown up! Bail will not like this!"

"Alderaan was destroyed. And Bail will not be able to say anything since he got killed as well"

"This is really intruding since I saw today that Bail Organa was speaking to my wi I mean my good friend Padme Amidala. They were discussing something about politics, which I do not really like"

"What, you mean he was off planet? Dad is alive?"

"Well, as far as I am concerned Bail is alive bit it is not a big issue now. I can clearly see that you made up a lot of stuff, so you are both liars and good ones or there is something strange is really going on. Princess Leia Organa, I am actually quite curious why do you act and look like Padme Amidala? Moreover, Luke, I did not know that Lars has a child and that old. Owen is my age and cannot have a child who is almost twenty. Luke, how did you get your lightsaber? Did you make one?"

"No, Ben Kenobi gave me this saber and said that it belonged to my father."

"Can I take a look?"


Anakin took Luke's lightsaber and then took his own one out. In one hand Anakin held one lightsaber, in the other the second one.

"Can you point at least one difference between these? No? So tell me Luke, why did you lie to me and said that you are Lars and not Skywalker? Same question to Leia, you look almost exactly like Padme and she either cheated on her husband or…"

For a brief moment there was silence and the room became a very quiet place.