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Kyouko stared at him, and he stared back. It had been almost two years and suddenly... suddenly Shou was back at the Ryoukan, not saying a word. He looked healthy, which made the girl happy. She had been worried he wouldn't be well taken care of in Tokyo, but obviously this was not the case as he had grown taller and his structure had improved, which meant he must have been eating well.

In retrospect, it made sense that he, a big rock star, would have someone to take care of him.

Finally, Shou looked away.

"Anou... Shou-kun..." Kyouko bit her lip and averted her gaze from her old crush. "Why... why are you here? Do you have a show in Kyoto tonight?" He didn't; she would have known.

"I'm on vacation," his gaze was still averted. "My room was converted to a guest room."

"Yes." What else could she say? "It's been a long time."

"Well duh, I'm famous! I can't exactly take time off all the time, you know," he shot her a dead pan "no duh" type stare. "Things are doing well here, I take it?"

She nodded. He said nothing.

"I'll be right back," Kyouko stood from her position, ignoring her protocol in favor of Shou's needs. She came back a minute later with a pudding cup and a spoon.

The way Shou looked at her, it was like she was his guardian angel, sent to deliver him from hell.

"You always did know me so well," Shou said happily as he dug into the pudding. "You've been following the celebrity world since I entered it, right? Have you heard of the band Vie Ghoul?"

Kyouko furrowed her brow. "Be... Beagle?"

For a moment, Shou stared at her like she'd grown a second head. Then a small snort escaped, which escalated to a snicker, a chuckle, a snerk, before laughter exploded out of him and he was rolling on the floor.

A month later, Shou was back on top of the charts.


Kyouko calmly served tea to the young starlet who was gracing the Ryoukan with her presence. She was really very cute, with skin as soft and smooth as freshly fallen snow, and a voice that screamed princess to Kyouko's young soul. There was an instinctual need to help her, no matter what.

But Kyouko was willing to put aside instinct in this case.

Ruriko had ordered her food three times, each time fussing over a minor detail that in no way affected her food. She wanted it on better plates – they served on the best china in town! – and refused to eat the second meal because the plate with her fish was too close to the bowl of miso.

"Do you think I won't notice if you just scootch the bowls around?! The miso will taste like fish because you put the bowls too close together and I refuse to eat fishy-miso!" She shouted angrily at Kyouko. Her manager was sitting quietly, cowed by her while eating the first refused order.

Kyouko stood up and glared angrily at the girl. "You will eat it; you will not insult Fuwa-shi as a chef, do you understand?! Your miso does not taste like fish, and if you do not eat it then you are of no use as a human being!"

Cowed, Ruriko ate her perfectly untainted food and, damn it, she enjoyed it.


"Uh, sir, not to be rude, but I don't see what you mean by 'fixing' this girl," Kyouko looked dubiously at the older man. He was quite good looking for his age, but it was kind of scary how he had entered with a trumpet band to announce him and rode in wearing shining armor upon a white stallion with a little girl in a princess gown and riding a pony behind him. This had set Kyouko's princess fantasies into full-on Land of Magic mode, but she came back to reality when the man – Takarada Lory, he's said – had explained what he wanted. "I work at a Ryoukan, I'm not a psychologist."

Lory pouted, "But you fixed Ruriko-chan! The director of her new movie stopped complaining about her attitude and everything!"

"I... sir, I haven't done anything of the sort," Kyouko shook her head nervously. "All I did was make Ruriko-san eat her food, nothing more. And I'm very sorry for doing even that. I really have no idea what you want me to do. A-and... and you're scaring away the other customers sir."

"Hm, that is true... perhaps it would be better to discuss this at your home?"

Kyouko almost flinched. "This is my home; I live here."

Lory blinked. "Well then," he paused, "are you the daughter of the owner? You can't be old enough to be living on your own yet, after all."

"I'm not, just... just a friend of the family," Kyouko shuffled her feet nervously. The little girl, Maria, looked up at her with doe-like eyes.

"Do Onee-sama's parents hate her too?" She asked quietly. Kyouko, unable to come up with a suitable answer, only nodded. "Poor Onee-sama! Why do they hate you?"

"I... well, my mother is very strict, so I'm a burden to her because I got in the way of her career," she wasn't sure why she was telling this to a little girl. Chlidren shouldn't be so disillusioned. But hadn't Maria said "too"? "She expects perfection, and even though I try I'm not perfect."

"What about your father?" Maria pressed, her eyes lit by an unholy fire and curious all at once.

"I... don't have one."

Maria hugged her tightly around the middle and refused to let go for a full hour while her grandfather apologized to the Fuwa family for disturbing the peace of their Ryoukan.

That night, Maria replied to her father's email.


"Don't tell me," Kyouko sighed when the door opened to reveal a celebrity of the LME agency, "Takarada-sama sent you here so I could 'fix' whatever personality problem you have?" She really ought to start charging LME for this. Takarada had sent her checks for helping Maria and Kanae, hefty checks, but that was beside the point. She hadn't cashed those after all.

"Not to my knowledge," the man, Tsuruga Ren lifted one eyebrow before turning halfway to look at the person behind him, his manager. "Did he?"

The manager, a thin, tall man with glasses and brown hair looked sheepish, "Er, well, he did tell me to arrange for us to stay in this Ryoukan, but I thought it was just because he liked it. Is there some trait that he wants you to fix?"

Tsuruga's face froze for a split second, and Kyouko realized that it must be so.

"No, not at all," he shook his head quickly before turning back to Kyouko. "You would be the girl Maria-chan calls 'Onee-sama' then? I have to thank you for helping her."

"Eh, it was really no big deal," Kyouko sighed internally. What could his problem be though, the great Tsuruga Ren?

"You convinced her somehow to talk with her father; it's an accomplishment," he was smiling a brilliant smile like what Kyouko imagined a prince would have, or... or Kuon, but Kuon was all grown up and living in the Fairy Kingdom now, so there was no use thinking about that.

Two hours later, Kyouko still had no idea what she was supposed to fix. Maybe They really had only been sent here for lodgings? Kyouko settled in her room and tried to study, but her mind kept on wandering. Hoping to focus better, she went to her school bag and grabbed Corn. She wasn't sad or angry, but she thought that pouring some of her annoyance and frustration into the little stone would help.

A tap on her door alerted her to company, and she answered immediately, not thinking to put Corn away first.

"Ah, Mogami-san, I was wondering if you could tell me where the nearest toilet is?" It was Tsuruga. She gave him directions and he thanked her, bowing his head slightly before pausing. "Mogami-san... what's that stone in your hand? It looks like one of those rocks sold in tourist shops."

"Wha- this is Corn, not a rock sold to tourists! He was given to me by the fairy prince!" She stopped, realizing what she had said. Going bright red, Kyouko slammed her sliding door shut. "Goodnight Tsuruga-sama!"

One year later, an article came out in a gossip magazine about Tsuruga Ren's secret relationship with LME's "Helpful Honey Kyouko-chan".

Author's Note: Inspired by a conversation via review that I had with Akua revolving around the idea of getting everyone to Kyoto for Kyouko to fix their problems ("Helpful Honey Kyouko-chan" would be her television program where she fixes people's problems entirely on accident). I was going to write a section on Kanae, but I couldn't figure out how to fix her quickly... so just assume that between Maria and Ren there were some other visits.

And nothing else will ever be written by me with this particular rendition of Kyouko :D Bed time now; big family celebrations tomorrow, and I still need to wrap gifts (I knitted a bunch and what does my sister do for her contribution? Nothing. Stupid irresponsible Nee-chan!) and make origami santas for the tags.