An Unlikely Romance

by Rizember


Chapter 1: I do not belong to you


For windalchemist001 , who saved my fic's butt…


Summary: Naruto has awoken as a fox and has no recollection of being human...He's found by Sasuke who decides to take him in...In the meantime, everyone's around looking for the human Naruto...


Disclaimer: yadee yadaa, I own nadaa...


Naruto's POV

The air was chilly and the birds were chirping.

It was because of these two vague clues that my awesome powers of deduction came to an ingenious conclusion:

It was morning.

I opened one eye to check, just in case...and indeed, the sun was just rising.

Man, I'm awesome.


The stupid birds had woken me up at dawn.

What the hell.

The sun was barely present and birds were already chirping beautifully.

Stupid birds.

What I wouldn't give to have them all spontaneously combust...

I blinked and looked up at the trees.

For some reason, it seemed strange that I should be there but where else would I be?

Staring up at the tree harboring these fools of nature, I stretched and smiled.

Plotting evil early in the morning is just one of the simple joys of life.

I leapt onto the tree and, defying the one law of gravity (which states: Stay down fool), I crept up it.

Feeling particularly wicked, I stuck my claws into a tree and crept up, not wanting to get permission from gravity or any of the other pompous laws of nature.

The offending birds were blissfully unaware of my presence.

Pulling myself up, I growled and stared hard at the offending birds.







Chirp... chirp.

Deciding to cut this short, I leapt onto their branch and laughed heartily as they squawked madly and flew away.



I made my way to the stream.

The sun was finally up but it was still terribly early...oh well, at least I'd gotten rid of the birds.

You know when people describe a beautiful sunrise being all golden and glorious?

Well… It's actually a rather disappointing yellow.

I leaned down over the water and paused, looking at my reflection.


I am one good looking fox.

I don't mean to brag but... Damn.

I mean, you should see me...this beauty is unparalleled.

I stretched, swishing my four tails and-


Four tails...

Four… tails...

I knew it!

I knew something was strange!


How did I not figure this out sooner?

With my dark golden fur and innocent baby blue eyes, I'd be ruling the forest in a matter of minutes!

Being this hot should be considered an S-class jutsu, whatever that means.

With these looks, world domination is inevitable.

Tearing myself from my gaze lest I give in to the fate of Narcissus (and let's face it, I'm way smarter than that guy), I leaned further toward the river.

I took a drink of water, careful not to fall in cause that would just be really gross- swimming in my drinking water...


Besides, I hate getting wet.

As I looked away from myself (which was almost impossible ), I turned back to face the forest and caught the scent of something that was definitely not from the forest. Cause really, all I ever smell here is pee from those idiot animals that seem to think it's necessary to go around marking their territory with piss.

The unsanitary vagrants.

But I digress...

I had caught the whiff of a heavenly scent; the smell of something that promised to solve all my problems, cure incurable diseases and gain world peace.

Blindly, I followed it.

It was wonderful, powerful... Just calling out to me like a lover in one of those shows where everyone's related to everyone else and there's always some guy called Fernando.

I rushed through the forest and hesitated slightly when I reached a wall.

A wall meant people.

People mean fur coats.

Fur coats meant rich, old ladies.

I'm rather attached to my fur and I don't think old ladies could pull it off quite as well as I do.

I should head back.

It should be instinct to stay away but...

That smell!

Maybe I should go ba-

Ah, screw it!

Whatever caution I had (barely) left me as I climbed the walls and leapt into a dark alleyway.

People were up and moving about and there were a bunch of other people leaping from the rooftops. They didn't matter though; the people on the ground, however, did.

They would delay my progress but I had all the time in the world. It's not like a fox has work to be early for.

I snuck past the people, using my natural cunning, magnificent grace and astonishing speed- and then I saw it: the place where the breathtaking scent was coming from.

Ichiraku's ramen.

Yeah, I can read... and as soon as I get to eat whatever it is that's smelling so good, I'll ponder deeply on why exactly I can read.

But for now, the laws of the universe can wait.

I'm hungry.

I ran over to the stand, dodging feet, dropped fruit and a baby carriage.

I was the epitome of stealth.

