I just get the idea from DBSK banjun drama Unforgettable Love… although I change the title and the story, but the idea is from there… and the other idea is when I read about the characters that have been in a relationship before. In Eyeshield 21 number… 31?

Summary:Hiruma left the house. Akaba, Kakei, Riku and Sakuraba is talking about something serious. What is it? warning:OC and OOC ahead!!!!


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Unforgettable Love Memories(or disaster?)

Sakuraba's girl

By:Vanilla Amano

Because of some incident, Hiruma, Akaba, Kakei, Riku and Sakuraba need to share their apartment together. It's already been 3 month since they live there. Now they more comfortable to each other and know more about them. Well, Hiruma is still like usual, hold firearms wherever he goes. But it isn't a big deal anymore since they live together.

At one day… the weather is sunny and the air is fresh. Nice for dating and the other things like that. But not for this 4 boys.

Akaba is sit on the beach chair and reading a book beside the window, Riku is listening to music while he leaned his back on a big brown teddie bear doll(a present from their fans), Sakuraba is sit not far from Kakei, he just arrange his fans present for him, and Kakei just enter the room after he took a letter from outside. What about Hiruma?

The blonde devil just walked out from his room and now stood infront of the mirror. He grinned widely infront of it and check his tooth. "Kekeke, you pathetic fucking brats. It's a fucking white day, don't you have something to do?" he said while he still watch his reflection.

"Where are you going, Hiruma?" Sakuraba ask him from his place. "You don't even have a girlfriend or a boyfriend."

"Kekeke, I have a fucking blind date now, fucking model." Hiruma answered satifiedly as he look at his back, to Riku.

"Really? Can I go too?" Riku took off his headphone and look at Hiruma with puppy eyes.

Sakuraba quickly sit beside Riku and also put that innocent look on his face. "Take me too!" he said.

"Tch," Hiruma 'tch' and then he look at the other who stare at him with less expression. "I'll enjoy my date. You guys just enjoy the fucking air in this room. Kekeke!" then, he took his bag and walked out from there.

Kakei and Akaba sigh, Sakuraba and Riku exchange look. "Hah…" the 3 of them drop them self to the floor and make a circle when they lay.

"Ah, Hiruma is so lucky. Going to a blind date and all," Sakuraba frowned.

"Seriously, what's wrong with us? We don't even have girl friend," Riku pouted.

"It's not like we're able to date anyone after we become an international athlete and beat America," Akaba added.

"Just let it go. We just look more pathetic," Kakei sighed.

Sakuraba woke from his position and sit. "Hey, since we bored, should we talk about our ex?" he asked. "You know, memories about ex we still can't forget."

Riku quickly sit beside him and look at him with cheerful eyes. "Hey, that sounds fun!" he commented.

"Right?" Sakuraba grinned.


Akaba pop out beside them and look at them one by one with smiling face. "Alright, who should start?" he asked.

Kakei put his arm around Sakuraba shoulder and said, "Since you brought it up, you start first."

"Me first?" Sakuraba ask. Kakei nodded. "Fine…" Sakuraba nodded. "The ex I used to date…"

~Sakuraba's ex~

'The first time I met Hinata is at the bank.'

"Thank you for your participation on this bank. Please come again." A girl with a ponytail hair is stood behind the counter. Sakuraba(still with his old hair) quickly walked there because it's the only counter empty there. He put his piggy bank on the counter.

"Hello, what can I be of your service?" the girl asked politely.

"Well, I wanna change all my coins into a dollar." Sakuraba said, look into her eyes.

"Oh," she chuckled. "It's rare for people to collect money in piggy bank these days." She said. He laugh because of her tease words. "It seems like a large amount. Are you going to buy something with it?" she asked.

"Yeah," Sakuraba place his hand on the piggy bank and look straight into her eyes. "I was going to buy clothes for my audition, but I had a change of heart."

"Sorry?" she asked confusedly.

"I suddenly want to spend it on making a precious relationship," he continue while he look at her name tag a moment. It says, Kujo Hinata. "Like eating a dinner with a sweet person named Hinata."

'Hinata sweet face is blushing because of my words. Ah… so sweet…'

'Sakuraba, you were a player, weren't you?' Riku asked.

'Shut up. Just listen.' Sakuraba scolded. 'In any case, Hinata was really sweet and pleasant… to the point where…'

Scene example:

1. Sakuraba and Hinata walk beside someone's home. A newspaper boy is threw the newspaper to the fence but it's drop. Hinata took the newspaper and set it to the right place.

