chapter two. Processing.

It was a real effort for Naruto to keep his head up as he was being hypnotized by the millions of shapes of tree's and buildings that passed by him in a blur. He mumbled something unknown when his forehead fell forward and hit the cold glass of the window once again.

"Hey, Don't fall asleep back there! We're almost there." Naruto reopened his eyes and glared the brunette officer.

"So… your names Obito? Right?" He yawned and blinked his eyes. Damn, all he wanted to do is sleep but Kakashi had told the brunette officer to keep him awake.

Said brunette took his turn at glaring at the grey-haired man. "Why the hell did you--"

"I didn't!" Both of Kakashi's eyebrows were raised high and he held up a hand in his defense, the other holding the steering wheel.

"Then how the hell could--"

"I don't know!"

Naruto sniggered from his seat in the back and leaned forward so that his face was right behind the partition that separated the front from the back. "Yes you did, Kakashi." He tried to speak in a creepy, whispering voice. The brunette looked back to see an all-too-innocent face smirking at a now-confused Kakashi. "Remember? Back in my room? You told me his name, age, weight… Family members and where to find him in my spare time." The blonde's smirk grew when Kakashi reached back and hit the partition.

"Shut up, you little fucker." Kakashi was smiling now and Naruto leaned back, laughing.

Obito had an amused smile now, knowing it was a joke. "He's a smartass, isn't he?" He looked back to Naruto again "But seriously, how do you know my name?"

Naruto put on a constipated-looking face and lowered the pitch of his voice "Take him to the car, Obito." he was obviously taking a small crack at Kakashi, and Obito barked a laugh.

"Heh, I like this kid!"

"Yeah, yeah.." Said man muttered.

"So…" Naruto looked around, now bored and no longer sleepy. "Now that your done being an ass, mind telling me where I'm being sent to?"

Obito sighed and gave a look of apology for what he had said earlier. Naruto ignored it. Instead the brunette picked up a small stack of papers out of seemingly nowhere and began shifting through them. Once he seemed to find what he was looking for he read the sheet aloud. "The Crises stabilization Unit at Konoha's behavioral care center."

"Ah." Naruto nodded his head absently and looked back out his window. There weren't as many tree's as before and no cars were passing the window. "It's way out here huh?" His mutter barely reached the ears of Obito and the officer looked back at him.

For a second, he actually felt bad for the blonde boy in the back of the car. "Well this isn't actually going to be as bad as it normally seems to be." Obito paused for a second when he received two glares, both for completely different reasons. He continued on though, "About half the kids we bring here are only here for 3 days, then sent home. Unless you have something wrong with your situation, then you should be out of here in no time."

Naruto was mulling his words over while Kakashi was wording him 'shut up!' Before the one-sided conversation could continue, the car turned right a little sharper then necessary and they passed by some tall gates.

The car stopped at the curve of a semi-empty parking lot and Kakashi and Obito stepped out before proceeding to take Naruto out of the car and walk on a narrow sidewalk. It was a bit of a long walk, with Naruto nearly tripping twice with the still present handcuffs keeping him oddly off balance.

They stopped at a closed door with no type of handle on the outside, the small area lighted up by a dim orange glow coming from a light bulb, and a small camera that followed their movements from the roof. Naruto personally thought it looked like the run-down back entrance in movies where a bastard of a gang sat inside, waiting. He didn't laugh at the thought though because, after all, HE was the one lost and handcuffed. Konoha's health center. He hadn't said anything before, but he'd never even heard of the place.

Obito pushed a circular button and waited while Kakashi kept a firm grip on Naruto's shoulders. A minute went by. Another. Obito pressed it several more times until he resorted to banging on the metal door. Naruto began to get antsy and decided to try to sit still on the ground but just as his light blue jeans seated themselves on the pavement, Kakashi grabbed him by the back of his collar and yanked him back up to his feet. That resulted in a few choice swear words to be tossed through the air and just as Kakashi was being told where he could stick his ass, the door swung open.

