Title: How many Straw Hats do you need to switch the light bulb?
Warnings: Dialogue only and my first ever One Piece fic.
Summary: Do I really need to put this here? Title tells you everything you really need to know.

A/N: I love chicken and noodles and I get somewhat hyper after eating them, which results in somewhat weird ideas.

"Ne, why's it so dark here?"

"M-m-m-maybe it's a-a-a-a g-g-ghost!"

"AAAGH! Really?! I'm scared!"

"The light's gone out, idiots. Obviously it's dark."

"Stupid marimo, this's got to be your fault."

"My fault?! Like you're one to talk, dart board!"



"Yes, Nami-swan!"


"We should probably change the light bulb."

"Yohohohohoo! I've to agree! I have to strain my eyes to see in this darkness... even though I've got no eyes! Yohohohoo!"

"SUPER! I can try my new Super Franky Light Bulb Switcher, model 13!"

"What happened to the first 12 models?"

"They defected."

"So THAT'S why you've been asking for so much money lately! Your interest just quadrupled!"


"Nami-swan is so beautiful when she's angry!"

"How can the Curly even see the Witch here?"

"I agree with you, Zoro."


"....o-on second thoughts, maybe not."




"It's still dark... and scary... and Nami is scary...!"

"Worry not, Chopper! For back in East Blue I, the Great Captain Usopp, have been also known as Usopp the Light Bulb KING!"

"Eeeh! Really?!"

"So cool!"

"Indeed, I gained my title due to my speed and artistic elegance during the switching! My legend was only strengthened when a pack of vicious seaweeds attacked during..."

"Ooh! The light came back on!"

"Ara, you're all still here?"

"Robin-chwan! Did you change the light bulb with your beautifully elegant hands? Allow me to make you a quick drink!"

"Back to acting like an idiot, I see."


"Shishishishi! It's the Mystery Light Bulb! Sanji! MEAT!"

A/N: I hope you can figure out who is who... I wrote this in about fifteen minutes and this is my first time writing any of these characters so it's questionable...

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