Sorry that this is short enough to be considered a tease but it has been called peaceful and gentle and nice so hopefully you like it - it's meant to be a simple moment captured to read and reread to your heart's content, because who doesnt like these moments best?

Daily, I have a feeling you'll prefer this one but I could be wrong :) - enjoy :) (I'll teach you to make me squeal hysterically in excitement over dei-kun... :)

May all your nightmares become moments like these...

A Moment of Just Quiet

Just quiet. Just like this. Merlin's body warm and comfortably snug settled into the side of Arthur's own beneath the covers. Soft, smooth arms, sleep-heavy and pliant, curled loosely around his body as his own were around Merlin's. Night noises made of silence and muffled sighs curled lazily in the darkness like smoke and blanketed the world with peace. Everything was perfect. A dreaming world where nothing could cause harm and all was safe and would be alright one day and that was enough.

Arthur was warm. He was comfortable. He was wanting for nothing. And none of that mattered in the least because he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would have been just as calm and sleepy and content if he was half-frozen, sore and owned nothing more than the one beside him as he himself was owned. He held his peace to him tightly; his calm quiet corner of life that somehow remained ever perfect and untarnished.

Stars twinkled and flickered and fluttered and shuttered while dark lashes did the same against pale cheeks inches from his own and Arthur watched avidly through serenely heavy eyelids; never more content than in this single moment. This quiet little corner, all his, just for him. He held it tighter and breathed and watched the reflection of that breath in the face inches from his own, the air playing hide and seek as it breezed through them, twirled between them. He breathed again. Give and take and give and take, neither of them were possible without the other. Nothing was perfect without this. Except this. And Arthur was okay with that fact because he had his perfection. Just quiet. Just like this.


See, just something small and sweet that I would happily turn into pages and pages of utter gorgeousness; a moment of peace in a world we're unlikely to see much peace in. Listening to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap helps :) (listening to it over and over again through the night... every night... is likely to drive you mad... I'm nearly there :)

Be safe and smile lots