An Unlikely Romance

by Rizember


Chapter 13: An Unlikely Romance


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Previously: I ran to a window and jumped out, sure that Kyuubi was following.

"Who is it?" I asked, as we moved.


"How did he get in? Why did he take Sasuke? What is he-"

"Calm down."

For once, I listened to Kyuubi. I had to be calm about this; otherwise I doubted either Sasuke or me would get out alive and unbonded to the old guy.

And he would have us in the torture division.

I made clones and sent them to Tsunade, Kakashi and Sakura, praying they'd get to them in time. If I failed to get Sasuke out, I had no doubt Danzou would use his status as a council member to convince them that Sasuke's death had been necessary or that I had killed him and then myself in an insane demon moment.

I shivered as pushed faster.

I would save Sasuke. I had to.

Cause even if he hated me, I couldn't imagine him not being here. I couldn't live in a world where he didn't exist.

Strangling all formations of the L-word that weren't to do with lesbians, I landed in front of the Konoha Torture Division building, near the edge of the village.

Danzou was waiting.

He bowed.

"Naruto, Kyuubi… Welcome."

We ignored his pleasantries.

"Where's Sasuke?" I asked, voice hard.

He smiled and then, it wavered as he felt my killing intent.

Someone here was going to have to die.

I hoped he knew that.


Danzou had been aware that Naruto was powerful and he was positive the Uchiha and fox were even more so. It was for those reasons that he had to have them under his power and if not, well…he wouldn't be one to complain about their deaths.

To that end, he had considered simply locking Naruto, Sasuke and Kyuubi in the building and setting the place on fire but decided against that as the smoke wasn't good for his lungs.

Danzou had studied the Fourth's sealing jutsu and knew that only an exceptional chakra system would accept the Kyuubi. So when Naruto directed his killing intent on him, he hadn't been surprised, he'd been expecting that. What was surprising however, was the amount of pressure he felt weakening his resolve, almost pushing him to his knees.

It was with great effort that he stayed standing and lifted a hand, inviting Naruto and Kyuubi into the Torture Division building.

Sasuke was tied to a torture table and apart from the feeling of déjà vu that confirmed that yes, this had actually happened before- three weeks ago to be exact- he was furious that it was the exact same torture table as last time. Unless torture tables all just happened to smell like pine cones… To add salt to his injured pride, he was also gagged and the cloth tasted awful, like Danzou had run out of gag cloths and had improvised with a sweaty sock.

Naruto had to admit, Sasuke tied up like that was kind of hot. He wondered if Sasuke was the kind to be into bondage and-

Bad Naruto! Get your brain out of Sasuke's pant. Hm... Sasuke's pants. Maybe he goes commando?

Kyuubi shot Naruto a curious look as the blond's tails wagged pleasantly behind him. The traitors. Naruto coughed, turning away from Kyuubi and surreptitiously wiping away his drool.

When Sasuke saw Danzou lead Naruto and Kyuubi in, he was more furious than embarrassed. He felt overwhelmed by rage and vaguely felt, for a moment, like it was not his own. His chakra pulsed and the next moment, the room was alight with lightning from his full body chidori.

When the flashes were done, Danzou sighed, looking at Naruto and Kyuubi. "He's been doing that a lot. It's really quite irritating considering it's just a light show."

Sasuke looked murderous, his eyes narrowing at Danzou, clearly stating that as soon as he got free, he'd shove his light show somewhere Danzou might appreciate it better.

"I think he might be a tad miffed," Danzou said pleasantly.

Naruto and Kyuubi looked at him like he was insane.

He probably was.

Torture chamber number 4, specifically chosen for Sasuke, was large and had great acoustics.

Danzou was sure that Sasuke would want to hear the echoes of his cries and know that there was nothing anyone could do to save him. In the event that he even wanted to be saved… Most people just decided that life certainly wasn't worth all their years of trouble and tried to die as quickly as they could just to move it along.

Kidnapping Sasuke had been almost relatively easy considering he was an Uchiha- no matter how distracted he'd been. Danzou's Anbu had simply followed the Uchiha when he'd snuck away from Tsunade's guards to go buy Naruto ramen – cause really, who else would he be getting it for?- and when he'd left it, they'd quite easily ambushed him.

Okay, so it wasn't easy to ambush him considering he'd killed five of Danzou's men before nine of them finally managed to restrain him by faking an attack on Naruto but still it was an accomplishment.

And the Kyuubi had been there to fall for the same trick.

Danzou had them take Sasuke into the torture division without being seen and the Uchiha had been tied to the newest torture tables that Danzou had recently approved of. Being the leader of Root had it perks.

Still, he was somewhat wary of his capture of the Uchiha considering all the trouble Sasuke had caused in his past battles. Orochimaru had been defeated- but while he was weak, and Itachi, well, Itachi was still alive somewhere but the carnage he and Sasuke had managed to do to one of the old Uchiha homesteads was spectacular. If Naruto hadn't interfered, maybe Danzou would have been lucky enough to know the true extent of Sasuke's powers.

Except for now. Now, with every waste of chakra that Sasuke was doing by chidori-ing all over the place, Danzou was starting to wonder about Sasuke.