Sweet Hinata:Replacing the newspaper.

2. Sakuraba and Hinata is in the bus. Someone want to get off but she couldn't reach the bus bell button. "Excuse me! I want to get off! Excuse me!" Hinata saw this, so she push the button. After the girl gof off, she smiled at Hinata thankfully.

Sweet Hinata:Pushing the bus bell for others.

3. An old lady wanted to cross the street. Before the lady started to walk, Hinata already stood beside her and hold her. Sakuraba would come not long after that and they would cross the street together.

Sweet Hinata:Crossing the street together.


'Wow, that girl is really pleasant…' Riku commented.

'Yes. Everyone will thought of that, including me. But then…'

Hinata is sit alone in a restaurant. She look beautiful and sweet like usual. Sakuraba rushly walked toward her and sit infront of her. "Sorry, did you wait long?" he asked and handed her a bouquet of rose flower.

Hinata took the flower and smell it. "It's okay. But why were you late?" she asked and smile.

"I have a great news! Jaripro is accepted me as their new model!" Sakuraba said, full of smile.

"Really? Oh my God, that's great! Does that mean you will become a celebrities for real?" Hinata cheer and clap her hand.

"Yeah," Sakuraba nodded. "I think I'm going to get a bit busy because of the training things and all," he reported. "We may not be able to see each other frequently, but that's okay right?" he asked.

Hinata eyes is wide open. "What? We can't see each other frequently?" suddenly, her tone is changed.

Sakuraba smile is slowly gone. "What's wrong?" he asked carefully.

"You aren't going to do other things using your schedule as your excuse, are you?" Hinata asked suspiciously.

"Other things?" Sakuraba repeated. "It's not like that…" he frowned. Both of them is quiet now.

'I should've notice then, Hinata's true self…'

The location changed. Sakuraba is in the studio, get ready for his first photo take. He checked his make up when his cell phone is ringing. "Cool prince! Cool prince!" Sakuraba gulped and look at his cell phone monitor. "Kujo Hinata" is shown there.

He walked away from the crowd to the less crowd place. "Moshi moshi?" he greeted.

"It's me, Hinata. Where are you now?" Hinata's soft voice is heard from the phone.

"Me? At the studio, I got photo take today." Sakuraba replied.

"Come on! We're going to shot now!" suddenly, someone is yelled from his back.

"Yes~!" Sakuraba yelled back. "Look, I've got to hang up. I'll call you later, gomen." Then he hung up. He walked to the crowd again. "Sumimasen, sumimasen." He said. But then, his cell phone rang again.

"Aish…" he walked away again. "Nani desuka?" he asked impatiently.

"You're really at the studio aren't you? You're not lying aren't you?" Hinata replied rapidly from the phone.

"Why would I lie?" Sakuraba whined. "Look, I'm busy now."

"Sakuraba-kun, hurry up~!" one of his girl assistant is called him to hurry.

"Who's that?! You're cheating on me, aren't you!?" Hinata shouted from the phone angrily.

"What!? Cheating!? I'm not!" Sakuraba denied panickly. "Lets talk later, I'm gonna hung up."

"Why are you keep hung up!? You're cheating! Where are you!?" but Hinata keep yelled and not hung up.

"Will you hurry up!" the fotographer said impatiently.

Sakuraba look at the fotographer guiltily. "Coming!" he replied. "I'm just going to hung up, okay?" then, he hung up and get the battery out from the phone.

Sakuraba started the photo shot now. He thought of many things about his conversation before with Hinata.

'In the beginning I just thought it was because she liked me so much.'

He continue his photo shot until late evening.

Finally, the photo shot over. "Good job everyone! Good job! Good job!" everyone cheer and said bye to each other. Sakuraba his own is walked toward the lift with some of his assistant model today. They finally inside the lift. Sakuraba is stood right infront of the door. He sigh and look at the lift door to saw it closed. But it wasn't close.

A hand is blocked the door from being closed, so it open again. The hand's owner is Hinata. That girl is look at Sakuraba with cold smile of her face. Sakuraba gasped shockly.

Hinata went inside and stood infront of him. "Why did you turn you phone off?" she asked coldly. "Who told you to leave your phone off?"

Sakuraba look around him nervously. "Will you talk quietly? There's people around…" he whispered.

Hinata chuckled unhappily. "How the hell you hung up on me first? And who was that girl earlier?" she said and glare at the girls in the lift. "Is it her? Or her?"

"What's wrong with you?" Sakuraba hissed. Hinata look at him with hurt look at her eyes. "It's not them."

