In English we have been studying Shakespeare's 'Othello'. Fantastic play but his character reminded me of the Doctor. A lot of storm imagery is related to them both.

The characters I will try to make as close to the DW versions as possible. Koschei is the Master and Theta Sigma is the Doctor, they are both aliens but no one knows about Koschei.

I'll be changing some of the language to make it more legible.

Character list
duke of venice - face of boe
brbantio - jackie
grantiano - pete
lodovico - jake
motano - sarah-jane
othello - theta sigma(doctor)
cassio - jack
iago - koschei(master)
roderigo - mickey
clown - adam
desdemona - rose
emilia - martha
bianca - donna

Which do you think would be the better doctor for this fic?
9th or 10th

I hope to get it out soon so keep a look out and REVIEW!!!