"Hello!" greeted a woman with long black hair and red-ish eyes. Contacts? Naruto shrugged, he really couldn't give a shit. The lady seemed to recognize Kakashi and Obito and smiled "It's been over a week! Who do you got now?" She turned her head and seemed to analyze the blonde boy. She was a few inches taller then him and it annoyed the crap out of him. Why had he been born so damn short?

"Hello Kurenei(?), How is it going?" Obito replied.

"Good, come on in. it took awhile to get to the door because we were busy clearing a waiting room." she motioned inside and walked away and Naruto was pushed forward by a irritated and grouchy Kakashi.

They went through the doorway, down a very short hall, and into a small room. The room was very basic. A chair, a rounded table, and another chair. Nothing else decorated the plain walls or floors except a small box on the wall,…easily seen as an automatic lock to the door. It was in here that Kakashi finally took off his handcuffs, which had started to get a little painful with time, and he and Obito walked away. Which left him with this new woman.

She suddenly decided to go away too, apparently. She walked out of the room, black hair the last sight of her before the door slammed shut. In turn, a green light that had a second ago been red, turned on, on the box.

So, scratch that. He was now alone. He took a quick look around and to much futile of finding anything else turned, shrugged, and sat down in one of the two chairs. It seemed as if a very slow hour was soon passing by and his mind began to wonder.

Why tonight of all nights did his parents choose to send him here? It might have had something to do with what had happened at school earlier that day… Naruto shook his head.

That may have been the last straw for his parents but they had been threatening this for a long time. Well… his father had when they got in their more worse fights. Normally after, his mom would scold Minato and then come up with her own threats that didn't involve being escorted out to some hellish place but would still strike him to the core. You know, that way that only mothers could do?


Though Naruto had started out thinking about why he was currently where he was, …his mind tended to drift off topic. He was soon thinking about how mother's seemed to be even more unnaturally terrifying then regular girls when mad, Which somehow led him to thinking about his mother's cooking. Obviously this led him to thinking about how bad of a cook his dad had been when he was little and all the accidental weird creations they had once made.

So, he was dreaming of ramen-flavored pop-tarts when the door slammed open..

"AH!" Thump. Naruto fell out of his chair and would have knocked over the table next to him but everything was nailed to the floor. He sat up, rubbing his head. It was the same lady as before. She smiled and set a clipboard full of papers and a pen down on the table. "I'm surprised you fell asleep. Most people feel fairly uncomfortable when they're stuck in unfamiliar surroundings." Naruto glared at her through tired eyes. He got what she said, but why did he have a feeling she wouldn't be using very simple words anytime soon?

"You took way too long and I got tired." He shrugged. "And I really couldn't care less where I am." He got back into his chair, leaned back, and crossed his arms.

"Okay…" She turned the clipboard around to face him and all he saw were many …MANY teeny little words printed on a boring white paper. He picked it up and ran his fingers through the small stack, warily eyeing all the words while the lady started to talk. "These documents are stating your rights and agreements compared to your forced admission into the involuntary minor section…" And on, and on, and on…

He groaned. This was stupid. Why did he have to do a bunch of stupid paperwork? He didn't even want to be here!

Naruto temporarily wondered if he could get away with falling asleep while the lady was talking. Eh, it wasn't worth the trouble if she was going to yell.

Instead he grabbed the pen and started scribbling down his signature on every line he could find. Quick and painless.

She stopped talking when she spotted what he was doing "You do know not all of those are supposed to be your signature." He shrugged and handed the clipboard back to her.

A few arguments and some paper-tossing's later, Naruto was kicked through a door and into another bare room. Wait no, this one was actually even more plain then the last, if that was possible. Before he could assess anything a woman came in with purple hair pulled into a tight ponytail. "Strip." She ordered.

"W-What?!" Naruto blushed. He better have heard her wrongly.

"I said strip. Simple as that." She pulled out some bundled up clothes from behind her back and threw them in a corner. "It's mandatory procedure. Cause a problem and ill definitely take them off for you." He would have laughed but the look of seriousness on her face made a shiver of fear slide down his back. The seriousness turned into a sadistic smile and she took a predatory step forward.

And for the first time in his short life, a woman ripping his clothes off of his body didn't sound so enthralling. Naruto gave a very un-manly squeal and started tugging his shirt over his head.