Naruto's growling caught his attention. "Either you're really confident in your ability to fight us, old man, or you're really, really stupid."

Danzou chuckled. He supposed that the room being void of any Root Anbu would seem highly presumptuous on his part but he wasn't that cocky.

"Before you try to attack me," he said, raising his hand in what was obviously a signal. "I'd like you to meet someone."

Naruto and Kyuubi found themselves facing a giant of a man with scars across his face, horribly disfiguring him. His skin was dark and rough and he resembled Ibiki slightly. Maybe he was a close relative.

Scarface had small, shifty eyes and had them narrowed and concentrated on Naruto and Kyuubi.

This hulking brute of a man would have instilled fear in any ninja, considering his chakra was immense and they could easily feel his killing intent- the kind belonging to someone who simply enjoyed killing because they were cool like that. His eyes bulged in obvious craziness and his teeth were sharpened and shark-like.

The only thing Naruto and Kyuubi seemed to be taking in however, was the fact that the man was slobbering.

"Is he alright?" Naruto asked in a hushed tone.

Kyuubi snorted. "I really doubt it."

"Why is he drooling?"

"Maybe thinks you're hot?"

Danzou huffed. "If you're done making fun of my lackey, maybe you'd like to get down to business."
"Business?" Kyuubi asked in a bored tone. "Would that involve the three of us becoming your puppets?"

"'Puppets' is such a derogatory word. I prefer pawns."

"You do realise your world domination plans might start a war and end up killing a lot of people, don't you?" Naruto enquired.

Danzou shrugged. "Sure, it's going to kill a lot of people, but they may be dying of something else anyway."

Naruto rolled his eyes at that.

Did Danzou really think they'd let him just take control of them like that?

He supposed evil masterminds were always a few pieces of string short of a fuse but then again, Danzou seemed to have planned this carelessly. Surely he should have brought more than just one slobbering goon to fight them if he were trying to get them onto the table next to Sasuke. And weren't there other people needed to start the jutsu?

"How about," Naruto started, looking at Kyuubi. "I take the big guy and you kill Danzou."

Kyuubi glanced at Danzou. "The old man covered in bandages and about to die from a weak heart? No freakin way! Why should you get all the fun?"

"This isn't about fun," Naruto sighed. "We're here to rescue Sasuke."

"Yes, yes, that's nice. Then you take the mummy and I'll fight Brutus over here."

Naruto huffed. "Fine."

Before either of them could move however, Scarface was in front of them, fists rushing toward them. Naruto and Kyuubi blinked at him from the safety of the other side of the room.

"He's fast," Naruto said, impressed. Very few people could keep up with him.

"Thank you for pointing that out," Kyuubi said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Scarface turned to them and grinned a creepy, drooling grin.

"Ugh," Naruto grimaced, dodging as Scarface once again appeared in front of them and swung.

"He's got a one track mind, hasn't he?" Kyuubi snorted.

"GUH!" The man screamed, lunging at them again.

"It speaks," Naruto muttered, by Sasuke's side, grabbing kutsaragi and leaving Sasuke still tied up.

"Those were words? You sure?" Kyuubi asked, stretching.

Danzou sighed, unamused by their commentary. "He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot. A strong one."

Naruto shrugged and sprung into the air, flipping and swinging kutsaragi at Scarface. He let out a vicious howl as his arm was cut and blood splattered Naruto.

But the cut healed the next second and he charged again, apparently not afraid of the obviously dangerous sword in Naruto's hand.

Danzou chuckled. "He doesn't know the meaning of fear."
"I have a feeling he doesn't know the meaning of a lot of words."

"That was uncalled for," Danzou admonished.

Naruto ducked a fist, wondering what the hell Kyuubi was doing.

"Need help?" Kyuubi asked innocently, a smirk clear in his voice. Naruto turned to retort and groaned as a fist connected brutally with his side. He was thrown halfway across the room.

Staring at the ceiling, he growled. "Kyuubi, I'll kill you."

He moved just before a large foot would have flattened his face.

A startled sound had Naruto turning. Chakra ropes had grabbed onto Kyuubi from an empty torture table. They tightened and dragged the resisting fox onto the table.

Kyuubi struggled the whole way there and Naruto rolled his eyes. Just great.

Scarface ran toward him and Naruto thought fast even as he blocked and dodged. Obviously cutting him up was useless when he had rapid regeneration. The only way to finish him would be to kill him off in one fell swoop. But that would be kind of difficult without a distraction. If another one of Danzou's lecherous tables grew chakra ropes like tentacles and drew him in, they'd all be done for.

Where the hell were the others?

Naruto felt the hazy sting that meant that his clones had been offed and all before they'd reached their destinations.


Well, he was Naruto Uzumaki and damn it he could totally handle this!

He made the necessary hand signals for his clones and jumped out of the way, leaving the thousand clones to deal with the big guy.

Although, that many clones kinda meant the room was crowded but whatever.

Naruto took the opportunity to swim through his clones to Sasuke and slash at the ropes with kutsaragi.

Danzou watched, looking thoroughly irritated, surrounded by yapping clones.

Sasuke pulled out the gag and grimaced, spitting before he stood up straight and grabbed kutsaragi from Naruto, raw fury clear in his eyes.

