Hey. Just thought I'd clear some things up about the story before people read it because you might get confused. I altered a few characters a little bit to better fit the story and what my mind came up with, not by much, they all have basically the same personalities and everything, just their powers. All the main heroes are 15, except Kim, who's 17 and Rai, who's 16. Anyway, back to the alterations, Gwen is a sorceress, not an energy being in here and i altered her appearance to match her looks in the original ben ten series instead of using the near unrecognisable appearance she had in alien force. The other alteration is that while gohan has all his powers, he's nowhere near as strong as he was in the series. He's more around superman's level, but still the strongest of the group. The dragonball z world's AU as I couldn't have normal humans having Gohan's abilities without it being obvious to teach it to Kim, so everyday humans can't do that stuff here.

I think that's about all, so I'll let you go. I think the Prolgue's a little rushed and could have been better, just to warn you, but I didn't see the point of blowing it out more so just bare in mind the rest should be better.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these shows or the game. If I did, I obviously wouldn't be writing this here.


All throughout the planet called Earth, lived many people many people, all of them wielding their own lifestyles, beliefs and abilities. Some were painters, others teachers. Some held a strong belief in Christianity, others in Buda. And some held powers beyond what others could ever imagine.

They were hidden all around the world, some using their powers to help the world and some for personal gain. Those people came with many different powers and forms, some getting their powers genetically, others through an extraordinary event. Some fought and protected all that's good right in front of the world's eyes, while others hid in the shadows, striving to keep their world's safe, both from evil and from the public eye. But one thing remained the same, no matter which one of these good people you meet: they were all willing to put their lives on the line to save everything they held dear in the world.

The world had surprisingly been peaceful lately. The villains were either put away or recouping after their losses. Seeing the rare opportunity to relax, the heroes of the world set aside their powers and duties and returned to their normal lives.

Piccolo, a Nemak and a member of a team known as the Z Fighters, spent the time on the Earth's lookout, meditating near the flowers. However, unlike most of the world, Piccolo carried a foreboding feeling, one that only got stronger the longer he meditated.

"Grr, something's not right. Something big's coming, I can feel it." He growled, opening his eyes and glaring into space.

"I know, I feel it too." Turning to the voice behind him, he found himself face to face with a troubled looking Dende, the young guardian of the Earth. "Whatever it is, it's coming from a place outside our realm of existence and may be too strong for us to defeat."

"We must warn the others immediately." Piccolo stated, straightening his body lowering himself to the ground. "This threat is getting closer by the minute and could arrive at any time. We have to be ready."

In the middle of China, at the Xiaolin Temple, the Dragons in training were taking advantage of the summer sun and cool breeze to relax. Dojo, the magical dragon assigned with protecting the scroll of the Shen Gong Wu, was busy barbequing under the watchful eye of Clay to ensure nothing extra was thrown in. he still couldn't believe Dojo actually threw a pair of underwear into a pot of stew before. Kimiko was taking in the sun's rays by the makeshift pool they'd made in the ground while Raimundo and Omi swam around.

"We have got to do this more often." Kimiko commented, adjusting her sunglasses.

"Well, I reckon with da bad guys fighting each other so much, we should have plenty of time for a while." Clay responded as he turned off the barbeque and loading a plate full of stakes and ketchup. "Food's ready. Come an get it, before I eat it all."

"Well then we better engine." Omi responded, jumping out of the pool and racing towards the food.

"Motor Omi." Raimundo called shaking his head as he followed at a more sedated pace. "The day he gets slang right is the day the world ends."

Though the young ones were all happy and carefree, you couldn't say the same for the temple's elders. In the meditation hut, each of them were shivering as the a dark, chilling sensation ran down their spines.

"A new threat to the balance of good and evil is coming to the world." One of them stated as they all simultaneously awakened from their trances, insecurity and fear written on all their faces.

"Even the release of Wuya's spirit didn't feel this overwhelming." Another added, disbelief clear in his tone and eyes. "What could possibly be so powerful? So devoid of light?"

"I do not know, but we must be ready for it." Master Fung, the temple master replied, rising to his feet. "This threat will arrive soon and it will take all our power just to stand up to it. Prepare the temple, I shall inform the young ones."

As the day went on, intuitive people all around the world were getting the same foreboding feeling, both those with powers and those without. Not even seers or oracles could figure out what was going to happen, only that it would be dark and huge. And just as America found itself nearing the end of the day, it began.

