Written as a fill for a Kink meme on Thremedon:

Pairing/characters: Rook/Thom
Prompt/kink: Thom gagged and tied up - "Thom just wouldn't shut up... so Rook took the matter into his own hands and ensured that he would."

Not saying it's good or nothing, but hey, haven't posted anything here in a while (hell haven't written anything in a while so forgive me, I'm a little rusty), so I figured wth.

Last phrase is credited to an Anon!author of another prompt, it was just too classic and fit perfectly I couldn't resist!

Enjoy! ~~~

Rook was never one to just sit around idlely, specially when he was supposed to be. So when Thom started yet another one of his 'teaching' lessons, Rook got an idea. Now, he'd have to have someone distract the Cindy so as to put the plan in motion…thankfully the Airmen always had a back-up plan for when Thom's lessons got a little…long. Rook quickly set it in to motion by kicking the leg of Balfour's chair, causing Balfour to tumble to the ground rather loudly and ciaos ensued. Quickly Rook acted, he ran out of the room so swiftly that no one even noticed, even after he came back in with some…props. He fought his way to the front all the while the Professor just stood there with his mouth open in shock.

Thom finally snapped back in to reality when he saw Rook coming for him with a thick coil of rope in his hand. He started to back away only to trip over a chair, landing hard on his arse. Rook towered over him grinning like a wildman. Thom knew where this was going and didn't like it one bit.

"Rook, don't do this. It's not going to be worth it, what are you going to do with me once you tie me up? Oh god, no never mind, I didn't ask just…" Thom scooted back as far as he could from Rook, but he ran into a wall.

Rook followed and roughly turn Thom over and started tying the rope. Thom kept talking, spewing nonsense now, Rook stopped paying attention a while ago, he just wouldn't shut up, EVER. Getting to the end of his rope and feeling proud of his knots Rook hoisted Thom onto his shoulder and snuck out of the room.

"Rook?! Where are you taking me? Stop this at once! Auhagtuobjnf;a'!" Thom protested all the way to their destination, he didn't even know where the Airman could be taking him, mostly because all he could see was Rook's nicely toned back and well round arse. "oofh," Thom exclaimed as he landed on….a bed.

Thom just wouldn't shut up. So Rook took the matter into his own hands and ensured that he would. He didn't even shout for the younger man to shut up, he just roughly untied Thom's tie and put the gag in place. Thom didn't even have time to see it coming, he was still in mid-sentence. In fact the Cindy was still protesting THROUGH the fucking gag! So Rook quickly tightened it until Thom looked as uncomfortable as possible. The Professor had even started crying a little. HAH!

"There, peace and fucking quiet, for once." Rook then took a glance at his handy work. It was only then that he realized how turned on he was by whole ordeal, and by the looks the Professor was giving him, he had noticed too. "Fuck it!" Rook exclaimed as he turned Thom over and untied him enough to pull his pants down it a matter of seconds. When Rook smacked Thom's ass he was surprised to him a strangled moan come from the gagged Professor's throat. It seemed like he wasn't the only one who was going to enjoy this.

After all, you're only a Cindy if you take it in the ass.