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15 Naruto was really hating himself right now.

He was also hating several other factors and people around him. He hated his perverted teachers Jiraiya and Kakashi, especially how Jiraiya had stolen his money making him have to go hunt for some. He hated the fact that the majority of the time he had to act like an idiot instead of the ANBU captain that he was. He hated that he had to drag the 'last' Uchiha back to Konoha before this expedition he was on. He also hated B-rank missing-nin Warau Hanzaisha and all his damn seals. But most of all he hated who ever ranked this guy as a B-rank nin and never mentioned he was a seal master.

He also hated his own stupidity for getting trapped in the seal array he was in. He couldn't move his legs and the guy was laughing and pumping more chakra into the damn seal all the time. Naruto figured he had one shot to stop whatever it was that was happening and so threw a seal less wind blade at the maniac in hopes of stopping the process. Unfortunately this caused the process to not be controlled and he blacked out.


Jiraiya was pissed. He had left the jutsu happy brat in a field to train and went off to amuse himself, albeit with the brat's money, and he comes back and can't find the kid.

So he began searching and when he finally has a lead it takes him to a cave where there is a dead missing-nin a large seal and no sign of the kid.

Tsunade was going to kill him.


15 year old Rouge was mad. She had recently come to the Xavier institute from the brotherhoods house and things were not going how she planned. But she figured that the lack of touching people would always be a problem. Then there were the hours, if she wasn't studying she was at school, sleeping or training to be an X-man. She also hated how Professor Xavier just called them out of bed because of a power surge that Cerebro had detected nearby. He said the power surge was large and could be someone losing control of their powers. They were to find the person and make sure no one gets hurt.

"Rouge, take some power from Storm and fly around as well, we'll cover more ground that way," yelled Wolverine at her.

She also hated how Wolverine was so demanding.

She complied and started her search in the area that she was given, not really expecting to find anything.


Tsunade was raging.

Why? Because her idiot teammate left his charge in the middle of the woods with no money when a group of S-rank nin were after him. What is more is the fact that he said that he had told the kid to do exercises that he could already do naturally.

"I'll find the kid Tsunade don't worry. But why did he go after this guy who was way out of his league?" said the pervert.

"He was listed as a B-rank nin. Naruto probably went after him to get money since you stole his," she replied.

"But a B-rank is way out of his league still," complained the man.

"No it isn't. He was an ANBU captain on long term assignment to act like an idiot to protect the Uchiha. I sent him with you to get advanced training but you obviously didn't care enough about that to actually ask for his honest skill set. I mean it seems like you never even questioned how he came up with good plans in battle but was idiotic elsewhere," rage the blonde Hokage towards the now gaping pervert.

"Wait, he was an ANBU captain and I didn't know."

"Only the Hokage and his squad knew, otherwise there could have been problems. And he does know of his heritage and had it with him," she said answering his unspoken questions. "What I want to know is how he lost and where he is?"

"Well, the bingo book never stated this guy was a seal master, not as good as me but still good. And one thing you never do is fight a seal master on their home turf. Naruto failed that because there was no mention of seal in his description," said Jiraiya.

"So what did he do to the brat?"

"Well this is fairly complex but I believe it is a simple banishment seal with some alterations," said the white haired pervert.

"What does it do?" asked the Hokage.

"A banishment seal just sends someone away. Distance is relative to the amount of chakra put into the seal. Problem is that it sends them in a random direction and this seal is special. The crazy ass designed it to where it used his chakra to activate the seal but to actually run it takes the other persons. He made it so it drained every drop except for enough to live, that includes his demonic stuff as well. Considering this and the fact that he messed with a few arrays here that I can't decipher yet Naruto could be anywhere. He could have been sent around the world a few times, out into space, sent to another dimension or anywhere. I have no idea where he is and even if I did I couldn't get him back without an equal chakra source to him, which there isn't any because no one else has the Kyuubi inside of them. Another container may get close but not quite far enough. So until he figures out how to get back we are out of luck," Jiraiya said before he received the beating of his life from a grieving Hokage.


Naruto was out of it. He didn't recognize anything and he could hardly move. He had been lying on the ground for sometime before he had awoken. What he saw he could only describe as beautiful. He had never seen someone like her and beat out anyone he could think of from Konoha. He grasped her hand and said the first thing that came to his mind "Tenshi." He proceeded to blackout.


Rouge was expecting many things as she scanned for the mysterious mutant from the air. One was boredom and another was for drowsiness. What she didn't expect was for a blonde/red haired teen about her age dressed in armor with weapons to be lying in a clearing below her.

As she descended she noticed that he seemed unconscious. She radioed to Wolverine what she found and was told not to approach as he could be dangerous. She mentally scoffed at this since all she had to do was touch the guy and he would be out of it. She took off her gloves and approached him despite Wolverines warning.

She heard him groan and mumble something as he seemed to be half awake. As she knelt down to see if he had any wounds her hand was suddenly grabbed by the mysterious boy who had his eyes opened and was looking at her. She was shocked because she felt no pull of emotions, thoughts or any power coming to her.