All around the world, strange white and grey creatures rose from the ground in a flash of white, in various shapes and sizes. Screams filled the airwaves globally as the creatures attacked, destroying everything in sight. The police and military forces quickly got involved, but were no match for the invaders and quickly fell. Powerless against this new enemy, the people of the world fled, desperate to find a safe haven from what most called the end of the world, only to find that there was nowhere to hide from this menace.

In Japan, Piccolo had assembled the Z Fighters, Goku and Vegeta, the last of the pure blooded Saiyans from another world, Gohan and Videl, a pair of half Saiyans, half humans and Piccolo himself, and the group took a stand in Tokyo. The group of five took to the air and charged straight at the horde, throw energy blasts from their hands the whole way.

The blasts knocked a number of them back, but destroyed very few, doing very little to make the fight easier, the team split apart as they reached their enemies, deciding to take a much more hands on approach.

Piccolo dived straight into a gathering of the most common ones, having really flexible bodies and zippers for mouths. Weaving around the tentacle like arms, he threw punches and kicks in every direction. However, few creatures were affected at all as they weaved their extremely flexible bodies in twists and turns, effectively dodging the attacks while effortlessly throwing their own.

Nearby, Vegeta roared in rage, finding the same problem. No matter what he did, he could even touch the bendy creatures.

"WHY WON'T YOU HOLD STILL?" He roared, throwing another punch, only to miss again. Having enough, he gathered his energy in his hands and with a scream, he threw them out and released two large beams, obliterating every creature in their path.

Gohan and Videl had teamed up in the sky, back to back and spinning like tornado, lashing out with punches and kicks as they span in the middle of a group of dragon looking creatures. Unlike the zipper mouthed ones, these one weren't much more flexible then humans and the teens were easily able to strike them down, using their high speeds the neutralise their evasiveness.

Goku stayed close to the ground in his attack. Around him were shape shifting creatures with a tendency to jump up and turn into a javelin before descending. His quick reflexes were the only reason Goku was still alive, but his own strikes had taken a number of them down.

Coming out of their spin, Gohan dropped himself in the middle of a large group on the ground and with a loud scream, created a sphere of energy around his body and allowed it to explode outward, taking a number of the enemies down. Jumping in the air again as his attack died, he glared at the white mass before him, growling as he rejoined the others when they regrouped.

"There's just no end to them. What do we do?" He asked, taking a deep breath. All five of them had found their energy levels going down. It took a lot more energy to destroy their opponents then they'd thought.

"We just keep going son." Goku replied, breathing deeply. "At the very least, we've got to give the people here time to find somewhere safe."

"Then let's move." Piccolo ordered, charging back into the fray. Not a moment later, the others followed, all the think the same thought: how were they going to get out of this?

Things in Bellwood weren't going much better. Max Tennyson and his group of half alien Plumbers were desperately trying to hold the line of creatures back while Ben Ten in the form of Jetray, his cousin Gwen, a sorceress and Kevin Eleven, an absorber, ploughed through the enemy, trying to take as many down while saving the civilians caught in the midst.

Making sure not to get hit by the flame throwers, laser blasts and spikes from his allies, Ben dived down from the sky, shooting green energy beams from his eyes and tail into the crowd.

Nearby, Gwen threw a blast of her own, clearing a path for a little boy and his mother to get away, before turning to the crowd before her, raising her glowing, blue hands.

"Galius Perpetua!" She chanted, releasing a vortex of wind, like a diagonal tornado, from her hands, blowing away a large number of creatures.

"This is nuts." Kevin growled, slamming his metal covered hand into another scythe wielding creature. "We'll never get rid of them."

"We have to keep trying." Ben responded, using the burst of wind from his high speed to knock a group down.

"Ben's right, at least until everyone's left the area safely." Gwen agreed before with another spell, sending every car in the area crashing into the creatures. "It's all we really can do."

In New York, the magical creatures had thrown secrecy to the wind and those that could fought as hard as they could while the others ran and hid like the humans. In the front lines, flying high above the battle, both to take on the airborne menaces and to provide covering fire, was Jake, his sister Haley, his Gramps and Haley's teacher Miss Park in dragon form. The quadruped used flamethrowers, tails, claws and every aerial manoeuvre they knew to clip the flying creatures' wings while simultaneously shooting flames at the ground bound enemies.

