"regular talking"

"Talking through a door." or thoughts or whatever…you get the idea

A radio crashed to the ground, knocked off the honey-colored desk in the blonde boy's rush. His shaking hands slithered over the many materials on his desks, tripping over his own feet twice in his hurry to run around his room.

Occasional banging sounded in the room from the older blonde man outside. "Naruto! Open the door!" He shoved against the door in futile, not completely comprehending the chair shoved under the handle on the inside.

"No!" Naruto shouted before grinning in success as he grabbed the plastic bag out of the bottom of his 3rd dresser drawer. He always forgot where he hid the bag as soon as it became important. He flung it onto his bed before shakily stuffing his hand inside the small ripped hole and gripping one of the objects within.

"You can't stay in there forever!"

"I would if you could just leave me alone! With the amount of ramen I have and with my microwave, Oh-ho-ho! You have no idea!" He continued his conversation as he half-jumped/ half-collapsed into his rolling chair which held true to it's name and rolled over to in front of his computer desk. He shoved his recently closed laptop to the side along with empty ramen cups and soda bottles with a swipe of his arm.

"Please just come out! Talk with us and we can settle this calmly. Civilly! This doesn't have to be done with force!" He begged in last-minute desperation. Minato banged on his son's door again with a tired fist. "Please! Act like an adult for once!

Naruto took his shaver and set it in the middle of his now-clear desk. Then he turned and reached for the square battery of his computer that sat in the middle of the long black cord, separated it, and turned around to face his desk again. Raising the rectangular object, he brought it down on the neck of his shaver, the part in between the head and the long stick-shaped part. "I'll come out when you call off those people! Tell them it was a misunderstanding!" Two more times and the head of the poor object flew off, hitting the wall and then flying back to clip the side of his head. "Ouch!" He whispered to himself but didn't take enough time to inspect his injury in favor of finding the small piece that was now hiding in the mess he called his floor.

"I can't do that! They are already on their way! Naruto if you don't come out before they get here then they won't be too gentle, trust me, I've seen it!" When he didn't get an answer Minato sighed in exasperation and turned to his wife, Kushina. She was hugging the wall of the hallway, silent tears running down her cheeks. He walked over and brushed a red strand of hair off her face and behind her ear. He lightly hugged her and she tightly hugged him back, shoulders shaking with quiet sobs. He cooed in her ear gently "Shh. It's going to be okay. We're doing this for his own safety." He could feel her nod softly into his shoulder.

"Fuck." Naruto mumbled under his breath. He was holding the small plastic piece in his left hand while trying to stuff the tip of a pencil in between two of the four razors. He cursed when once again, the tip broke, and he threw the dented writing utensil over into the growing pile. He gritted his teeth and looked around the room for another one. Finding none, he got down on his hands and knee's and peeked under his bed, ignoring the monstrosity of moldy pizza now next to his head. "Aha!" He found a pen and stretched for it. The second his fingers wrapped around it the blonde could hear his doorbell ring throughout the house and he almost hit his head on the bottom of the bed frame when he jumped in surprise. "ShitShitShitShitCrapFUCK!" He mindlessly cursed while jamming the point of the pen into the plastic.

When the hell had he lost his pocket knife!? Oh yeah, when his dad confiscated it along with the extra he used to hide under his mattress.

…. "Shit! No!" yelling, he threw the broken pen across the room. It hit something on the shelf above his bed and somehow made an open brown box fall off. How a simple pen could manage to knock off a heavy box of differing sizes of nails, he had no clue. But as hundreds of nails began to bounce off his carpeted floor, the idea struck him.

Naruto raced over and began shifting through the pile, finding the smallest size he could, and started to finally make a space between two of the blades in his razor. He looked up when he heard something clash loudly with his door on the other side. A curse before an unidentified voice spoke out. "Uzumaki Naruto, Last chance to open the door."

"Yes." He whispered when two razorblades fell out.

Naruto picked one up and flew over his bed, landing on the other side roughly on his stomach, and grabbed the tape. He ignored it when the same crashing sound happened again and began snapping off a two-inch-long piece of tape. Then he reached up and ripped a piece of his blue bed sheet off. Wrapping the razorblade tightly three times around with the thin material, he checked to make sure the edge wasn't cutting through before stepping in front of his full-length mirror and tapped it to the back of his ear.

