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Naruto sighed while looking at everyone during lunch. Jean had gone to eat with her jock boyfriend, which had made Scott irritated. Evan and Kurt were messing around like normal but Kurt was nervously messing with his image inducer. Kitty was off talking to some boys while not noticing Rogue's glances of longing and jealousy in her direction. He himself was trying to have a nice quiet meal but was being slightly hounded by some of his 'admirers.'

He finally got up and walked over to where Rogue was sitting. She glanced his way and seemed surprised he was sitting with her.

"So…, why did you choose to sit here?" she asked with a little malice in her tone.

"What? Can't I sit with the girl that helped me learn English, the girl that found me to bring back to the Institute, the first girl of this world to kiss me," he inquired of the now slightly blushing and embarrassed girl.

"So, you came to sit with me thinking you could get more of that treatment?" she asked.

"Not in the slightest. You have helped me and so I want to repay that and help you. You seem to be lonely and despite being your friends the others still seem to leave you alone. As such I would like to offer my friendship to you like we talked about. We have taught each other several things but I believe we would both benefit from friendship between us," He stated.

"Yeah, sounds good, so tell me more about the mysterious Naruto who fell from the sky. When I was teaching you that subject never really came up," she replied.

"Where to begin? I have been hated most of my life for something I had no control over. I was an orphan since I was born and so had no one to help insulate me from the hate. I was eventually drafted into the covert ops because of the cause of my hatred. I learned to kill and do the dirty work at an early age. I was eventually given a long term mission to protect an arrogant snot of a child. Because they did not want it known I was protecting him them sealed away some of my power, making me having barely any, just enough that with my quick mind in battle that I could protect him. Because of the seals I was nearly defeated when he ran to get more power. After that I was sent away with someone to allow cooler heads to prevail in the village. The person I was sent away with did not know my true power and neglected me and took my money. When I went to collect a few bounties to earn my money back I ran into someone who sent me here. Those are the basics of my story that I did not tell you earlier," Naruto said.

"Wow, that is quite a tale," she said. "So why choose me over some of your other admirers?"

"Believe it or not despite being lonely when I was younger and liking attention, the attention they show is not the good kind. They only want me for my looks and while that is a good reason to be initially attracted to someone, you need something deeper to have any form of strong relationship, which is the kind I want. Personally I feel more connected to you than anyone else," Naruto said while giving her an easy smile that caused her to feel a bit of heat in her cheeks.

"Thanks," she stuttered out.

"No, thank you. You have helped me a lot during my short stay here. I would like to move beyond friendship with you but I would like to take it slow, since we are both new to it. I would like to get to know my 'tenshi' a little more. On that note I would like to ask if you want to go out Friday." Naruto asked.

"I would love to, how else are you ever going to get close to this 'tenshi' if I don't get some dates out of you?" Rogue said with a slight smirk.

"I am wounded that you think my gorgeous looks could not sway more angels to appear."

"This coming from the man who was earlier saying he had an 'ugly mug' or wanting me to leave him," she smirked thinking she had him in this game.

"My beauty is so great that I must appear this hideous so as to not blind the mortals. I thought a 'tenshi' like yourself would understand," Naruto replied.

"Why did I get stuck with an idiot with delusions as the only person who could touch me?" she responded.

"Kami likes to mess with the world and you caught her eye. I mean you beat her in beauty and so I am her revenge," Naruto said.

"I think I would prefer a demon to you," she said smugly until she saw his wince at her words. "What? What did I say?"

"Ahh, nothing you would know about but I was called 'demon child' and a few other choice names. It is still a bit touchy. Next period is starting so I got to get going, see you at practice," Naruto said before he quickly left. Rogue frowned but couldn't help but realize she had hit a nerve and hoped he understood she didn't mean it.


"Ok, as promised today's exercise is a match of all of you versus myself. We will be fighting in the jungle program of the danger room, so watch out for animals that could be harmful," Naruto said with a smirk.

When the simulation started Naruto was hidden from the other teen's sight by the vast expanse of forest that appeared.

"Ok, Rogue take a little of Jean's powers and scout the area with her by air. Radio if you find anything. Everyone else will be with me and we will proceed slowly forward until we have a clear visual or need to back up our scouts," Scott started off as everyone went about their tasks.

Naruto himself had made several clones that went about setting up traps meant to herd his opponents where he would want them. Most of them were made to look deadly but only cause superficial wounds or just make their lives harder.

Scott realized it was not going as he thought when Evan accidently fell into some type of goo that constricted his movement. As they tried to get it off it became apparent that it was meant to slow them and so they continued on with trying to find the shinobi.

"Scott, I think I found him. I am not sure if it is a clone or not but he is sitting in a tree about 100 meters to the east of your position. I am unsure if I have been spotted," Jean chimed in through the radio.

Scott and the other X-men immediately charged through the area. That was a bad idea as several traps went off. The only person unaffected was Kitty as she phased through it all. Kurt had been hit by a tree limb after he had teleported away from a pit trap. Evan had gotten hoisted up by a snare. Scott had been blasting a log that had been trying to hit him when several needles had hit non-vital but painful places.

By the time the made it to the tree Naruto was supposedly in several of the members were hurt and angry. It was at this time that Jean and Rogue rejoined them.

"What happened to you guys?" Rogue asked.

"Your boyfriend trapped the whole area," Kitty replied.

Rogue blushed a bit until she remembered what happened earlier today.

"Which branch is he on," Scott asked and when jean pointed it out he blasted it in the hopes of flushing their prey out.

"Oh, so you found me and by the looks of it some of my gifts," Naruto said with a smirk at the irritated glances he received.

Naruto was immediately dodging spike and eye blasts as he also played the teleportation game with Kurt using his Body Flicker Technique to appear like he was teleporting. He also kept sending shuriken and kunai at Jean and Rogue to keep them distracted so they could not pin him down.

Eventually he got hit by one of Evan's spikes. Everyone was shocked when it went through his torso. They rushed to his side but before they could get there he said something.

"Have you forgotten I can make clone's. Here is a present, boom," and with that he exploded.

The X-men came out of their daze to find kunai at their throats and a Naruto behind each of them. The clones all popped away after it was shown Naruto had won and Naruto jumped down from the tree he was in.

"Let that be a lesson to you. Do not all rush to one enclosed area unless you are sure it is secure. If only one or two had come then my explosion would not have been as affective. But this test showed a few good thing and some bad things. You utilized Rogue properly from what I can tell and you worked pretty well together and did not leave anyone behind even when they inconvenienced you. But you hurried when there was no time limit and rushed an area even after it was proven I had laid traps down. Next time I would rely upon your scouts to tell you if I move and be more cautious. But I did like your enthusiasm. Now I believe it is dinner time," Naruto told them.

Everybody was packing up to leave but Rogue stayed to talk.

"Naruto, I am sorry about earlier. I didn't mean it," Rogue started.

"I know but it is still a bit of a sore topic. Just don't mention it again and I'll be fine. Now where would you like to go this Friday?" Naruto asked.

"You still want to do that?" Rogue asked in a very shocked manner.

"Yeah, you didn't purposely try to bring up my bad memories so you were not trying to be mean. Plus I always wanted to take a cute girl on a date but if you don't want to I'll have to ask someone else. Maybe I could ask Kitty?" he mused while gauging her reaction.

"No! …I mean I would like to go out. How about we just go to a pizza place," she replied.

"Sure, we'll head out at like 7:00 then we could catch a movie or something."

"Ok, so Friday."

"Yep, Friday," Naruto replied as Rogue left.


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