The battle had been raging for a while, and everyone was getting tired and sluggish. Dodging another dragon like creature's lance, he wrapped his tail around his attacker and threw him hard into another charging one, but failed to notice a flying scythe before it scraped his side.

"ARGH!" He cried, clutching his side painfully. "Gramps, this isn't going to last much longer. We need a new plan."

"There's no time young dragon." Gramps replied, performing an aerial flip to avoid a lance and to strike it's holder. "We must hold these creatures back as best we can for as long as we can."

"I hope we can." Haley said softly next to Jake before diving and kicking another scythe wielding creature. "Because at this rate, our efforts will all be for nothing."

No matter what town or city you went to, it was the same. Danny Phantom, his family and his friends, Sam, Tucker and Valerie, used every power and ghost weapon they had the hold back the assault at Amity Park, with Jack screaming "GHOST!" every five minutes until he finally figured out the ghost shield and thermoses weren't working even slightly.

In Middleton, Kim Possible, her family, Ron Stoppable and Monique Madden fight desperately, using gadgets created by Wade or the twins to hold the creatures off from the terrified crowd running out of the city. Kim can be seen frequently by the people evacuating, using the hook in her battle suit to swing from buildings and plough her blue glowing hands and feet into any pursuers and road blocks.

At the Xiaolin temple, the names of Shang Gong Wu fly as much as the creatures as the monks fight back with every bit of magic and martial arts skill they possess, Omi and the others leading the charge with a barrage of the elements. Though thrown back often, few are quickly defeated.

For over an hour, the battles continued. Those who fought back tried their best, but were far too out numbered to and though most had managed to keep everyone alive, many were wounded and all were left very tired. The warriors of Middleton, Amity Park and New York quickly fell back to regroup and recuperate as soon as the civilians had left the area. Max had his team pull back to an underground base as soon as Bellwood was cleared. Soon, only those fighting at Tokyo and the Xiaolin temple kept going and even they were on the verge of collapsing from the amount of sheer energy it took to fight their opponents.

"Argh!" Vegeta cried as multiple creatures hit him with energy cards, knocking his drained body back five meters before skimming across the ground.

The other Z Fighters were pretty much going through the same treatment. All of them were battered and bruised and gasping for breath.

"There's just no end to them." Videl puffed, clasping her right shoulder.

Omi back flipped out of the way of a big creature going berserk with an overly large sword, only for another creature to rise up from the ground and snare his leg in a tentacle before flinging him into Clay. As the two fell into a tangled mess on top of Kimiko, Rai leaped over them, thrusting his hands out.

"Wudai star wind." He called, releasing a powerful gale from his hands, blowing the others creatures away before sending the one trying to sink back into the earth into the air. Wasting no time, he threw his grey metal covered hand into his pocket and whipped out a necklace, pointing it straight at the pest.

"Crest of the condor, eye of Dashi, Wind!" The elemental Armour on his arm glowed, as did the jewel in the necklace before a very powerful blast of wind and lightning shot out and destroyed the creature, as well as a few flying behind it.

Smirking at the result, he was caught off guard as another with pink legs jumped up and spun him before tossing him into the ground, crying out in pain when he landed on his back.

"We're outnumbered a hundred to one. How do we beat this, call out the sapphire dragon?" Kimiko groaned, tossing the boys off of her before running over to check on Rai.

"Won't do much good, there's too many of them." Clay groaned as he got back to his feet before narrowly dodging another assault.

"Young monks, get into the vault use the sphere of yun to protect yourselves. Get some rest, we're going to need you at full strength again quickly." Master Fung ordered as he simultaneously knocked away three of the creatures.

"But master Fung-"

"Go Omi, I'll be fine." Master Fung interrupted firmly, knocking down another two enemies.

"Come on Omi, he knows what he's doing." Rai said, grabbing Omi's shoulders and leading him to the vault. "We'll be no good to him or anyone else if we don't get our strength back."

The teenaged monks quickly jumped through the door to the vault, sealing it shut as best they could before grabbing the sphere of yun in case the creatures got through.

"We should be safe for now." Clay sighed, sinking to the ground in exhaustion.

"What are these creeps anyway?" Raimundo asked tiredly, following Clay's example.

