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New Scar

Jasper sat on the floor in his and Alice's bedroom looking out at the forest while scratching the fresh bite on his arm.

"Is it still bothering you?" Alice asked walking out of the bathroom, rubbing a pink towel on her head to dry her hair.

"No," he said quickly dropping his hand and placing both of them in his lap.

Alice rolled her eyes and sat down in front of him. He gave her a sheepish smile before lowering his head and was surprised when felt Alice's towel cover his head. He then felt her hands run over the towel as she dried his hair "I am always telling you to dry your hair better, yet you always insist on not listening and then you drip water all over the room." He knew she was not mad, her tone was clearly teasing. She then moved the towel down the back of his head and settled it around his neck.

He looked up to see she had a somber expression on her face. She reached out with her left hand and then asked when she was inches from his arm. "May I?"

He lifted his injured arm off his lap and held it out to her. She held his arm in her left hand and then with her right hand lightly ran her fingers over the bite. "You overprotective fool," she murmured while turning his arm over to trace the rest of the bite.

"We already talked about this," Jasper said, hoping that she would not linger on the subject.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I still can't be upset that you got bit."

"I kind of like this one," he said reaching up with his other hand to brush her cheek. "I got it protecting my wife."

"Who didn't need protecting."

He could see the fierceness in her eyes when she said it, but he could sense the fear practically dripping from her body. "Alice what's really wrong?"

Instead of responding Alice leaned down and gently kissed the bite. She then moved forward and crawled into his lap pulling his arm into her lap. "I just don't like the thought of you being hurt."

"It really doesn't hurt that much."

"I don't like the thought of you being in any kind of pain."

Jasper pulled her close and kissed her forehead "I guess we're both just overprotective fools."

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