The lift stopped at the first floor and everyone quickly get out from it. but not Sakuraba.

"How could you do this to me!? I truly love you but you're cheating! How could you, you jerk!" Hinata cried. She's now hanging on Sakuraba's leg and () from escape.

"Aish, stop it!" Sakuraba whispered and look around him panickly. There was so many people that wanted to enter the lift but they blocked their way.

'You're too nice, Sakuraba. How did you deal with that?' Riku asked.

'She must had been so pretty or something…' Kakei said.

'Mm-hm,' Sakuraba agree. 'But no matter how pretty someone is, I had my limit too.'

Don't know how this could be, Sakuraba had enter his apartment room. The room is so dark because the light hadn't turn on yet. He closed the door and finally the light was on. He shrieked when he saw his room is cover with Hinata's photos.

He walked further into his room and glance at every photos on his wall with his mouth wide opened.

The photos infront of his bed is the largest of all and it had a 'I love you' and 'You are mine' written all over it. he still shockly look at it when suddenly, someone toss his shoulder.

"Hah!?" he yelped surprisedly when he saw Hinata is the one who toss him. that girl was smile happily at him. "How did you get in here!?'" he asked. "And what's all this?!"

"So you'll look at me. Only me," Hinata answer softly.

"Why're you being like this? Are you a stalker??!" Sakuraba stepped back because Hinata is move closer to "him. "Are you depressed??"

"What?" Hinata said confusedly. "Sakuraba-kun, don't you know how much I love you?" she asked. "I even collect things related to you because I love you so much!" she said and took something out from her bag.

"The hair on your clothes, the first time we met," she showed him a piece of brown hair.

"But it's my hair!" Sakuraba srhieked.

"Yes, it is," Hinata nodded. "And this is the tuna sandwich that you didn't finish on the valentine's day, your handband which tear apart when you fell at the park, and—"

"Stop it!" Sakuraba said.

"There's more!" Hinata yelled back. She took out another things from her bag. "And… the brush that you threw 1 week ago because it's broke, and the tissue you used 5 days ago because of cold."

"I said to stop it!" Sakuraba shouted.

"Do you still not realize how much I love you!!?" Hinata shouted back angrily.

"Is this love? Is this you called love?!" Sakuraba asked panickly.

Hinata look at him suspiciously. "Why're you being this way to me? You are cheating aren't you!?" she pull Sakuraba's collar. "Who is it!? who is she!!!??"

"I said to quit it!!!" Sakuraba let go of him self and run outside. Hinata look at his back furiously and then ran to catch him.

Outside the room…

Sakuraba was run and when he looked at his back, he could saw Hinata is after him. "Sakuraba-kun! Sakuraba-kun! I love you, why don't you understand??! You're the only one for me!" she yelled.

"Ah! Stop it! stop it!! stoooooooooooooooop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sakuraba scream with frightened and raise his speed.

The story had end. The 4 them lay on the floor with their front body to the floor and they lay side to side. Sakuraba is on the left side, Akaba beside him, Riku lay beside Akaba and Kakei is on the right side. The 3 of them look at Sakuraba with serious look. They cross and raise their leg to the air.

"That's why the very next day I changed my number and moved house." Sakuraba ended it with sigh.

Riku look straight again. "Waah… it's a relief that it came to and end…" he said. The other nodded in agree.

"Actually, it hasn't ended," Sakuraba interrupted.


"She's still stalking me," Sakuraba explained. "That one girl, that always in the front of my fans club watching our match and staring us down." He continued.

"Ah~! Her!" Riku, Akaba and Kakei said in unison.

"Yes, her. She scares the crap out of me," Sakuraba nodded. "That's why I specifically asked Wakaba-chan and Shogun-san to make sure she doesn't come anywhere near me." He added, "and that's why, Shin is always go with me wherever I go. Maybe he can be called my personal bodyguard."

He sigh. "That's the time when I became close with him…"

Akaba nodded understand. "So that's what happen," Riku murmured. "Yaa~this is pretty fun! Isn't it?" he said cheerfully and look at Kakei. The taller man nodded. "Kakei, do you have some?"

Kakei sigh. "Why wouldn't I have one at this age…" he frowned. The other eyes is focus at him now.

"Who is it?" Sakuraba asked.

"But we thought you're a gay." Akaba exclaimed.

"Aish… maybe I go for both…" Kakei said. "Sakuraba's girl… is nothing compared to mine…" he stare at the space. "The girl I used to date…"

To be continued…

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