A place inconspicuous, unusual, and unheard of. At least until he got the chance to…Well, there wasn't enough time at that very moment because on the third crashing sound, the door flew open, Chair falling to the side. Turning around to face the intruder, Naruto punched out at the weird gray-haired man who charged into his room. The man easily caught his fist and flipped his arm around so that it was pulled painfully behind the blonde.

Naruto gasped before elbowing the guy in the gut. He ran for the open doorway even though there were more people standing there, but it wouldn't of mattered anyways because he hadn't made it more than two steps away when the grey-haired man grabbed him by the collar of his orange shirt and slammed him up against the wall. Before he could even blink his hands were yanked behind him and surrounded by a cold pair of handcuffs.

"What the hell have you done to yourself this time? To make your father go to this measure?" Blue eyes widened in shock as he realized that he actually DID know the weird grey-haired man. The low voice spoken in his ear gave him a small momentary flashback of when he was a kid. But he didn't give the memory a chance to properly form itself as he shoved back against the muscled chest.

Just enough room appeared between the two for Naruto to run forward but as he stepped ahead the older man gave him a push to his back. The extra pressure took him off balance and with his hands stuck behind him, Naruto fell face first to the floor and soon the man was kneeling beside him and yanking him back up to his feet non-too-gently.

Minato stood out in the living room, hands resting reassuringly on his wife's shoulders. He would of rather seen what exactly happened when his friend finally got into his son's room but knew it was for the best to make sure Kushina didn't. She wasn't doing so well with the current situation. Heck, she hadn't been too well for the past couple of months, ever since this shit had began.

The only two men the couple could see who were standing at the edge of the crowded hallway, moved out of the way when a struggling blonde and Minato's old colleague, Kakashi, moved into the larger room.

As Naruto twisted and tried to break free Kakashi snuck his shoe in-between the teen's light blue jeans, around a white DC shoe, and pulled back which caused the blonde to fall to his knee's. Kakashi held the blonde's cuffed arms tightly while a police man checked him.

Inside his shoes, his ankles, around his knee's and up. Naruto fought off a quick blush when the black haired police man's hands ran over his thigh and then his pockets. Then his stomach, shoulder's, and arms. The brunette stood up and said "Nothing's on him." Naruto looked behind him to see Kakashi nod.

A few years ago, Naruto would of never imagined this sight. Kakashi yanking him up and handing him over to the brunette police man. Kakashi giving him an ashamed look mixed of pity and disappointment as he said the words "Take him to the car, Obito." before turning around to face his parents.

Naruto was pushed forward and handed over to the 'Obito' guy, a black-haired officer who was about a foot taller than him. "Come on." Naruto heard him mutter. The officer paused a second and eyed him. "You done struggling? There's no more point in causing a fit."

Naruto glared at the man but after a moment, nodded. There really was no more point in trying to get away. Where would he go? He had an extremely small amount of friends as of lately, and even they were growing fairly distant. He sighed and started to walk with the man to the door, a firm hand on his shoulder just-in-case.

"Wait!" They turned to see Kushina, his mom, run forward, leaving the small group of his father and others behind. She stopped when she reached them and stretched out a hand. She lightly traced the side of his cheek with a trembling hand but paused when he started to glare at her. Kushina opened her mouth, trying to speak, but it took her a few moments before words came out. "I'm sorry it came to this, I really am. Your Father and I are just really worried about you and…" she stopped mid-sentence while staring at her son. Gods, he looked just like his father. How had it come to this? Where it was a real effort for her to talk to her only son. Where almost everything she said somehow provoked something that would make Naruto upset or mad. When the heck did her little Naruto's pure, tender heart, turn into a hateful ignorant abyss of teenage angst?

"well…" She looked at him with a small, sad smile on her face. "I'll make sure we come and see you as much as we can until your back home. Starting with tomorrow." Her smile widened until he answered her.

He rolled his eyes "Don't even bother."

"Oh…" She looked down at the ground. Don't get her wrong, she wasn't some shy little mother who let her child walk all over her, but tonight was something a little different.. "Well, call if you get lonely…" She turned away and stared at Minato while Naruto was finished being escorted out of the house.

"Fucking brats … talk to their mother's like that… whoop their Ass." the officers muttered rant, disappeared and reappeared in his hearing range while they walked down the driveway.

