Short story inspired when I was working on coloring a lineart from Lenap on Deviantart. If you want to see the wonderful lineart and crap coloring that inspired it, please go to my DA page (link on my ff homepage) ^^


The bed dipped slightly on either side of him, and Iruka squeezed his eyes shut, his lips curling upwards into a barely suppressed smile.

An icy nose worked its way under his hair to nuzzle at the back of his ear. "Iruuuuka."

"Go 'way, 'm sleeping." He grinned into his pillow as Kakashi pulled back, no doubt adopting a terribly hurt expression.

"Ma, but I just got home. Didn't you miss me?" The jounin sounded like a kicked puppy.

Iruka rolled his eyes, flipped over and smiled softly up at him. "Of course I missed you, idiot."

Kakashi was kneeling over him, backlit by the rays from the rising sun streaming in through the window.

"Did you come through the window again?"

"Yeah." Kakashi pressed a series of kisses against the line of his jaw.

"Didn't I give you a key?" Iruka craned his head off the bed to get a better view of the golden sky outside his open window.

"Probably, but I much more enjoy sneaking in."

"Creep." Iruka laughed. "At least you could have closed it; it's freezing out there!"

"Ma, I guess I'll just have to keep you warm." Kakashi leered at him, and Iruka burst out laughing.

"You planned that, didn't you?" Iruka narrowed his eyes playfully at his partner.

The jounin tapped his temple. "Genius." And Iruka snorted.

"Glad to see you're putting that brain power to good use."

Kakashi licked the chuunin's bottom lip, and Iruka closed his eyes and let a soft smile play across his face. "Are you complaining?"

"Not at all."


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