Naruto felt his groin tighten at the sight and swore.

Groaning, the blond leaned forward and placed his lips lightly onto Sasuke's.

Every other pair of eyes in the room, clones included, widened at that.

"I missed something, didn't I?" Danzou whispered to Kyuubi who just nodded.

Naruto stepped away from Sasuke, looking both smug and wary.

Sasuke glared hard at Naruto. "What the fuck was that?"
"A kiss, Sasuke," Naruto answered nonchalantly, his insides churning at Sasuke's possible reaction. "All your years of ass-kissing should have taught you that."

"You little-"

Naruto just grinned mockingly at him. "You can have more later."

Sasuke, in answer, let a charge of lightning burn the chakra ropes he'd been attached to and gave Naruto a dark look that said that that would be him next time.

Naruto took in the burned ropes and then glared at Sasuke.

"You mean you could have gotten loose this whole time?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged. "I'm a ninja. Besides," he nodded at the ceiling. "I wanted to see if that asshole would do anything to help."

Naruto looked up and scowled. "What the-"

Itachi was on the ceiling smiling down at both of them, looking like he'd been there the whole time and looking like he was clearly not useful.

They both decided it would be in their best interests to pretend he wasn't there.

Naruto sighed, "Okay then. Here's the plan. We are not going to stop, pause, hesitate, negotiate, postpone or soften our single goal of killing Danzou to allow for any counterattack coming our way."

Sasuke snorted. "When did we decide this?"
"Just now."

Sasuke chuckled and grabbed Naruto, slamming him hard into the wall.

"What the-"

Sasuke's lips effectively shut off all verbal communication as he pressed his body to Naruto's.

Naruto, shocked as he was, gaped and provided Sasuke the perfect opportunity to run his tongue into Naruto's mouth and thoroughly kiss him within an inch of his life. Naruto grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer, groaning as he kissed back just as passionately.

Sasuke's abruptly pulled away and Naruto was left out of breath and lust-filled.

Sasuke smirked. "That was a kiss. Not that half-assed lip thing you did earlier."

"Lip thing?" Naruto sputtered indignantly.

"No time to argue," Sasuke said maturely. "We have people to kill."

The clones had now lessened greatly in number and were being pounded thoroughly by the big guy.

"Can't they rasengan him?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto shook his head. "He'd just heal."


Naruto nodded and dispelled the rest of the clones, having grown tired of pain that he felt every time one returned to him.

No point passing out before an awesome battle.

"Kutsaragi can cut through him and a few kunai my clones used did as well so his skin isn't toughened or anything," Naruto said quickly as the giant looked about him, confused as to where all his clobber targets had gone.

"So we slice him up?"

"Aim for the heart. Do it quick. He shouldn't be able to regenerate if he's dead."

"And what will you be doing while I fight?"


Sasuke rolled his eyes and Naruto ran toward Scarface, successfully distracting the man. He landed a hit to the guy's face and swore as his hand felt like he'd broken it.

Thank goodness he could heal fast, too.

Naruto's eyes widened as the man did familiar-looking hand seals and-


A clone of Scarface grinned at the original and turned to face Naruto, leaving the other to Sasuke.


The man seemed to have at least half a brain. He blocked Sasuke's hits with his hands, even if it got him cut. But he protected his chest at all costs.

In frustration, Sasuke swung at his hand and the giant grabbed the sword, holding onto it long enough to throw Sasuke off balance and punch him in the gut before the sword cut through his hand.

Taking in a deep, painful breath, Sasuke glanced at Naruto who was taking his time, dodging and not attacking at all, seemingly confident that Sasuke would kill the guy and the clone would just vanish.

"That self-centred asshole," Sasuke hissed, glaring at Naruto who caught his eye and winked.

Sasuke sighed and got up. When the big idiot swung his hand and grabbed Sasuke, Sasuke smirked and lit his whole body with a full-body chidori.

The giant screamed but didn't let go of Sasuke. His clone across the room vanished and Naruto smiled at Sasuke.

Sasuke formed a lightning sword and was about to pierce the man's heart with it and kill him when suddenly the guy fell forward, dead.

Sasuke landed gracefully and stared.

Itachi yawned as eh pulled the blade from the man's back and sheathed it. He'd pierced through to the guy's heart from the looks of it. Itachi turned and smirked at Sasuke.

"You're welcome."

"For what?" Sasuke protested indignantly, the fur on his dark tail standing on end. "I was about to kill him! I'd just weakened him!"

"Sure you did."

"Tell him Naruto!"

Naruto sighed, walking toward them. "Itachi, quit taunting Sasuke. He weakened him."

"Fine, you weakened him," Itachi shrugged and turned toward Danzou. "I really should kill you."

Danzou's retort was interrupted by Sasuke grumbling. "I'll take care of him, Itachi. You go somewhere and drink some prune juice or something."
Itachi gaped. "Did you just imply that I'm old?" he turned to Naruto. "Seriously?"

Danzou shifted impatiently.

"I mean," Itachi continued, clearly affronted. "I'm nowhere near as old as that decrepit old fossil-" here he pointed at Danzou. "-and I have the skin of a-"

"ENOUGH!" Danzou shouted, his hands going to his bandages. "I will have-"

"Uh," Naruto squirmed.