Soon all of his clothes were on the ground and he stood unsurely in the room with nothing on but his red and black-flamed boxers. Personally, he thought they looked quite good on him. The scary lady walked over and grabbed his face between her fingers. She moved it from side to side while running her other hand through his hair and, surprisingly, over his ears.

Thank god he--

"Gah! What the hell?!" He jumped back when she suddenly gripped his hips.

"Shut up." She rolled her eyes and yanked him towards her again. She ran her hands over the outside of his legs. "Spread them."

The embarrassed blush on him before turned into a bright red. "Are you freak'n kidding me?!"

She smirked "Yep." standing up, she walked over and grabbed the bundle she had thrown before. He stood there gaping. "What? I just wanted to see if you actually would." She shoved the bundle into his hands and grabbed his old clothes off the floor. Naruto watched her disappear behind a door along with his clothes. Then he was suddenly alone again.

Did she, Then, …and.., His mind slowly caught back up with him. Creepy molester woman! Ah! Once again, he gaped. When her head appeared through the doorway he quickly changed his gape into a glare. She chuckled.

"Hurry up! Your slower then the girls!" And she was gone…again. Naruto held out the stiff clothes she had handed him at arms length. A green shirt and a pair of black pants. No design, no originality, hell! There weren't even any buttons or zippers!

He pulled them on and hesitantly walked through the door that the purple-haired lady kept disappearing through. "Come on!" As soon as he popped his head around the door she grabbed him by the ear and pulled him away, Naruto yelling the whole time. She used some keys to unlock yet another door while Naruto was trying to unhinge his ear from her painful fingers.

And the next thing he knew, the blonde was standing next to an elderly man who was smiling at him. She FINALLY let go of his ear and he stood up, rubbing it. The old man was an inch shorter then him and the purple haired psychopath was about the same size.

You see, Naruto was 16 and a bit shorter then many other guys his age, at the height of 5'7.

"Hello, my name is Saratobi here, nice to meet you. I hope Anko has gone over the rules with you?" The old man quirked an eyebrow at 'Anko'.

"Heh Heh, of course I did!" She smiled brightly and rubbed at the back of her neck.

"What rules?" Naruto blinked at the man before yawning. It had to be at least 3 in the morning!! He could hear the words 'Damn it' whispered beside him before Anko laughed again.

"Oops, must have forgot!" She grabbed Naruto by the now green sleeve and started pulling him away while waving behind her at Saratobi. "I'll tell him and show him to his room!" once they were out of sight she let out a sigh. "Yeah, thanks kid." She rolled her eyes before sighing again. "Okay the main rules here are to follow rules(duh), stay in your assigned area as your told, keep your hands to yourself--" Naruto scoffed at her "Don't disturb others, and no cursing. That's what I can remember right off the back. If you give anyone a reason to, then your room and your body will be checked for weapons, drugs, and other prohibited objects routinely." Naruto tried to follow everything she was saying while attempting not to trip. They were moving down a white hall with many doors on either side. For a second, Naruto could have sworn he saw a flash of red.

Anko turned and pushed him into a room that he noticed had a piece of paper with his name on the door along with another's. He walked in with Anko trailing him. A medium sized room with two identical beds and desks sat inside. Two lights shining very dimly above them let him see the sleeping figure of someone occupying one of the beds.

"Your roommate is currently Sai but he'll be leaving soon. Saratobi is one of the night employee's along with me and Kurenei." The desk next to his bed was plain but the one on the other's desk was full of at least thirty papers.

And before he could turn around, Anko was walking out the door. She seemed to have a knack for that.

He sighed and sat down on his bed, mind whirling. This had to be the one of the weirdest nights he had ever had. He looked around him again. There was a window near the foot of his bed but there was a grid-looking thing covering it. Near the door that led out to the hall was another door which he presumed went to a bathroom. Naruto was surprised to see the hallway door left open and he was going to go see if someone stayed out there watching but his head suddenly hit his pillow. The feeling of the soft pillow finally allowing him to rest drained him of his curiosity and confusion and he was soon off to a dreamless and much-needed sleep.