She staggered forward wheezing for air, hoping that she would be able to breathe again soon as she gritted her teeth against the unexpected wave of agony that hit her so suddenly, as blood dripped down her chin from her mouth. Pushing what little air she had gotten out of her lungs. A few more minutes of this and she would drown on her own blood. Damn demons didn't have the common sense that god gave to a flea. Both the Kyuubi and the tri-tailed demon were tearing her insides apart in a fucking frenzy. But she was too tired to care.

She had finally done it. She had picked off every, Akasuki; there had been seven in all, and all twelve of Orochimaru's men, then sealed the three tailed demon inside of her. It had taken four days, of dodging her own teammates; who had been searching for her with an almost angry manner. And killing more people than she had thought absolutely necessary but she had finally finished her job. Her teammates, and comrades were alive and well, and she was dying. Or at least she assumed she was. Gods she was tired.

She felt what little chakra that remained inside of her give out as she staggered through the shallow waters and finally collapsed face down in the water and probably would have drowned if she hadn't lay her head on a rock sticking out of the shallow water, or the newly calm and undisturbed lake. She could fell herself slipping away. Her heart laboring too hard too fast, to try and pump blood through her damaged body.

It would quit soon if the two demons didn't stop what they were doing and bloody fucking heal her. She lay there half in half out of the water, panting. From a distance she would look like a blood covered blond alligator sunning itself on the frigid shore. Her whole body ached from the multiple broken bones and she was losing more blood than she would care to admit, from the partially severed left leg, and her right hand, at the wrist where the three tails had bitten her and dragged her under water to eat her.

She shifted her weight a bit closer to the rock when she started to slip under the water. She heard a soft tsking sound coming from somewhere to her….left? Unless her hearing was going out on her. Wait she knew that voice. Guren stood in the water next to her staring down at her and doing what she assumed was a bemused head shake. "You've been busy, brat." The woman said almost affectionately.

She cracked one of her eyes open just a bit. And stared at the dark shadow that's she was currently seeing. She would see nothing but shadows for the next week or so, as part of the price that she paid for sealing another foreign demon inside of her. Good thing everyone thought she was incredibly stupid, or they would have figured out the things that she had been doing behind their backs since she had left to train with Jiraiya.

She gave the purple haired woman a cheeky grin, making sure to show her fangs a bit. Guren had been following her around for the last four days trying to figure out her spar attic behavior. She had simply assumed that the younger girl was on crack or something. The way she seemed from shift from one thought and action to another so damn easily was just…..weird.

She had never come across someone so unpredictable unless they were tweaked on crack or something, yet the small blond had managed to function on a level that had simply astounded her. What was even more surprising was the level of skill, stealth and strength that she had showed while working in her bizarre manner, she had thought her first impression of her was accurate, now she wasn't so sure. She had at first thought that the girl was stupid, now she simply saw her as an enigma. How could she have manipulated the actions of so many in such a short time? She had even manipulated Hatake Kakashi! And the damn man wasn't even aware of it!

"Did you have fun tailing me?" The blond asked, Guren frowned at the teen, her voice had been muffled by the the arm that she had wrapped around the rock her chin rested on, and buried her face in it. She was sleepy. Her insides no longer burned, in fact she was comfortably numb. The two demons had decided that they should heal her before she crocked. Mores the pity. She thought with a bitter smile.

"Your going to drown if you stay there." Guren pointed out irritated that the girl was in such a state. She had wanted to talk to her a bit longer, but the blond was in no condition to talk.

"That's nice." the blonds' slurred response wafted to her ears making her eye twitch slightly as she slid a little further into the water. Her mouth already submerged. Her eyes closed. She was finding it easier to breath now.

Knashing her teeth Guren kicked the blond off of the rock in irritation. The blond said nothing as she tumbled into the water and started to let herself go. Guren hurled a few unlady like remarks at the teen before the blond raised the two hands up out of the water and clapped her hands twice, before letting them fall back under the water. She didn't have the strength to do any more than that really.

Guren made a loud growling sound and reached into the water and yanked the blond out by her hair. Ouch, that hurts. She thought as Guren deposited her back on her rock just in time for it to tumble over and take her with it. Rolling her eyes heaven ward Guren was struck with the sudden urge to both laugh and cry, as she fished the blond out again, and this time maintained her grip on the scruff of her neck.

The teen coughed, and sputtered, then turned her head a bit and said. "Would you be a dear, and drag me over to the big rock over there? The one that is at least three feet out of the water. Thanks." Guren dragged the annoying teen over to the rock that she had asked to be taken too , and dumped her on the top. The damn girl didn't even grunt in pain when her nearly severed leg hit the rock first, she just lay there with her one arm thrown over her eyes, and the other trapped under her shoulder at an awkward angle.

"Will you be okay?" Guren asked as she stared down at the blond. The girl made a soft humming sound.

"Your teammates are looking for you. They should be here soon." Guren said as she bent down to check the blonds' pulse. The smaller girl caught her hand in her own and gave a brief squeeze then let her go.

"That's nice of them. I wonder which ones will find me first." She hoped it was Kakashi's team. She had missed them the most during her four days of work. Even stupid old Sai.