Danzou frowned at being interrupted. "What?"
"I really need to use your bathroom."
"But we're about to start a battle here."

"Yeah but-"

"Fine," Danzou scowled. "Down the hall, first door to the right. You'll see a sign that says 'Men'. Pay no heed to it. Go right on in."

Naruto held himself back from giving Danzou the finger. Kyuubi had once said the man was courteous and not one to go back on his word so maybe it was best he get his pee out of the way before he started any fights.

When Naruto got back, he found Danzou and Itachi sparring evenly with their swords. It didn't look like they were even trying.

Sasuke was sitting on a torture table, talking to Kyuubi. Naruto noticed the chakra ropes around the fox had been cut.

"I'm back," he announced.

"Did you remember to wash your hands?" Danzou inquired imperiously.

"Smug sonovabitch," Naruto said under his breath after nodding.

Danzou grinned and swung his sword, twisting it at the last minute and disarming Itachi.

"Well, let's get on with this."

Naruto stood by Itachi and Sasuke and Kyuubi and they faced Danzou, surrounding him. Four against an old man. It hardly seemed fair.

"Maybe I should sit this one out," Kyuubi said, stepping back.

"You might want to take a moment to clear your heads of your imagined victory," Danzou smirked.

His grin turned malicious as green chakra erupted from his body. The bandages burned away, revealing-


Naruto felt bile rise up his throat from thinking about the origins of all those Sharingans. There were five along Danzou's one arm and one where his other eye was, kind of like Kakashi.

"That's disgusting," Naruto choked out.

Itachi snorted. "So what? You have a bunch of Sharingan eyes? So do we."

"Okay, you know what? That's some selfish shit cause I don't have any," Naruto grumbled.

"You're with us," Sasuke sighed. "You're counted in the 'we'."


Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"You can't control us with those," Itachi pointed out to Danzou. "Or use them against us successfully."

Danzou laughed. "No, not you I suppose."

Sasuke stepped protectively in front of Naruto and Danzou snorted.

"Not him."

Before they could ask him to get to the damn point, Danzou's Sharingans swirled and they heard a low growl.

"Aw crap."


Naruto rushed toward Kyuubi while Itachi charged at Danzou but it was too late. Danzou's triumphant smirk as he vanished was enough to let him know that he'd done at least part of what he'd wanted.

Kyuubi fell to the ground.

"This isn't good," Sasuke whispered.

"Wow, nothing gets passed you Sharingans users huh?" Naruto quipped, running his hands over Kyuubi and searching for possible wounds. "Is he under a genjutsu? What's happening?"

Kyuubi fell against Naruto when he tried to stand, letting out soft whimpering sounds. Red chakra was leaking from the black fox's body and steadily flowing out.

Naruto grabbed him and held on. "Are you alright? Kyuubi! What did Danzou do to-"

"Get away from me."

Naruto blinked at the harsh tone. "But Kyuu-"

Kyuubi shoved Naruto away with his tails and struggled to stand. "You all need to leave. Now."


Itachi grabbed Naruto and nodded to Sasuke. "We can't stay."

They Body Flickered and were out a few seconds when there was an explosion.

Itachi scowled at the ruins of the torture division.

Naruto shoved Itachi away, running toward the building.


A red light shone brightly into the sky and the three of them stopped short.

"Naruto, get back!" Itachi called.

Naruto ignored him, staring at the sight before him.

Kyuubi, with six tails swinging furiously was gigantic, stomping and destroying the last few buildings of the torture division.

"That was built last month," Itachi said, disapprovingly.

Sasuke and Itachi both sent him scathing looks and he held his hands up. "Sorry."

Kyuubi let out a loud, piercing howl and the three covered their ears, straining to stay standing by the force of it.

The rest of the village was, by now, obviously aware of what was going on and were screaming and running away accordingly.

Kyuubi was thrashing about as if in pain, destroying every building near him and letting out loud, powerful growls.

Anbu and ninja rushed toward them, weapons and jutsus in hand.

A short distance away, in a section not yet aware of Kyuubi's present appearance, Danzou smiled, leaning against the wall of a building. A man ran toward him to the gathered crowd.

"Run! Everybody RUN!"

Danzou, his bandages all back in place, stared calmly at him. "What's the matter?"

The man seemed to be convulsing as he struggled to talk.

"The Kyuubi! IT'S THE KYUUBI!" The man ran screaming through the streets.

Danzou smirked, jumping to the top of the building to watch the rampaging fox.

"Why yes, I do believe it is."

At the former torture division, Naruto was frantic.

Without thinking it through, Naruto made a thousand clones to block the ninjas rushing in.


The ninjas debated whether or not they should listen to the jinchuuriki. After all, the giant rampaging fox was his.

They hesitated. Naruto took that moment to run toward Kyuubi.

Kyuubi watched him, eyes red in anger and followed Naruto toward the outskirts of the village. Sasuke went after them after instructing Itachi to make sure no ninjas attacked Kyuubi.

Itachi looked at him like he was insane and sighed, nodding.