"Tenshi," is what she heard before the grip loosened and the teen apparently succumbed to fatigue.

"What happened," she heard Wolverine yell as he and everyone else walked up.

"I don't know. I approached him and he grabbed me and then said 'Tenshi' whatever that is and then passed out. But I don't have any memories or anything from him. My powers don't seem to work on him," she said the words flying out of her mouth so fast that Logan missed some of it.

"Wait he touched you and nothing happened?" he asked getting a nod from the hysterical girl. "And he said 'Tenshi' when he grabbed you?' getting another nod he started laughing.

"What the hell is so funny?" she screamed as the man as everyone else was equally confused.

"'Tenshi' as you put it is Japanese for 'Angel.' He called you an angel. That is what I find funny," said a bemused Logan as several other snickered. "Alright, get this kid to the infirmary and we'll have Charles take a look when we get back. Jean, you will take him to the infirmary and sedate him."


Naruto had no idea what had happened. But when he woke up there was some red haired woman trying to put a needle in his arm. The way she was dressed informed him that she was not from Konoha and so he assumed she was hostile. He quickly disarmed her of the needle and knocked her out. He then checked his surroundings.

He was in an open infirmary room like they had in Konoha for the less injured. It had multiple beds with curtains in between them. The one thing he noticed though was most of the place was made from metal which definitely pointed to not Konoha since most things were wood there. He also realized he was in some hospital pants with no shirt.

He dragged the red head onto one of the beds and used sheets and curtains to tie her down and blindfold her. He quickly searched for his stuff and found that everything had been removed except the things he kept seal in his arms, which were only a few kunai and shirikens, everything else was sealed in a few scrolls he had on him when he fought the bastard missing-nin. He checked on his chakra supply and realized he was still low and that he would have to conserve it.

He pulled out a kunai and went towards the open doorway. He checked both ways and decided to go right and hope it led somewhere. He heard voices and went into a depression on the ceiling between two rafters to hide.

He saw a guy with something red covering his eyes and a man in a wheelchair going the way he came. He waited for them to pass and continued on. It was not two minutes later that an alarm went off. He raced away from the two known hostiles and headed to a dead end. He cursed himself before the wall opened up and he was looking at his angel.

She was fairly tall for her age with red hair, except in the front where it was white. He quickly jumped into the smaller room with her as the doors closed.

"Where is the exit?" he asked in a somewhat normal voice while trying to remain calm but twirling the kunai where she could see it.

"Huh? What did you say?" Rouge asked.

Naruto did some hand gesture and showed her the kunai again and she seemed to get the point and pressed a button off to the side. As the elevator slowly ascended and he got use to the sensation he realized she was quite tense and he realized she thought he would hurt her. He realized that he may have to threaten her to get away even if he didn't want to.

Rouge didn't know what to do. She was coming down to hopefully get an explanation as to why he could touch her when no one else could and he suddenly jumps in the elevator with a knife she had never seen before and seemed to want to leave. She was intimidated right now as he could hurt her but hadn't tried to. She also figured this maybe the last time she sees him so she did something she never thought she could do to anybody, she kissed him.

Naruto was shocked. One minute he was across from a very pretty girl who is looking scared and confused, almost as confused as he is and the next minute he is in a make out session with said girl. He had to say though that it was not unpleasant until he felt the fist to his head, courtesy of a mean looking guy in a leather jacket who had come through the now open door.

Naruto quickly regained himself and ducked under the next fist and side stepped the man to get out of the cramped room into a more opened room that seemed to be a hallway. He ran down said hallway until he heard a cry from behind him. He turned to see his angel seemingly asking for him to stay. He looked towards the end of the hallway and his possible freedom and back at her and the protective shield that was leather jacket man.

Logan didn't know what was going on. First there was an alarm and then when he gets to the elevator he sees Rouge making out with their mystery guest. He was a little enraged thinking that the kid had forced this on Rouge seeing as the kid had a knife. What he didn't expect was the kid to get around him and for Rouge to cry out for him to stop. He doubted the kid understood the words but he obviously understood the emotion behind it seeing as he stopped. Logan decided to go out on a limb and say a large part of this was a misunderstanding and decided to call out in the one language the kid had spoken in.

"Who are you, kid?"

"Naruto Uzumaki and you two are? And why am I here and where is my stuff and..?" Naruto never finished as Logan stopped him.

"I am Logan. This is Rouge. She will lead you to a sitting area. We will discuss this further when I get some other people, ok? And can you put the weapon away," he said.

"Yes, that is fine. It is nice to know my angels name," Naruto gave his goofy grin while quickly stowing his kunai and waited for Rouge to lead him away.

"Rouge, lead him to the living room while I get Charles and try not to get into a make out session again," Logan stated to the now blushing teen as he punch the elevator button. 'This is going to be a long night and possibly difficult future,' he thought.


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