"I have no idea." Dojo exclaimed, popping out from under Clay's hat. "They're not in any of the scrolls, I can tell you that."

"I'll see if I can find anything on the net." Kimiko called, pulling out her laptop that had been conveniently left by the vault. It only took her a moment to set it up and get to work on the mystery. What she found caused her eyes to widen and her face go pale. "I don't know what they are, but they're attacking the entire world."

The all-out invasion had quickly gotten close to the point of victory as all the world's major cities were evacuated and all military bases, airports and ports were either captured or destroyed, leaving the world almost defenceless. Most people, other then reporters and meta-humans, had gone out to the country for safety, but it wouldn't be long for the creatures to catch up to them, in many places, they already did. The white beings continued their merciless attack constantly, never stopping. However, those watching the creatures were given a surprise just before the sun set of the Californian coast as the creature simultaneously stopped advancing.

"That's weird." Rai commented, staring out the window at the temple.

"Why did they just suddenly stop?" Kim Possible asked, standing in front of a giant screen at her father's lab where she and her family and friends were holding down the fort.

"I'm sorry, but weren't they trying to take over just a second ago?" Danny Phantom asked, staring down at the now still creatures from the ops centre.

The answer to the sudden halt was discovered just as sunset occurred in Los Angeles. In the midst of the twilight, a giant flash of light arose from the centre of the now almost empty city. It lasted for a the whole sunset, with the reporters recording the event on live TV, and when it fell into night, it fell to reveal a simply enormous white castle, emblazoned with a symbol noticeable on all the creatures attacking the world just above the main entrance and on every tower wall.

"This Michael Turner, live in LA where a giant castle has just appeared out of the light."

"As you can see, it bares the symbol of these white creatures and is most likely their fortress."

"This surely marks the end of our world. I'm Kane Jones say, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

Everywhere around the world, people were staring wide eyed at the screen of either a TV or computer, completely caught off guard by this turn of events.

The world gasped even louder as every station, whether the reporters were finished or not immediately black out, only for the screens to light up a moment later. However, instead of the reporters in front of the castle, every station showed the exact, same thing: a man in a black cloak with his face hidden by the darkness created by his hood.

"People of Earth. I am the leader of an organisation of very special individuals." The hooded figure started, his voice void of emotion.

In Tokyo, the Z Fighters had gathered together, taking advantage of the reprieve to catch their breaths and glaring at a giant screen that had miraculously stayed in one piece.

"The group I speak of is called Organisation 13. We are a group consisting of the greatest form of Nobodies." He continued as the Xiaolin Monks frowned at Kimiko's computer screen, along with Master Fung as he came in to check up on them while the enemy rested, while Ben and the other plumbers' kids did the same with the main computer at their base.

"Nobodies were once people like you that existed in other dimensions, but creatures called heartless, beings created by the darkness held within someone's heart, has taken their hearts and increased their kind. When this happens, if the individual's will is strong enough, their body and soul continues to walk the worlds on it's own, but devoid of emotion. The stronger the will and the more powerful the person to fall, the stronger Nobody they will become."

The Possibles and friends stared wide eyed at the screen. As people of science, neither of the adult Possibles could believe some like this was actually possible. The Fentons and friends were staring at their TV with similar expressions.

"Those in Organisation 13 are the most powerful and strongest willed of those to be taken by the heartless and unlike our weaker and more simpleminded brethren, have maintained our human form. My name is Xemnas, number one and the superior of the Organisation." With that, he lowered his hood, revealing a pale face, long, white hair and unnatural looking, orange eyes. His face, like his tone of voice, beared no emotion, only a cold deadness that most thought was impossible to create. "We are here to take this world as a base of operations for ourselves in taking over all the dimensions. The people of this dimension shall all be capture and turned into heartless by those we have brought with us before being subjected to the keyblade, like those in other worlds, fighting our foes so that we may properly gather the hearts for our ultimate plan. However, while that means the majority of you will simply die, those with strong enough wills will join us and acquire ultimate power. Your end is here, be prepared." With that, the screens went blank once again, the reporters returning to the screens a moment later. As Jake turned from the TV he and his family had watched in Gramps' shop while they regrouped to the door to see the creatures, now identified as heartless husks called Nobodies, back on the attack, only one thing crossed his mind.

"This is so beyond bad."