Bruce Wayne nodded to the guard, his slightly bored expression never betraying the annoyance bordering on rage churning around his stomach.

Half an hour ago, he was under the impression that the individuals currently incarcerated by the Gotham City Police Department would be capable of having a night out without getting arrested. That changed when he received a somewhat sheepish phone call.

A thick wad of hundreds made the guards disappear. Inside the holding cell, Bruce Wayne stared the women down, until each of them showed a suitable amount of remorse. Preliminaries over, Wayne turned to the redhead in the wheelchair and the bridal veil.

"Topless ... wheelchair ... luge?"

Barbara Gordon tried to maintain her dignity while fighting off the hangover. "I was caught up in the excitement of inventing a new sport."

Bruce then looked at Power Girl. "... and what were you thinking, when you did ... that to the male stripper?"

"He didn't complain."

"Terror tends to render it's victims silent." Wayne consulted his Blackberry. "You'll want to know that the YouTube clip of the event has only been up for two hours and has already surpassed fifteen million hits."

Power Girl buried her face in her hands.

Wayne then looked at Wonder Woman. "But what Power Girl made up in coverage, you surpassed in property damage ..."

"I already said I'll repair it."

Wayne then looked at Mary Marvel. "Overlooking the underage drinking..."

"I should have done it in Mexico. It's legal in Mexico."

Wayne tried to keep his voice calm. "It's not legal in Mexico; many things are done in Mexico that is not legal in Mexico." Deep fortifying breaths allowed him to continue. "Despite ... tonight ... I've had a talk to the authorities ... and you're free without charge."

The women each brightened, Diana speaking first. "Thank you."

"Just understand just how much each and every one of you owe me."

The women followed Bruce Wayne out the police station to a darkened side alley, where the Batmobile was parked.

Diana knew it took a considerable emergency to make Bruce change into his costume next to the Batmobile in public. Especially the carbon-fibre armoured costume.

"What's wrong?"

"Bruce Wayne may have bailed you out of the batchelorette party ..." Batman snapped on the final clasp. "... but it's going to take Batman to bail out the bachelor party ..."