Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie, baby Lily, and Echo the puppy :)

Summary: This one is just a little idea I came up with, inspired by my own discovery of what 'Boxing Day' meant when I was younger.

It was Boxing day at the Hyperion. Most of the Scoobies were packing their bags for the trip home the following day, Angel and Spike were sleeping in to make up for their usual nocturnal schedule being interrupted, Illyria was off God only knew where, and Faith and Sophie were watching T.V, with Echo curled up between them on the couch.

"Auntie Faith, why is today called Boxing Day?" Sophie asked.

"Um.." Faith, relatively new to celebrating a traditional Christmas, was stumped. "I don't know, Little Red. When I was a kid I thought they must have had boxin' on T.V all day" she paused and flipped through the channels. "Nope, not that. Let's go ask your Moms."


So, the trio(Faith had picked up the sleeping Echo and brought him with them so no-one would accidentally sit on the pup while she was gone) headed upstairs, to the room where Willow and Tara were currently packing their bags.

"Hey Red, Blondie, either of you know why today's called Boxin' Day?"

"Uh.." Tara thought for a moment. "No, I don't."

"And I've only celebrated Christmas for the last couple of years, so I never had any reason to know" said Willow.

"Okay, let's go asks Auntie Buffy" said Sophie.


"I don't know either" said Buffy, after the group, now with Willow and the heavily pregnant Tara in tow, asked their question. "But I think I remember Mom explaining it when I was younger. Let's go ask Dawn if she remembers."


Before long, the party had grown to include Dawn, Connor, Xander, and Andrew. Nobody wanted to disturb Angel or Spike, both of whom were still sleeping, and Illyria, even if they had known where she was, wouldn't have had anymore knowledge than they did. This left only one more person to ask.

"Hey, G-man!" Faith called, knocking on the Watcher's door. Giles emerged from the room, surprised to see the large group assembled outside of it.

"Good Lord, are we being attacked?"

"No" said Sophie. "We just wanted to know why today is called Boxing Day."

"Oh" said Giles, cleaning his glasses. "Well, traditionally, Boxing Day is the day that all the discarded packaging from Christmas presents is gathered and thrown out."

"Oh" said Sophie. The rest of the group looked around at each other.

"Is there a problem?" Giles asked.

"Not really" said Faith. "It's just that after all the time we spent searchin' for it, that answer is kind of anti-climactic."