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Summary: What happens when an imprint does not grow into love? Will Jacob and Nessie be able to retain their connection while trying to build their own lives?

A story about friendship and love from both points of view. Nessie is growing at a human rate, without a gift, and is still 100% human. This story begins in January 2024, the year that she will turn 18 and gradually will become a vampire.

Chapter 1: Daydreaming


January 9

I shifted through the songs on my IPod, looking for something that would reflect my mood. What is this mood anyway? A smile came across my face, as I stared up to the ceiling of my room. I felt like peacefully floating and crazy bed jumping at the same time. Jasper says my inner turmoil has been driving him insane lately. Too bad for him I can't block my emotions the way I can hide my thoughts. I am eternally grateful for inheriting mom's shield, 'cause dad would have killed me by now, if he could see inside my head. And killed him too…

Him… Closing my eyes, I see his smile before me. The way he blushes and looks down when I tease him too much, the way he can laugh out loud in public at my lame jokes, he is absolutely adorable. God, I hate to sound like a love sick teenager, but what can I say? I AM in love. And although I have just realized this a couple of months ago, I think I must have been in love for a long time now. Me and Josh have been inseparable since the first day my family let me go to school. They tried to warn me many times before, not to get too close to the humans, I would only get hurt. But I have a way of always going the exact opposite direction I am being pushed at. And since they could see I was already very attached to my best friend Josh, they just let me be. I am thankful to Jake for keeping them off my back. Where is Jake anyway? I thought he didn't have wolf duties today?

I picked up my cell and pressed the recall button. I didn't even have to check if his number was on top, it always is. Although I count Jake in the "big brother" category, he is actually my best friend. Despite the age difference, he understands me, and I can confide everything in him.

"Hey Ness", he said cheerfully.

"Hey, you coming over today?"

"Maybe later, Sam needs me at the rez for at least another hour…"


"What's up? Need some Jake-time?"

"Did you just wink?" I grinned.

"Sure did". I love the sound of him laughing.

"I'm fine, just wondering where you were. And dreaming about him of course"

"Of course. I bet Jasper is having a great time"

" As long as he doesn't tell dad, we all will live"

"Nessie, do you honestly think Edward hasn't scanned every male that does as much as look at you? As soon as Josh has one ungentlemanly thought, you would be so busted."

"So this means he never has inappropriate thoughts about me then?" I tried not to sound too disappointed. Although I could tell Jake everything, I didn't actually do this. Everybody was so willing to believe I was this innocent little girl, who am I to shake their world? He was silent a little too long now.

"Do you want that then?" he asked carefully.

"Um… No. I don't know. Maybe?"

Jake sighed. Was I shaking his world now? Better correct quickly.

"I mean… It depends on what you would call inappropriate. I'm sure dad would want to bite his head off if he ever thought of asking me on a date. Or maybe even be my boyfriend…" The last statement sounded more like a pleading. As in, please don't laugh at me.

"Nessie… I am sure he already wants to be your boyfriend and there is nothing Edward can do about that. If he doesn't, then he is either really stupid…"

"Has dad told you any of Josh's thoughts?"

"You know we don't talk about those things. Me imprinting on you means I will always be there for you, to be anything you need. And right now, you need a friend you can trust. Edward knows that and therefore stays out of my head."

"Yeah, I know… I just thought…"

"And he doesn't tell me what's on people's mind either, because he knows you will get it out of me, and use it like the little manipulator you are." He chuckled. " Anyway, what did he do today to deserve your utter devotion and daydreaming?"

"I will pretend you didn't just mock my feelings." I stuck my tongue out at the phone, although he couldn't see me "And Josh just has to be his sweet self to keep my devotion." I added in an over the top dreamy voice, just to bug him some more with my girly behavior.

"Look, Sam's here. I gotta go. Maybe I'll come by later, but don't wait up, okay?"

"Sure Jake, bye bye"

I wasn't going to wait up, unexpected things tend to come up in the pack, and Jake, practically the alpha, needs to be around to fix things. So I changed into my pajamas and crawled under the covers. Back to the daydreaming then…

Josh wasn't my boyfriend, but mostly when this thought crosses my mind, I add "yet". The way he looks at me, he's got to feel the same, it's only a matter of time till he makes his move. And although I can be annoyingly pushy, or so my family says, I would wait for Josh, sweet shy Josh.

Hmm, there was a question Jake made me think about for a while. Do I want Josh to have ungentlemanly thoughts about me? I can only say I do. I don't need him to act on them, in most ways I still am an innocent girl, but the thought of him fantasizing about me was more than a little turn on. What would he think about? Would he dream about kissing me? Undressing me in the backseat of my car? Or maybe go further than that? Thinking about those things made my stomach jump and my heartbeat rise. I sure was not ready for any backseat action, but as I imagined Josh touching himself while dreaming of me, I began to do the same. While dreaming of him of course…