The cool morning air brushes on my face as I put my head out of the helicopter. The sound of the blades chopping the air above me was loud and it caused a lot of unwanted vibrations in the cabin. The cabin was just enough to fit the four of us and all our gear. It includes two hand grenades, a black automatic rifle with a scope at the top together with 6 ammo clips each consisting of 30 bullets. My team and I are going to an enemy base discovered late last night in the dead of the night. We had to reach there as quickly as possible because it was a rally point for them. The Syndicate.

The Syndicate, former man behind the gruesome crimes was Muro, my brother. His hair was a purple spike, or which id love to refer him when I am with my comrades. How he died you ask? I killed him. I smashed his face with my fist when I went to an over powering stage whereby I used more hypos than I am supposed to and my daodan, a chrysalis implanted by my uncle several years ago, reacts to it and I get this extra power. It feels really great. Muro deserved his death because of all he has done to the society. Luckily I stopped him before he could launch his final mission of killing us with the contaminated atmosphere by reversing the job of the atmospheric processors.

However, that was two years ago. Now we are in a much more devastated planet on the verge of destruction. I joined the Salvage Corps last year while trying to find survivors in my location. I was immediately promoted to location commander after the previous location commander died from a gun fire. My group consists of 117 people, most have been in combat for a long time and are always combat ready.

"Mai! You alright? You looked dazed." Said Falcon, my team's sniper. "Yeah I am fine just a little tired. I think ill go take a nap. Tell me 5 minutes before we reach the rally point. "Roger".

"Alright all troops get ready. We will be touching ground in T minus 5 minutes" Said Jackson, the Pilot. "Hey Mai! Wake up were almost there. You feeling better?" Said Falcon. "Yes. Alright guys take everything don't leave anything behind and I mean it Healy, remember the time you forgot your water bottle? I don't wana share mine with you again this time!." Said Mai.

"Touch down were all clear to go." Said Jackson. "Alright Hawkeye two and three deploy your troops now." Said Jackson. The troops then got out and secured the perimeter around the landing zone before the helicopters took off. "Hawkeye. Lift! We will be scouting the area." Said Jackson. "Lets move out guys." Said Mai into her helmet mike. They creep behind a deserted wall and launched their lifting cranes over the wall. Mai led the group to a door with the sign of the Syndicate. The group surrounds the door while Mai got ready to kick open the door. 3…2…1… she signalled to them and she kicked down the huge door which seems nearly impossible for her size. "Wow Ma'am. And you did not even have to use your over power mode. That's a first." Said Mai's Demolitions man, Steel "That's cause it's a fake! Its all made of paper and card board." Mai said in an angry tone. "But why Ma'am?" Said Falcon. "Because they want to tell us they have gathered all the power they need to try to end us all again. Coppers! Pick us up I will create a landing zone.". Mai took out her semi automatic rifle and shot the "walls" around her and it just crumbled down like dust.

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