Posted: 16 December, 2009

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story that is recognisable from the Harry Potter books, movies, etc. Everything else however (eg. story plot, original characters, etc.) stems from my own imagination and belongs to me. No copyright infringement is intended and I am not profiting financially from this story in any way.

Author's Note: A fic where Ginny and Colin cross the line from annoying admirers to creepy ones.

Summary: Two of Harry's would-be-suitors take their obsession a bit too far.

Stalker Tendencies

Ginny and Colin began pursuing Harry, with almost stalkerish fervour. He made his disinterest plain. Eventually they stopped. He'd been relieved at first. Then he'd returned early from Hogsmeade to find his bed occupied… by two version of himself, entwined together. He stunned them immediately.

When the Polyjuice wore off, revealing Ginny and Colin, he'd felt quite queasy. Authorities were called and the truth revealed. They'd decided if they couldn't have him, they'd pretend to be Harry for each other.

He felt comforted once they were taken away.

He'd be much more careful about cleaning his comb in future though.

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