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Naruto lead Kyuubi away from the village centre. Sasuke was right behind him but he paid no attention to the Uchiha.

When they finally reached the wall, Naruto ran up it, pushing himself off of it when Kyuubi smashed it.

He spun gracefully in the air and was intercepted by Sasuke, who let them both fall onto Kyuubi's back.

"What...what do I do?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto and felt his stomach churn at the unsure expression on Naruto's face.

"Talk to him."

Naruto nodded, climbing up Kyuubi's fur to his head and screaming at him.

"Kyuubi! Stop it, you stupid fox!"

Kyuubi paused only for a moment before thrashing again.

At this rate, he was going to destroy the whole wall and then Konoha.

"Kyuubi," Naruto whispered, grabbing onto the fox. "Please, stop..."

Kyuubi ignored his soft pleas.


Sasuke rolled his eyes at that and then swore loudly And colourfully when Naruto jumped off Kyuubi and stood fearlessly in front of the pissed off demon.

Kyuubi growled low and glared at Naruto. Kyuubi raised its claw, ready to slash at Naruto.

"Fine," Naruto sighed. "Kill me."


Kyuubi struck Naruto, hitting him with enough force to send him crashing into another side of the wall. Sasuke heard bones crack and lost it.

His mind descended into darkness and he appeared in front of Naruto, drawing Kyuubi's attention.

Kyuubi glared at him and Sasuke's sharingan spun.

"Mangekyou sharingan."

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Naruto woke up in the hospital. Like he had done many times before.

Tsunade was standing over him and looking stern. Again, nothing new there.

Behind her, Sakura stood, also looking thoroughly put off.

"Okay," Naruto sighed. "What happened this time?"

He heard someone shift and looked at the side. Sasuke was on the bed beside his and Kyuubi was sitting on the floor between them. Thoughts of the battle, Danzou's evil bastardry and Kyuubi going nuts suddenly filtered into his brain.

"No wait, I remember. Explain everything I don't already know."

Kyuubi shifted, uncomfortably. "Danzou placed a jutsu on me. The same as Madara did…"

"To control you?"

Kyuubi shook his head. "No, he's not that powerful. He simply called on all my rage and…"

And let Kyuubi destroy Konoha. Naruto could figure that part out.

"And you, you utter moron," Sasuke hissed at Naruto. "Tried to get him to stop by getting yourself killed."

"Really?" Naruto asked, eyes wide.

"Yes," Sasuke answered dryly.

"Hm. I must have been desperate," Naruto said.

Kyuubi looked at Naruto, his shame spilling out. "I'm sorry. I hurt you. You could've been killed and-"

"Hey," Naruto smiled warmly. "Don't worry about it. I shouldn't have done that, you weren't yourself."

Kyuubi seemed to beat himself up about it though. "I still-"

"How did you stop?" Naruto interrupted. "You realised a world without my awesomeness would've been bad, right?"

Kyuubi snorted and nodded at Sasuke. "He stopped me."

Naruto turned wide, impressed eyes on Sasuke. "Seriously? How?"

"He used the Mangekyou sharingan," Tsunade said, jumping into the conversation. "And it could've killed him," she shot Sasuke a reproving look. "Using all that chakra was irresponsible. Both of you were completely irresponsible! You could have died! Do you think death is a vacation? HUH? You think this is funny!"

Sasuke and Naruto bowed their heads, looking humbled and muttering, "Sorry."

"If it wasn't for Blondie and Baby Uchiha," Kyuubi piped in, trying to help. "I would have killed a lot of people."

Naruto and Sasuke both scowled at him.
"No one died," Tsunade sighed. "No one was hurt at all, even though several buildings were destroyed. But," she sighed. "Your bond seems to have strengthened and completed, save for not having a master."

"What does that mean?" Naruto asked warily. "And how did it happen?"

". How it happened is still a mystery. It doesn't look like Danzou managed to even start the jutsu to complete it," Sakura offered. "And it means that you three are tied together for eternity. You will probably feel each others emotions and if you harness this power correctly, you can develop it so you can read each other's minds if need be."

"We can already feel each other's emotions," Naruto said. "Well, me and Kyuubi can. He's remorseful right now."

"And Sasuke?"

Naruto looked at Sasuke and chuckled. "Oh. Impatient. Think he wants to leave."

Sakura nodded, pleased with her theory being proven right. "But, if one of you dies, the others die as well."

"What?" Kyuubi sprung up. "Why?"

"The bond-"
"But that's not fair! Do you know how careless these two fools are? We'll all be dead by lunchtime!"

Sasuke chuckled evilly. "It's almost four in the afternoon."
"Then I'm lucky to have lived this long." Kyuubi sank to the floor with a muttered swear. "Now I'll have to babysit them all the time."

Tsunade sighed. "Yes well, maybe now you'll value your lives more until we can come up with a jutsu to reverse this."

Sasuke snorted. "So does this mean that Danzou failed to gain control over us?"

Tsunade nodded. "Yes, your frantic disregard for your own lives saved you from that, I would assume and permanently sealed off any further attempts at control. Ironic, isn't it?"
They all made faces at her and she grinned smugly back at them.

There was a knock on the door and Shikamaru came in, followed closely by Neji and Hinata.

