Title: Why the world doesn't need Superman: by Clark Kent.

Summary: First in a series of revealing essays by alter egos.

Why the World Doesn't Need Superman

By Clark Kent

I believe man can fly. That he can soar over the clouds.

And I believe it is his indomitable spirit that allows it, not some accident of genetics.

Kitty Hawk. John Glen. Neil Armstrong. Humanity has proved time and time again that they will rise to any height. That if you give them a goal, they will meet it.

Mankind as a whole has looked to the so-called Superman to meet many of our needs. To hold off alien invaders. To handle domestic disputes. But the Superman is not a human; he is an alien among us, trying to be one of us.

If he really admired us he would be slogging along side by side with us, standing the trenches and fighting for Truth the old-fashioned way, not with his fists. If he really believed in Justice he would praise the court systems and allow the police to do their job. If he believed in the American way he would hold down a job like anybody else.

Do you see him doing these things?

Mankind allows him to be a symbol of good, but he must remain more than that. Mankind must hold him up as an inspiration. Mankind must strive to be as good as he is, as incorruptible as he apparently is, and to achieve all he does.

This is what makes mankind great; that man eventually will produce its own super man. That mankind must drag itself forward, must match him. Already we see the other people he has inspired stepped forward. We see in the streets a new breed of mankind, stepping up to help their fellow man. Daring to take justice to new heights.

Super-powered, or occasionally just super-determined, we all stand together for justice. I have seen with my own eyes humans doing things as brave as him—no, braver. Because he is invulnerable, it takes no bravery for him to stare down the barrel of a gun. But astonishingly enough, I have seen people inspired by him do all that he does—without the luxury of invulnerability.

This is why the world doesn't need Superman. Or perhaps we do, just for now. Just until all mankind becomes all it can be. And perhaps he'll be nice to keep around, just in case asteroids are headed at us.

But I want to emphasize that we humanity, that is to say, the world, doesn't need Superman. We may like him, we may admire him, we may keep him. But mankind is ultimately better than him. Mankind can aspire to higher.

We don't need him, because mankind is truly great.