My mouth was watering and if they weren't careful, the villagers would be drowned soon.

I was almost there. Just a few more feet...



I hissed that the offending foot, biting it as the person flinched and got off my tail.

I glared up at the fool who dared -

The 'fool' was glaring back at me.

I hissed defiantly.

If you hadn't stepped on my tail, I wouldn't have bitten you. Now we're even.

Run along.

Go on, shoo.

SCRAM! Do you speak-?

He picked me up by the scruff of my neck, which bloody hurt, and had me hissing again and-

"Oooh...Sasuke, she's so cute!"

I was taken away and crushed against two round...

Was I in heaven?

I blinked and looked up at a pink haired girl who was cooing down at me.

"Oh wow, where did you find her?"

I was pulled into another pair of arms and even more squishy, round...


See what I said about world domination?

This one had long blonde hair and pale blue eyes (much less beautiful than mine) but her...Ahem...chest was quite impressive I must admit.

Unfortunately, she squealed.

"You can live with me!"

Pinky growled, "Like hell she will! She's coming with me!"

I blinked.



I'm a boy, you morons!

"He's mine."

We froze and turned slowly to face my executioner, 'Sasuke' I think it was.

His face was expressionless as he took me into his arms and held me like I was a freakin pet.

Damn him.

Thinks he's the bloody godfather or something...

Come to think of it, I can totally see him in the Mafia.

Well, at least he knows I'm male.

The girls sighed, disappointed and Pinky said, "Fine Sasuke. You found her first anyway."

Him, dammit!


The girls blinked.


The bastard then turned me upside-down and-


Please tell me they are not all staring at my crown jewels...

The damn perverts!

"Oh," Pinky said breathlessly.

I smirked.

Yeah baby...

She was so obviously impressed.

Dr. Evil then put me the right side up and I growled at him.

He probably has some kind of animal fetish he needs to use me for.

I gulped.

The girls waved and left, but not before taking my paw and saying, "Shake."

What am I, a bloody retriever?

I'm a fox, you retards! Not a dog. Say it with

Now I know this may confuse you because fox and dog do have three letters each but we do not look alike at all!

Dammit, I'm gorgeous!

Then something clicked, the gears in my head being unusually slow today.

The dark haired, dark eyed, tail-crushing boy had said I was his.


I'm a freaking wild animal!

I have rights! I have feelings! I have opinions!

I do not belong to you!

But the girls were walking away and my desperate hissing was being ignored by everyone.


Did they think it was happy hissing? I'm not a snake, they should be worried! They should call animal control! They should call PETA! They should give me some food!

I don't wanna go with Sasuke! He's scary!

But it was too late.

We were already at what I assumed was his home.

There were lots of houses there...but no one else was around.


"I live alone," Sasuke said, as if he as trying to explain it to me. either the boy was super rich which would explain the massive complex all too himself...or he'd done in his whole family.

I struggled to get out of his grasp...

I was too cute to die!

Heck, I've never even mated before!



He was stroking under my chin.

A little to the left...yeah...right there... Mhmmm...

Hell no. I did not just purr. That was all in his imagination.

In a moment of weakness on his part (or a pause in his stroking, whatever), I leaped out of his arms.

I am not some stupid pet.

I am a respectable, highly attractive fox who deserves to be-

"You need a bath. You'll feel better after."

I looked up at him in disbelief.

Was he an idiot or what?


I huffed as he left, obviously ignoring me.

I suspect he doesn't speak fox.

I looked around at the nicely furnished room.

The doors and windows were all closed but it was far from stuffy.

I walked into what I assumed was the dining room and smirked.

It was well decorated and furnished, too.

I sniggered.

The boy was probably gay.

I went through every open room in the house. There were three locked doors I couldn't get in and one closed one that I approached with caution.

I heard water running and backed away, remembering what he'd said.

A bath?


That'll make me feel better?

This guy's obviously on something dangerous.

There is a reason that there are no baths in the wild. We animals met many centuries ago and decided that smelling like strawberries just wasn't


Therefore, plan A.

I. must. escape.

The door swung open and just as I was about to high-tail it out of there, I was picked up by two of my tails- which hurt like hell- and I was abruptly

thrown into a tub half filled with warm water.!