"Hokage," he bowed to Tsunade, handing her a scroll. "There's a problem."

Tsunade read the scroll and frowned. Her frown turned into a scowl and seemed to deepen with each line she read.

Finally, she handed the scroll back to Shikamaru, picked up a chair and threw it out the window with an angry shout. There was a yell of 'Hey!' as the chair crashed to the ground but no one paid it any mind. It sounded like Kiba.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked when Tsunade took in a calming breath.

The Hokage turned to face Naruto and Kyuubi.

"You have been summoned by the people," Tsunade stated, her voice hard. "They won't listen to reason and Danzou has instilled unrest in their minds."

"What does that mean?" Sasuke asked, frowning.

"It means Naruto and Kyuubi will stand at a public trial and try defend themselves against the villagers," Sakura offered.

"And what happens if they fail?"

Sakura looked away.

"What will happen?" Naruto asked softly.

"If you fail, that is, if the village finds you guilty," Hinata said quietly. "You will be executed."

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The trial had been set that very day. A makeshift stage had been built right in front of the torture division. Someone obviously thought they were being funny.

Naruto, still bandaged up but completely healed, walked up onto the stage. Sasuke and Kyuubi followed him and there were several shouts from the crowd that had gathered.

Naruto saw most of the Konoha nine, team Gai, a few jounin and chuunin, as well as Konohamaru and his teammates, moving forward only to be stopped and surrounded by a large group of Anbu, all holding swords aimed at them. Sakura snorted at them and was ready to simply kill them if they wouldn't move but Naruto caught her eye and shook his head. Grudgingly, she stepped back and tugged Hinata and Kiba back along with her, as they had both drawn out their kunai, ready to shed a bit of blood for Naruto's sake. Kakashi looked dangerous and pissed off for once and Iruka was fidgeting but neither moved once Naruto made it clear not to do so. Itachi was observing the whole thing with a blank expression on his face.

Neji growled at an Anbu member and the man quickly shuffled, panicking but not backing away. No reason to agitate the Anbu Vice captain.

Every one of the people he loved and trusted was there, surrounded by the Anbu. Well, except for Sasuke and Kyuubi who were by his side and Tsunade, who was trying to defend him.

Sai was standing a short distance behind Danzou and when Naruto saw him frown, an honest expression that had never found a place on his face before, Naruto smiled reassuringly at him.

It was imperative that Sai remain a spy for Tsunade, no matter what happened to Naruto.

After a short, brief glance, Sai nodded and moved his hand from his kunai, turning away from both Naruto and Danzou to face the agitated crowd. His hand twitched like he wanted to attack them.

They had probably irked him.

Naruto hid a smile and turned back to the crowd to pay attention.

This was his hearing after all.

Tsunade stood and glared at the villagers, letting her feelings be known.

"I do not approve of this but the law is the law. Danzou and the people versus Uzumaki Naruto and the Kyuubi… The people will act as judge as was stated in the 3rd's official constitution. I will advise you to judge wisely."

Tsunade moved away, barely hiding her scorn as Danzou moved forward.

"I am here to represent the case of the people who were hurt, injured and have suffered injustice because of the actions of the two accused before you."

Danzou went into a long rant about the Kyuubi and Naruto and the pain both were always causing.

Naruto sighed.

He could couldn't explain to the villagers that Danzou had caused Kyuubi's meltdown nor could he tell them about Danzou's plans. Many wouldn't believe him and the fact was, he had no proof. He could ask Danzou to un-bandage his arm but with all those sharingan eyes on him, the fact of the matter was that Danzou would probably try to control most of the villagers using them.

Whether he had Tsunade's supports or even a large group of ninjas, Naruto was sure that he wouldn't be found innocent. The villagers would just believe they were in cahoots with the jinchuuriki and his demon.

Danzou neared the end of his speech, his voice rising accordingly before he stopped, thanked them for listening and stepped back.

It was obvious what the people would choose. Some were already shouting for his head and really, Naruto was rather attached to it. In any case, he couldn't let them kill him for the simple fact that Sasuke and Kyuubi would die, too.

Naruto looked at the villagers and stepped forward once Danzou was done. Feeling malicious pleasure at sensing their fear, he removed the genjutsu over his tails and let them show.

The people's outraged gasps changed and they jeered and shouted.

Naruto figured that it was only the fact that Kyuubi was standing next to him that prevented them from throwing anything.

"I was once your hero," he said quietly when they had settled down. "I was willing to die for each and every one of you. You acknowledged me because of that and for that, I am grateful.

However, for as long as I could remember, before you saw fit to deign me as a tool for your battles, I was an outcast. I was a monster and a demon. You hated me without question, without hesitation and without doubt.

You never openly attacked me, only because there were laws against it. But I heard your words, your whispers, about how I would be better off dead… and it made me want to live. It made me want to make myself so invaluable to you that you would wish for me to live, even if it was only so I could protect you.

I did everything in my power to become a hero for you.

I took down the remnants of the Akatsuki on my own…"

Sasuke frowned a little at that. He knew Naruto had been the one to bring down Kakuzu and all the Peins and knowing Akatsuki's crazy members, it would not have been an easy task.

