Posted: 2 December, 2009

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story that is recognisable from the Harry Potter books, movies, etc. Everything else however (eg. story plot, original characters, etc.) stems from my own imagination and belongs to me. No copyright infringement is intended and I am not profiting financially from this story in any way.

Author's Note: The idea of a Lavender/Parvati pairing popped into my head for some reason, and demanded to be written. Lavender's POV. My first try at a drabble.

Summary: The war has left its mark on her. Lavender/Parvati.

Still Beautiful

I shy away from mirrors now. My smile will never be the same. The ropy purple scar pulls at my lip grotesquely. This is Greyback's lasting mark upon me. I feel fearful certainly that I will never be found beautiful again.

But then she is there, my truest friend.

Her long shining locks pulled back from her flawless face, to show deep dark eyes filled with sadness. Sadness, but not pity. She cradles my face reverently in her hands. And she smiles. Then she kisses me. Kisses me like I'm still beautiful.

And I realise.

To her, I still am.

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