The water was laced with a lavender shampoo! Lavender!


My lovely, macho scent! Going down the drain! No!

I was scrubbed and washed in places I'd rather not recall, scrambling to get out the whole time.

When he drained the tub and picked me up, I glared at him, hoping he'd drop dead and I could go get some food.

He pulled out a towel and dried me.

When he put me down I ran to the living room and rolled around on the carpet, knowing I looked like a fuzzy ball of fluff and wanting desperately to

get back to normal.

He entered the room and chuckled.

"I take it you hate baths."

What was your first clue, Sherlock?

Sasuke picked me up and took me upstairs to one of the locked doors.

He took out a key and unlocked the door.

His room, I assume, was actually pretty neat, although it lacked posters and other teen stuff there.

He picked me up and put me on his bed.

It was really comfy...

He lay down next to me, opened a book and a packet of potato chips, which I quickly hijacked.


Sasuke sighed.

"I know you're in! Come open the door or I'll just break it down!"

Swearing under his breath, Sasuke got up and left, I assume to open the door, even as I made short work of the chips.

I followed him down a few minutes later, having done away with the chips.

The pink haired girl from before was at the door, looking worried.

"Are you sure?" Sasuke was asking, sounding concerned, which seemed strange to me.

Sakura nodded. "No one's seen him since last week after he left for training."

Sasuke turned away, grabbing a coat-

"No," the girl stopped him with a stern look. "Tsunade said we have no idea what exactly is going on so she sent Kakashi and Yamato to look for him."

My ears perked up.

Someone was lost?

For the dark prince to be upset, must be someone close...

A brother?

"We can't just do nothing."

Sakura frowned, "Well, we can't help him until we know what-"

Sasuke made to leave. "I'll go, too."

"No, Sasuke," Sakura blocked the door, hands blazing green. "Naruto will be okay."

Sasuke sighed and nodded grudgingly.

I tilted my head, looking up at the poor sap.

He really seemed unhappy.

Before my pride realized what I was doing, I was curling up to his leg.

Sakura smiled warmly at me and Sasuke, after an impatient glance, picked me up and walked into the lounge.

Sakura followed and said, "I know you want to go and be the one to save him, if at all he needs saving, but Sasuke, I think you need to stay away from him, just for a while."

Sasuke nodded.

I sat there on his lap, actually interested.

Sakura sat down by him. "He was banged up pretty bad and I know he didn't show it but he was really glad you were back. It's just," she sighed. "He had to change and he

did, a lot...just so they could take him seriously and listen to him. You pretending everything is just the way it was definitely wasn't helping."

Sasuke turned away. "Hn."

I rolled my eyes.

What does 'Hn' mean anyway?

Wait, was Naruto his boyfriend?

"When he gets back, give him space will you?" Sakura continued. "I'm sure he'll come around."

Sasuke frowned, not bothering to reply.

I stared back and forth between them.

What the hell was going on?

Sakura stood and Sasuke picked me up, walking her to the door.

At the door, she smiled and patted my head, then smiled warmly at Sasuke.

"Don't worry. He's still your best friend..."

I think Sasuke almost smiled.

When Sakura left, Sasuke went into the kitchen.

After a few minutes, he returned with two bowls of... couldn't be...

...that heavenly scent from this morning...

"It's ramen," he said, placing the bowl on the floor in front of me.

He sat down with a book.

I couldn't believe it.

I licked at it, afraid it might not be real...then I lost all restraint and dug in.

When I was done, I looked up at him.

He was officially almost my hero.


He smirked down at me.

I cocked my head at him, curious.

"You sort of remind me of him. You have the same eyes," Sasuke said before shaking his head and muttering under his breath.

I must admit, I felt bad for the schmuck...he did really look sad.

And looking sad didn't really seem like his kind of look.

I'm pretty sure he's more of an 'evil glare' kinda guy...

I wondered what was up with him and fell asleep to the stroking motion of his hand under my chin.

Maybe staying here temporarily wouldn't be so least until I got the whole story...

What can I say?

I'm a sucker for love stories.


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