He could almost grudgingly suggest that maybe Naruto had surpassed him in power in that aspect but no one would get that suggestion out of him without some serious blackmail material on hand. Besides that, Sasuke had been away on a forced recovery mission from Tsunade (greatly hinted at by Naruto) during Konoha's attack and had only been back in time to help rebuild the village. He could have probably kicked butt if he'd been present.

"By becoming a sage as well as learning to control the Kyuubi's power, I took revenge on the lives lost to the Akatsuki but you never acknowledged that I had done that, simply that it was my fault in the first place as they wanted me. I grew strong enough to protect this village by myself and you simply believed that it was my duty, to make up for the deaths of people I didn't even kill.

Even Kyuubi was not responsible for the attack nineteen years ago-"

There were shouts, screams, people telling him to stop lying, people asking how he could defend the monster, people saying he was in league with the demon…

"-because he was being controlled by Madara Uchiha, who died as he was part of Akatsuki under the guise of Tobi..."

Murmurs broke out, softer then the previous shouts.

"I don't expect you to believe me. That would be too much. All I'm pointing out is that I was your hero when things were going well.

A hero would die for his village but he'd much rather live for it."

Naruto took a step back and bowed before adding, "You have rejected me for the last time." He pulled out a kunai and took off his headband. "As of this moment, I am no longer a ninja of Konoha."

With that, Naruto struck a long, clean gash across the Konoha insignia.

He knew they wouldn't fight him. Everything he'd said was true and if they tried to fight him, as he wasn't their ninja anymore, he'd be free to kill them.

If the verdict was to be execution, Naruto would gladly fulfil it. He winced inwardly at that. He didn't hate the village, much, but if they tried to kill him, it was only fair that he return the favour.

Danzou stepped forward.

"It is with my greatest regret that I declare you an S-class missing Nin," he stated clearly. "Every ninja is under strict orders to kill you on sight if you are seen after today. Take what belongs to you and be gone by morning. You are hereby exiled from Konoha."

Naruto snorted but knew that that was the only way Danzou could save face, by making it seem like Naruto had no choice but to go.

Sasuke moved forward to protest but Kyuubi growled softly, warning him.

The villagers were pleased with Danzou's proclamation and were yelling at Tsunade for not taking the same action.

Konoha was divided.

Naruto nodded at his friends, who were all still being held back by Anbu, and Body Flickered.

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Everyone Naruto cared about showed up at his apartment with food, drinks and other party things- almost as if they were sending him off on a vacation.

Tsunade told Naruto she'd arranged for him to live with Gaara until she sorted everything out so he could come back.

Naruto let her have her little fantasy. He was sure he wouldn't be coming back.

He finally asked them to leave so he could pack and sleep and after refusing offers of help, they left. Kyuubi was in Naruto's room, already asleep (throwing a demon tantrum was exhausting business).

Naruto stared at Sasuke who was seated on his couch, looking like he had every right to be there.
"Er...aren't you leaving?"

Sasuke snorted. "I'm coming with you."

The silence that followed was unnervingly loud as Naruto's brain processed what Sasuke had said, analysing it for its meaning and then realizing it had no clue what was going on.


Sasuke sat still and tried to let their still new bond speak for him, carrying his emotions to Naruto.

Loss, acceptance, desire…something else they were both going to ignore...

Naruto smiled and moved to sit next to Sasuke.

Sasuke offered a soft smile of his own and turned back to the TV, putting on a movie that looked like it had just started.

Naruto stared at Sasuke from the corner of his eye, completely ignoring the movie.

Sasuke was leaning back comfortably against the back of the couch. He had a relaxed expression on his face and the light was the TV was bouncing off his pale skin.

"What's wrong?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto worriedly.

Naruto shrugged and moved closer to Sasuke. He lay his head down in the brunet's lap, staring up at Sasuke and raising an eyebrow at him. "Is this okay?"

After a moment, Sasuke nodded and placed a hand in Naruto's hair, slowly running his fingers through the soft golden locks.

Naruto sighed in contentment and they both went back to watching the movie. Or making a very good show of it, anyway.

Sasuke was all too aware of the blond in his lap and Naruto was watching Sasuke too intently to even pretend he was interested in whatever woman was being rescued on the telly.

As if in a trance, Naruto raised one hand and traced Sasuke's jaw.

The raven blinked and looked down at Naruto, surprised but not at all discouraging.

Naruto smiled softly at him and if asked later, he would claim that smile was a jutsu.

Sasuke slowly leaned down just as Naruto raised his head..

Their lips met in a soft, slow languid kiss. The woman screamed for help on the screen as her attacker told her all about his dastardly plan but Naruto couldn't care less.

Now that Naruto could pay attention to all the little things, he took full advantage of it. The smell, the feel, the taste of Sasuke was almost too much and he let out a long guttural moan.

Sasuke tasted like everything he'd assumed he would taste like; sweet, addictive and...wait...was that? Yes, it was. Sasuke was even bastard flavoured.

The kiss deepened and yet, remained tender and lingering.

His hands ran into silky raven hair and he tugged until Sasuke made a small noise of protest and pulled away.

Naruto blinked, face red and breathing rushed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't-"

Sasuke moved Naruto off his lap only to shift his body so he was lying on the couch with Naruto.

