"Our top news story this morning: Ten year old James Stafford has been found dead in a section of woodland near Raven's Lake, just outside city limits. The body of Stafford, who went missing three days ago after leaving school, was discovered by a local family stuffed inside a tree trunk. Police say the boy's throat had been slashed open and his face viciously mutilated by a knife or razor. There is as yet no known motive for this brutal crime...."

I sit in the basement and my fingers touch the dried blood on the knife I hold. I remember the sensation as I dragged its edge along the child's soft, smooth throat. Damn, I never imagined it could feel so good, so delicious. This is true power, and I want more. No point in denying it any longer. It's what I am, what I've always been really. I'd just forgotten for so long. This is just the beginning. Don't worry, James, you won't be alone for very long.

The people who know me call me Maggie, but that's not my real name.

My name is Catherine. Catherine Krueger. And I want to make my daddy proud.