Ok well here's my first chapter, I hope you all enjoy it and I'd love to hear what you think even if it's bad.

Just a quick note: I changed a couple of things from the Epilogue of Deathly Hallows, the main one being Lily's age as I made her one year younger than Albus and Scorpius (And I added a year to James making him 3 years older than Lily) because I felt it sat better with the story, there are a few others but I'm sure you'll notice them as you read :)

Oh and I don't own any of the characters used or the world of Harry Potter I'm just an addicted fan!

Chapter one – First Sight

"No, now stop asking me." my father's tone was growing more and more furious by the second but Albus wasn't deterred, in fact it only seemed to make him more determined.

"Come on dad, he's my friend, you let James bring his friends home over summer!" I peeked over the pages of my book and watched my youngest brother struggling to keep up with our father's wide strides as he paced toward the kitchen.

"Well James wasn't friends with a Malfoy." I cringed at his icy tone and Al huffed in frustration, of all the friends he could have chosen in his first year at school trust Albus to pick a Malfoy.

"What bloody difference does it make what his name is?" he exclaimed throwing his hands up and swiftly receiving a sharp slap on the back of the head from mum.

"Watch your language Albus Potter!"

"Aw mum…" he grumbled miserably, rubbing the back of his head. "Can't he just stay for one night, please?" nobody could mistake the pleading in his tone and I saw my dad's resolve waver for a second before he set his jaw firm again and shook his head.

"No." Al's shoulders slumped and he collapsed miserably into a chair at the dining table.

"I see what he means now, nobody is willing to give him a chance just because of something as silly as a name." my disheartened brother heaved himself up out of the chair and slumped off towards the stairs.

"Harry…" only my dad and I heard mum's soft whisper, she gave her husband a beseeching look and nodded towards Al, I watched my dad's argument disappear from his face and he heaved a heavy sigh.

"One night." He said loud enough for my brother to hear, his miserable expression was immediately replaced with a beaming smile and he punched the air triumphantly.

"Yes! Thanks dad, I'm gonna go tell Scor!" he darted up the stairs cheering gleefully and I giggled from behind my book.

"One day I'm going to regret that decision." Dad muttered slouching back in his chair, I watched mum laugh softly and give his messy black hair a kind ruffle.

"Don't be so pessimistic dear, they're just friends." Dad grunted, clearly not sharing her view of things but my attention had already drifted elsewhere to our upcoming visitor.

I sat on my windowsill and watched the car pull up outside, Al was the first one out running excitedly round to grab his best friend's arm and drag him toward the house leaving dad to close all the doors. The young boy was a complete contrast to my lively brother bouncing around from excitement, he walked slowly and calmly hiding his face behind his unusual silvery white hair. They disappeared inside and I heard mum greeting them from the kitchen, I turned my gaze back to the window and watched dad lock up the car and start toward the house, he looked up at my window knowing I would be sitting watching and winked at me before walking from view. One good thing had come of my dad's dislike of having a Malfoy over and that was that I didn't have to dress up nicely and go downstairs to greet him like I had with all the other guests.

I skipped dinner and stayed sprawled on my bed deeply engrossed in my book which I was close to finishing now, nobody had bothered me all day thanks to the commotion of having a visitor but I wasn't complaining, I preferred to be left alone sometimes. The boys had spent most of the day playing Quidditch outside only popping back inside to indulge in some of the many treats mum had cooked for them to make a good impression.

A soft creak of a loose floorboard broke my concentration and I glanced up at my door to see an unfamiliar face peering back at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was looking for the bathroom." Most of his face was obscured by his white hair falling untidily from its parting and I noticed the shy tinge to his voice.

"Next on the right." I told him looking back at my page, in my peripheral vision I saw him nod but he didn't move from my doorway.

"You're Al's sister, Lily." He said quietly, I could tell he was quite pleased with himself for remembering.

"Yes." I replied simply keeping my eyes locked on my paragraph hoping he would take the hint and leave me to read.

"I'm Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy." I heaved a heavy sigh and snapped my book closed with a loud thud making the older boy jump slightly.

"Yes I know." I didn't bother trying to hide the irritation in my voice and his brow furrowed into a frown.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you." He said hastily slipping out of the room and closing the door, immediately I felt the guilt creeping on and groaned miserably, I scrambled off the bed and threw open the door.

"Wait," I called rushing out, he stopped in the hallway and turned around nervously.

"How are you liking it in the Potter house?" it was a weak attempt at conversation but it was the best I had, his expression lightened and he even smiled a little.

"It's wonderful, everyone's so…friendly." I frowned at the odd choice of word but shrugged away the questions it provoked.

"It gets pretty crazy at times, you're lucky you haven't been to the burrow yet." I thought fondly of our huge family gatherings that more often than not dissolved into complete chaos.

"It must be nice having such a big family." I knew from what my dad had said that he was an only child which must have been lonely.

"It was annoying at first but I guess I'm used to it now." the truth was I loved my crazy family, I loved their hectic meals filled with gran barking orders and Uncle George letting loose his Weasley fireworks.

"It's a lot different to what I'm used to." He mumbled with a distant expression, I felt the sudden urge to hug him but quickly repressed it.

"I'll let you get back to your book, it looked like you were almost finished." He gave me a small smile and I gazed into his eyes for the first time, they were a captivating colour of grey that seemed to shimmer in the light.

"Oh…yes I am." I couldn't tear my eyes from his and even after he'd given me a nod and walked away I was left standing in the hallway stunned by the memory of those eyes. Now I was even more eager for my first year at Hogwarts to come around.