Naruto took a look around while sighing in the cool night air. The shades of tree's and bushes took turns in hiding in the dark and light because the flashing light on top of the cop car was turned on, no siren to go with it. Several neighbors from all over the place had stepped out of their homes and onto the street to see why the police would be in their neighborhood this late at night. He could pick up the sounds of ridiculously loud gasps being made once they caught sight of him. Great, now rumors would be made and spread around like wildfire because absolutely no one but him and his parents new the real story of why he was currently being stuffed into the back of a police car.

His door shut with a loud bang and deep blue eyes watched as the cop walked around the car and opened the door in the front. As Obito reached across the seat and fumbled with some papers Naruto decided to get some information. "So, where exactly am I going?"

Black eyes glanced at him before turning back to what he had been doing before. "Hey!" Naruto lightly kicked the seat between them. "Where the hell am I going?" His voice was a little louder but he didn't care. He was agitated that the guy was deciding to be a dick.

Said officer sighed in delight once he found the right papers and stood up, back outside the car. As he shut the driver's door Naruto shouted "I have the right to know!"

A muffled, sarcastic voice reached him from the outside "No, you don't!"

Naruto huffed and watched the Obito guy walk back inside his house. So was this Kakashi's main partner? Or just another random cop? He could faintly remember his father talking about how the grey-haired man had finally been making friends from some of his jobs awhile ago. Oh well.

The second the front door to his house was shut Naruto turned in his seat to look around. Nobody important (such as people with authority) were currently outside. Even if there had been a few, the windows of the car were tinted black and it was at night. With the utmost confidence, He picked up his feet off the floorboard and onto the seat in front of him and started to shift his hands behind him. Little jolts of pain ran up his arms as he forced his joints to stretch and his handcuffed-hands to fit under his butt, legs, and feet. Now would probably be the only chance he'd get.

With his hands now in front of him, he reached up and peeled off the razor still taped to the back of his ear. He folded down the tape around the soft sheet so that it wouldn't unfold and then he stuck the small object into his mouth, soaking it as fast as he could. This was going to hurt but he needed to make sure it wouldn't be found. Things would probably go ten-- no twenty times worse, if they found out he was trying to sneak it into …wherever he was going.

When it had almost soaked up all the saliva the cloth possibly could, Naruto shifted onto the balls of his feet and started to fumble with the button to his blue denim jeans. It was almost impossible to do with handcuffed-hands but, as he soon found out, it was much harder to pull them down. With his jeans, along with his boxers, hugging his thighs, Naruto took out the wrapped razor and stretched his hands back beneath his legs and butt so that his hands were once again behind him.

His face turned an almost impossibly bright shade of red as he quickly tried to stuff two of his fingers into his ass. He winced and bit down the whimper that wanted to escape his throat. He hadn't really ever done anything like this before, so it was a little weird when the idea had struck him in the head earlier. But he hadn't really took the time to wonder about why he had thought of it because it was just his way. He often reacted in a much faster and smarter way when put under pressure then when all was normal.

"shit." He breathed out. This hurt a lot more than he thought it would but he didn't have time to do it correctly. He only pushed his index and middle finger in and out for about thirty seconds until he moved on.

He would just have to hope the razor wouldn't break through the sheet and cut him.

This time he couldn't help the loud whimper that escaped his lips as he pushed the soaked, sheet-wrapped object into his ass. Gods, it hurt. But he didn't have to push at it for long since once it got past the tight ring of his entrance, it moved on its own to seat itself deeper within. Naruto sighed and let his head hit the glass behind him. It still stung but he slowly got used to the now-mild pain.

"Fuck!" Naruto's head shot up when the light from inside his house shown from the doorway. They were coming back! He reacted so fast that he almost fell over to his side.

He had to switch his hands in front of him again in order to pull up and re-button his jeans and then put them back in their original position. The good thing was that Kakashi and Obito were still talking to his parents outside the doorway, so by the time Kakashi opened the door and slid into the drivers seat Naruto had gotten control of his breathing and appeared to be glaring out his window.

As the police car slowly pulled out of the Uzamaki's driveway, Naruto could see the sad faces of his parents, Minato and Kushina, watching him as he was brought away to who-knew-where.

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