He kissed the blond again, one hand coming up to cup Naruto's cheek while the other wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer.

The kiss had definitely evolved from the gentle rubbish they'd been doing seconds before. Tongues duelled and bodies writhed. Naruto's tails moved forward and entwined themselves with Sasuke's. The feeling of that made them both shiver.

Hands started to wander and Naruto shivered when Sasuke traced his spine. Wanting to get more than the occasional groans from the brunet, he shifted up, his thigh pressing insistently against Sasuke's groin.

Sasuke moaned loudly into Naruto's mouth and Naruto grinned, before Sasuke exacted revenge by pressing his own thigh into Naruto hardened length and starting to rock shamelessly against him.

If that was how Sasuke liked his revenge then dammit Naruto would be an avenger, too!

Naruto licked a trail down Sasuke's throat before biting down harshly, marking him. Sasuke seemed to be into biting too, cause he moaned audibly and pulled Naruto back up to resume their scorching kisses.

The friction from their rocking- which quickly became thrusting- was egging them on. Moans, groans and frantic whispers filled the room (along with the evil laughter from the TV) and drove on their erratic movements.

Sasuke kissed Naruto hungrily, trying to wrap himself closer to the blond. Naruto obliged by wrapping his hands

They were so into the kissing and rutting they didn't realize all their moving meant they'd run out of couch and-

"Ow, dammit!" Sasuke groaned when his back connected with the floor.

"Well, there's nothing else to fall off of," Naruto chuckled before Sasuke shut him up with a kiss.

They were still both hard after all.

Naruto wondered for a moment if Sasuke realised that this made him gay but decided it was something he probably shouldn't bring up at the moment.

He placed his hands on Sasuke's waist and drove forward again and again. Beneath him, Sasuke moaned deeply, matching his pace to Naruto's.

Needing more, Naruto spun them so he was on the ground. He moved his legs to either side of Sasuke's hips and pulled Sasuke back down to him. The friction was amazing.

He felt Sasuke's cock pressed against his own harder and faster and he groaned, wrapping his arms around Sasuke's back and raising his hips off the floor in quick, sharp movements.

The kiss grew messy as their thrusts grew erratic. Naruto's shout was muffled by Sasuke's mouth right before Sasuke let out a keening groan of his own. They shuddered and shivered against each other, riding out their orgasms for as long as they could before sagging against each other.

"Wow," Naruto whispered, his forehead pressed against Sasuke's.

Sasuke tensed for just a moment before he relaxed. His hands slid over Naruto's clothed back and he smiled lazily.

Soft breath was on his lips and he shifted eagerly.

Naruto moaned softly and captured Sasuke's mouth in a searing kiss.

"Are you tired?" Sasuke whispered.

Naruto snorted in answer and smiled softly, taking Sasuke's hand in his. "Bed room?"
It was a sign of the apocalypse that Sasuke nodded slowly, his eyes growing even darker with lust before he nodded.

(I am a perverted stalker page break. I watch Sasuke sleep)

Something woke Sasuke up.

He stretched sleepily, content to stay where he was but quickly, he realised something was wrong.

Naruto wasn't in the room.

He felt the sheets beside him, noting that it was still warm and that Naruto had probably just left to use the bathroom but unease grew in his mind.

Sasuke hurriedly pulled on a pair of shorts and scowled when he saw that it was still dark outside.

He walked down the stairs, using ninja stealth and found Naruto at the door, waiting for him. He could see Kyuubi sitting outside in front of the house and he growled low under his breath. Naruto was dressed and had a long cloak on.

"You were going to leave without me."

Naruto smiled sadly. "That was the plan, yes. But I suppose I decided I didn't want to not say goodbye."

Sasuke's heart was racing. "You're not leaving without me."
The words were softly spoken but Naruto knew the pain and hurt they failed to hide. But he couldn't protect Sasuke. Danzou's capture had been proof of that and if Sasuke left with Naruto, he'd be targeted as well and taken as a missing nin. Again.

Naruto didn't want that. Sasuke had a future here. He could be happy. If Naruto was going to live like a felon, he didn't want Sasuke getting injured or captured or hurt because of him. And as long as Danzou didn't have Kyuubi or Naruto, he couldn't complete the control jutsu- if he even managed to find another way to do it considering he'd used his last try and failed.

Naruto frowned thoughtfully. Sasuke was important to him. He always had been and this was his way of protecting him- keeping him as far away as possible. It was the only way he would always be safe…and have the family and friends that Konoha could give him.

Naruto wouldn't delude himself into thinking Sasuke would always be with him and never change his mind. It was enough that he had wanted him last night. That was a memory he'd treasure forever.

But, he knew, if Sasuke asked him to take him- just one more time- he'd agree in a heartbeat.

"Konoha is your home, Sasuke." Naruto said calmly. "Not mine. I won't take it away from you."

"I'm coming with you. Naruto, I-"

The next moment, Naruto was right behind him and Sasuke was reminded of Sakura's attempt to make him stay.

Soft lips brushed the nape of his neck.

"I love you, Sasuke."

With that, he descended into darkness, only aware of Naruto's warmth leaving him.


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